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A Hypothesis on the AI-Controlled Greater Resistance
December 05, 2020
Basic Theory

Here is my view of the formal resistance:

Like the mainstream institutions that the public depends on for advice, the core of the supposedly independent opposition is managed by the system.

The observable resistance is not genuine defense against the evil that has plagued this planet because its salient divisions — independent media, talkshows, distinguished individuals, conferences, blogs, various liberty/defiance groups — are under the system's control.

I figure the vast majority of resistance members, ranging from prominent to rank & file, have encountered & submitted to hostile artificial intelligence (AI).(*)

This C4ISR system, that I've written about before, is a global sentient weapon, that has at its disposal a far-reaching array of sensors (eyes & ears), & a distributed weapons platform, including many logically connected human brains & inorganic devices, allowing it to project stimuli into the physical & mental realms at precise times, basically anywhere.(*)

To be part of the managed resistance you must surrender to this electronic monster & agree to particular terms; then you are allowed to somewhat freely interact with other restrained activists.(*)

Excerpt from AI-Controlled Resistance Article

This quote from a June 2020 article sums up my theory on the AI-controlled uprising:

"They do not have their freedom because they never truly won it. Early on they would have been targeted with an AI-driven sequence of painful internal & external stimuli, that includes terror in the streets, amounting to sustained physical & psychological torture, that is virtually traceless.

There is no way they overlooked it & they did not get past it. It was designed to recruit or destroy them before their campaigns were launched.

They were permitted to obtain an influential status because they silently submitted to the system that was interacting with them telepathically.

At this point I'm certain that submission to this supercomputer is a prerequisite to gain any momentum in the controlled opposition.(*)

These controlled leaders work with other high-profile eHandled people in different factions of the resistance. Opportunities open up for them; conferences, talkshows, etc. — ordained by AI.

I speculate that part of the contract they established with the system forbids them to perform certain actions. It appears they are also discouraged, perhaps even forbidden, to mention certain issues or people's names.

These leaders are being used to push harmful agendas & suffocate vital information.

How I Discovered This

During my research over the years I've encountered some valuable data, & my education continues.

However, there is some information that you can't find in books or documentaries; things that people don't speak of; unwritten rules that nobody tells you about; essential knowledge that you must figure out on your own.

This invisible monster falls into such a category.

Here are some unwritten rules that I've discerned:

These conclusions are based on my experience over the years, including: study of the targeting & related subjects; interaction with the common people who are used for brutal psychological torture at the telepathic direction of a psychopath; examination of the ensnared resistance figureheads; behavior of acquaintances & relatives under AI control; & the monster's unrelenting attempt to enlist me.(*)

Opposition is Managed Like A Corporation

I see the groups composing the visible resistance as different departments in the same corporation.

These departments include:

I surmise the managers of these & other departments forming the observable rebellion are knowingly brain-linked & receiving instructions wirelessly from AI on what to do.(*)

AI-Controlled Theater

The eTethered front-people who ostensibly direct these groups were granted notoriety & permitted exposure on a stage that is controlled by the system. I think of them as the system's actors.

These people are influential & knowledgeable. Perhaps a majority of them are well-meaning. They make contributions & even furnish relevant data. Some of them are quite likable.(*)

Unfortunately, what they are allowed to do is limited because they never won their freedom.(*)

The compromised administrators of these departments connect with subdued chiefs of other liberation groups for talkshows, conferences, activism, & other initiatives.(*)

To me the background on which these interactions occur is like a theater. There is a hidden director controlling the actors, lighting, curtains, setting, & to some extent the reaction of the audience.(*)

I've determined that hidden director is AI that is part of the Global Information Grid (GIG).(*)

This supercomputer is coordinating the distinguishable rebellion.

Hypothesis on Silent Submission & Contract Establishment

The common feature that I postulate those who outwardly steer these resistance formations share, is this: they made a contract with the AI-enabled C4ISR system that visited them telepathically, & were allowed to occupy exalted positions based on certain restrictions.

It appears this contract includes stipulations that forbid them to partake in some activities, or mention certain terms, books, articles, websites, topics, & people.

Furthermore, they are directed to place revolting & misleading content in their presentations.(*)

These people are fully aware that they are electronically chaperoned & that they are weaving adverse content into their work.(*)

The Biggest Unwritten Rule

We're notified that in the next 20 years human brains will be wirelessly linked to a global supercomputer.(*)

However, I've determined that the transhumanist agenda is already here, & that stealth batch/campus recruitment of the general population has been underway for a long time.

A decade ago I arrived at the conclusion that the mass base had already been recruited.

I'm certain that many people have encountered & submitted to this electronic beast. They have silently accepted the AI brain-link in order to avoid its pervasive terror.(*)

They know that this abhorrent creature has eyes & ears everywhere so they don't talk about it.

