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Group Setup at Home Depot in Everett
April 18, 2015

This report describes a group framing by shoppers & employees at the Home Depot in Everett on 04/10/15, that resulted in my permanent dismissal from the store.

I approached the outside gardening area of the store at about 1020AM. The few customers there left shortly after I arrived. The only remaining customer in this open area crept into my personal vicinity.

Moments later I headed for the store entrance, that lead to another outside gardening area, that was connected to the store. Then, two employees wheeling a cart blocked my path. After blatantly stopping me, one of them greeted me. I told her to stay away.

After walking around that outside section, I went into the store. There was no one in that area of the gardening department of the store when I arrived.

Moments later, a woman approached me. She "accidentally" hit my backpack while walking behind me. Although it was slight, it was done on purpose. I told her stay away from me.

Just after that, a man appeared in the area to linger right near me. I knew he was waiting for me to focus on the shelf so he could startle me by infringing upon my personal space. I informed him to keep his distance.

Several store employees gathered around me shortly thereafter. They said that I could not talk that way to customers. One included the woman who blocked me at the entrance. She told me to leave the store & never return.

I got the impression that the event had been staged. Some of her behavior was unnatural. It was as if she was reciting phrases from a rehearsal.

While leaving the store, I loudly announced that they were a disgrace for setting me up.

My total time there was about 15 minutes. I think this group framing was an area & resource denial tactic to permanently ban me from the store.

At about 1050AM an Everett Police car pulled up beside me while I was walking in the Gateway Shopping Center. The officer respectfully asked if things were OK.

The employees allegedly called the police after their spectacle. Among other questions, he asked if I was mentally ill.

I explained that citizens were harassing me in public. I told him that the store employees & shoppers were used to stage that confrontation in order to remove me from the store.

He took my license & probably ran a check. After about 10 minutes he said that I could go.