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October 29, 2013 Update


At the BPL on Sunday I was temporarily denied internet access. It was so slow when I was finally able to use it, that it was essentially useless. The 2nd floor of the library was still under construction.

Yesterday at the Dunkin Donuts in Charlestown & Somerville Public Library, internet access was also slow. I noticed yesterday that a screw was missing from the bottom of my netbook. The operating system is slow & the peripherals are not responding properly.

The maps of Charlestown & Somerville that I downloaded (after navigating through spoofed sites) to use offline were not available when I arrived on Sunday, even though I made sure they were visible without an internet connection. Other than one convenient store in Charlestown that did not have a complete map of the area, the other stores I checked in Charlestown & Somerville did not carry maps or did not have ones of the area. Convenient store clerks had difficulty answering basic questions. I could tell by their facial expressions that they were afraid & being forced to withhold information.

I was swarmed most of the time by vehicles & citizens in Somerville & Charlestown while exploring the areas. And I was physically assaulted "accidentally" multiple times.

Early this morning there was a noise campaign at the bridge that lasted about 1 hour. It may have started at about 1AM. I'm not sure if it originated from on top or down the tunnel. It consisted of a loud crashing noise done repeatedly that sounded as if someone was banging a metal part of the bridge with a sledge hammer. During a swarm at BHCC station at about 6:45AM I was physically attacked.