I think the secrecy surrounding this system eclipses the TI program that it facilitates.

Due to their potential impact on society I posit that influential people & those in vital decision-making positions have been the focus of early recruitment.

AI/C4ISR Recruitment Process

I gather that because of their trajectory, rising activists in the opposition would have triggered this sentient computer's sensors, so that it revealed itself & forced them to make a decision before they became influential.(*)

Here is a description of what they would have encountered:

All channels that they relied on for decision-making & communication would have been hijacked for psychological operations (PsyOp) to vigorously inform them that this system exists & that submission to it is a prerequisite for advancing in the resistance.(*)

This includes standard communication channels:

The messages conveyed through these channels would have been synchronized with stimuli projected into the environment, such as:

Messages conveyed through these electronic & external channels would have been amplified by precisely-timed directed-energy hits.

The recurrent mental intrusions, that would have fortified these messages, include: auditory transmissions, negative emotions, subliminals, audiovisual clips, & still images.

Additionally, unfavorable situations would have been pitched into their life situations at exact moments to bolster these messages.(*)

Used in combination with proper timing, these internal & external stimuli compose a very powerful form of communication, where explicit messages can be conveyed in a short period.(*)

Recruitment or Annihilation

Key & influential people — particularly notable people in the resistance — surely would have been early targets.(*)

They would have been made strikingly aware of this artificial monster's existence & forced to make a decision.

A vivid message telling them to concede & agree to some terms in order to continue would have been aggressively delivered.

If they resisted then they probably could have continued their work in some capacity.

However, the vital personal connections within the opposition to moderated activists & organizations, that are necessary to traverse the ranks, would have been denied.

I don't think they could have risen to their lofty stations.

Comprehensive favorable coverage by prominent independent (even mainstream) news; voluminous recognition on social media; uninhibited documentary creation, article & book writing (with excellent reviews & media boosts); international symposiums; liberal travel without frequent tactical & operational impediment; thousands, tens of thousands (or more) of followers — none of this would have happened.

Their careers in the controlled resistance would have been choked at an early phase.(*)

So the question is why were they allowed to occupy these positions?

Distraction & Pacification
Coverup of TI Program & Planetary Sabotage

While learning from some of these people I figured they were under control, despite the fact that they were releasing fascinating & truthful information.

Early on I didn't know what purpose they served, other than sprinkling some deceit into their presentations.

I found rumors online that they were intelligence agency & secret society operatives.

Still, I thought there must be something else, something very important — a bigger agenda that they were being used for.(*)

Eventually I confirmed that they were indeed concealing at least two developments of colossal proportions, that dwarf other subjects they cover.

One is the century-old concentration camp in the streets that they conveniently evaded.

Later I discovered that were also being used to hide what might be the most important subject of our time: the scheme to crash Earth's biosphere.

Hidden Atrocity

The TI campaign is part of the biggest military revolution in history that's intertwined with a profound social change.

In summary, here is my take on it: A revolutionary warform was created by the top scientific & military minds on Earth to be invisibly blended into civilian environments, in order to surgically & brutally crush specific individuals without a trace, using an advanced surveillance & targeting system, & brain-linked citizens as proxy soldiers.

The government & think tank papers heralding this profound military-societal transformation (that are public information) vividly explained THEIR intentions, methods, & primary targets.

This warform was designed to neutralize patriots & lightworkers!

As far as societal impact this program is giant!

The alleged directors who compose the discernible resistance are in contact with insiders from government, industry, military, & intelligence agencies, as well as whistleblowers, other prominent activists, & supposedly benevolent ETs.

Alarms were going off all over the place.

Because it was constructed to enlist or take them down before they got situated they did not outflank it.

They would have personally encountered it while establishing themselves in the pseudo resistance.

This horror was taking place right outside their doors.

Guess what? Most of them ignored it.(*)

What does that tell you?

Biosphere Disintegration

I've found that THEY hid their terraformation agenda within a climate change fraud that was probably meant to be discovered.(*)

It appears the exposure of the climate change scam disbanded able resistance to the methodical destruction of the planet's ecosystems. I think that was deliberate.

They needed some persuasive individuals in the resistance to distract & pacify us while the thing that matters most — our precious natural resources — were systematically ruined.(*)

When I survey the amount & status of resistance guides who are being used for this distraction/pacification program, I realize that crashing Earth's life-support systems is one of THEIR top priorities.

Careers Built on Contractual Partnership

An argument could be made that because some of them have good intentions, when it's crunch-time they will do the right thing.(*)

Even though I think that most of them are well-meaning, they are under the system's meticulous supervision & instantaneous control.

They are doing what they are allowed to do.

I don't think they pose a real danger to the criminals who rule this planet.

To do that, first, they would have to unshackle themselves from their electronic chaperone. That means withstanding all of the torment that goes along with making a clean break.

If they made that decision then there would be formidable consequences immediately.

Severe misfortune would befall them.

Probably, the imperative connections that they established with other AI-captured activists & organizations would be severed, knocking them down to the bottom of the resistance facade.

Most of them will not do that because their success in this theater was determined by their original choice to submit.

Furthermore, if they attempted to break free, & decided to resist (while keeping their independence from the system), then they would have to endure heavy targeting. Again, most of them wouldn't dare.

As well-meaning as some of them might be & despite the contributions they've made, they do not have their sovereignty & will do as they are commanded.(*)

Electronic Restrainment

In my estimation the preponderance of notable people in the visible resistance never won their freedom & are consciously under the system's instantaneous control.

I surmise they are permitted to write their articles & books, appear in acclaimed documentaries, & hold conferences with other domesticated activists, while getting abundant social media endorsements & favorable reviews for their work.

Early in their careers they could have been fiercely impeded by an established warform that was designed to eliminate or recruit them, yet they were able to exploit prime opportunities without much interference from this mechanism.

I think they were authorized by the system to do these things so they could be used for a greater nefarious agenda.

To me the discernible resistance is a big play directed by AI.

Leaders in this theater were permitted access to the stage. They were allowed to grow & acquire an audience (maybe even given one).

They've covered up at least two epic issues that I'm aware of & suspect they may be used to delude many people for a significant event in the future.

I'm certain that the observable resistance is fundamentally compromised.

Anyone relying on factions of this company for guidance during disclosure & liberation may want to use extreme caution.


* In the Human­-Computer Intelligence Network chapter of my 2011 book New World War, I wrote how this system could be used to stealthily guide a rebellion. Since then I've written extensively about it. Here is an excerpt from my November 2013 report: "a wireless Human-Computer Intelligence Network (HCIN) featuring artificial intelligence (AI) that includes sensors, a distributed directed-energy weapons platform, & remote mind-reading capabilities. It transmits real-time attack instructions into individual human brains, guides swarms, & directs human nodes that interact with the TA. ... Is it possible that some of these [resistance] leaders are electronically handled? ... What about a fake revolution that is designed to falter? I would be very skeptical of any plan offered by these leaders to stop this tyranny. Any plan that does not consider the communications & weapons, as well as the civilian troops under the financial elite's control, will fail." As I described in this June 2020 article, if these liberation factions unite against a towering threat in the future then a few well-known people may be used to misdirect large numbers of people. These individual will be under THEIR control unless this C4ISR system is exposed & somehow dismantled.

* I think this system of covert communication is the basis of their rule — coordinating all of their malicious deeds. It's used liberally on common citizens to organize their street-level terror. It probably directs the ecological strikes & most of their other crimes. I'm certain that in addition to running the opposition this thing handles politicians & those in key decision-making positions. The way I see it, the only chance for true liberation is to deactivate this global supercomputer.

* I suppose these department managers are being encouraged or even ordered to form alliances & adopt particular stances on some issues. I think that as the degeneration of Earth's biosphere gets more obvious the psychopaths will get bolder with their use of resistance front people; the outlandish behavior exhibited by these ushers will make it obvious that they are compromised. I've already detected this with some individuals & organizations, who, I suspect are losing followers because of their bewildering stance on crucial issues, including vaccines & geoengineering.

* My September 2019 article includes this endnote: "I think a majority of those in high-profile leadership positions that span various departments of the opposition were electronically recruited with synthetic telepathy years or decades ago. They are knowingly eHandled by artificial intelligence (AI) that is part of the global information grid (GIG)."

* It's communicated to me often that I will be kept homeless & forced to withstand harsh outdoor conditions as well as the monster in the streets unless I submit. I've been told that by now I should have risen from my current position in the resistance; that I could be a notorious leader. I'm offered all kinds of favors.

* I didn't need to study all of the people leading every sector of the uprising in detail to arrive at this conclusion. Based on my observations of the directorship samples in the departments that I did observe, behavior of relatives & many other citizens, knowledge obtained from research, & the system's nonstop effort to enlist me, I theorize that AI is directing of the resistance. By using the verifiable & your surroundings you can rationally speculate from the known to the unknown. This mental tool, based on The Principle of Correspondence, has been used by people to solve puzzles on any plane of existence.

* That's not to say there aren't people who are inflicting enormous damage while contributing little.

* Even though some in the independent media have talked about AI, they usually won't specifically mention the totally functional global supercomputer that has incarcerated many people; the same one that runs the resistance movement & targeting program.

* If you are not under the system's control then these people will be used to effectively shut you down in the resistance. I've noticed they can block what I think is critical information for almost a decade.

* I've seen & attended conferences & heard talkshows where I perceived an undisclosed administrator. The impression I got was that even though the hosts & guests gave presentations & ostensibly put those meetings together, they were not really commanding the events. I detected clues of a hidden director in the environment. Furthermore, I noticed that some people were exhibiting facial expressions & other body language that told me they were opposed to some of what they were saying. This is the same communication leakage that I perceive with with brain-linked people around me who are forced to do the system's bidding.

* The current name is the Global Information Grid (GIG), that's run by the Department of Defense (DOD), & officially went online in 2005. However, that's just a phase of a system that's been around for decades. Some of its other labels include the Internet of Things (IoT) & cloud. I also call it the HCIN.

* This includes themes of freemasonry, pornography & pedophilia. They are probably also being used to attack specific audience members with PsyOp.

* Some might say that are unaware that they're eHandled. I think that in order to occupy their elevated positions in the resistance they would have been made aware of it, as described in the AI/C4ISR Recruitment Process chapter of this report.

* These mainstream articles describe how nanotechnology will be used in the "future" to wirelessly brain-link people to an AI supercomputer: Singularity Hub, Ray Kurzweil’s Wildest Prediction: Nanobots Will Plug Our Brains Into the Web by the 2030s, October 12, 2015; International Business Times, Ray Kurzweil: Human Brains Could be Connected to the Cloud by 2030, June 04, 2015; TechRepublic, Kurzweil: Your Brain Will Connect Directly to the Cloud within 30 Years, November 27, 2012; The Times of India, Human Brains may Directly Connect to Cloud Networks in Future, April 14, 2019; ScienceAlert, We Are Closer Than Ever to Merging Human Brains With The Cloud, April 15, 2019.

* I also stated in this June 2015 article & these tweets (February 2019; July 2020) that the mass base has been seized. Lots of people have already surrendered. In this February 2015 article I noted that submission to this monster is an unwritten rule for living in society. This is an excerpt from my November 2019 update: "Many citizens of all ages are consciously brain-linked & under AI control. They have silently accepted their electronic enslavement in exchange for living in the sick system without being targeted as individuals. Out of sheer terror they don't speak of it. They have 'normalized' this over a period of decades because they had no way to effectively deal with it. Well-meaning regular citizens & leaders in factions of opposition are stifled because of this totally operational & pervasive electronic monster that overshadows them."

* This recruitment explanation is derived from researching this subject & experience with the system's effort to subdue me that has been documented in detail.

* I think the electronic recruitment scenario described in this chapter is one method that's used throughout the general population as part of the global brain-linking agenda that is far advanced.

* Add to this the overwhelming influence of the concentration camp in their towns that they are totally aware of.

* They can probably reveal this C4ISR system & electronically shackle (eShackle) most people in less than a day. Based on my study of human psychological & spiritual development & observation of the persecutors I think the vast majority of people who encounter the electronic beast put up little or no struggle. Their recognition of the system is followed by immediate submission. The average adult will silently accept the electronic leash because nothing they really value is compromised. Presumably, it's communicated to them that they can still entertain, shop, glut, & medicate themselves. Sadistically tormenting others in order to avoid being attacked & for a few crumbs is considered a good deal for the average person, who is lodged in society on a rudimentary level. The psychologically delicate & morally deficient typical person is easy to break by threatening them with punishment & offering petty favors (the carrot & the stick). Put simply, most citizens did not have the psychological, moral, or spiritual foundation to resist. However, I've noticed there are plenty of exceptions. Honorable people are being forced by the system to implement acts of cruelty that are against their ethical codes.

* Because of my conclusion that the mass base has already been abducted by AI, & a probable enlistment focus on influential people, I reckon that in addition to renowned opposition personnel even most of the unknown & supporting rank & file freedom-fighters have been seized. It seems to me they would have been more likely than the average person to activate the system's contraptions because of their psychological profiles & research behavior. In other words I think the AI control established over the discernible rebellion is a mirror of what occurred in the civilian sector, only it is even more afflicted.

* Some claim they are too high-profile to attack. That answer never made sense to me because the novel warform explained by myself & others was designed to silently neutralize exactly these kinds of people before they got established.

* In addition to covering up the destruction of the planet & targeting program, these rebellion figureheads are hiding the brain-linking atrocity — hostile AI that has imprisoned the citizens. If the brain-linking agenda is viewed as a separate issue from the TI campaign, then they have concealed several paramount issues.

* I suspect those who run the resistance company are using representatives of the TI movement in an attempt to pardon their other resistance departments for relentlessly concealing a neighborhood-level death camp. Perhaps optimal blood rinsing can be achieved on a talkshow or report featuring an "official" TI who is showcased by the conductor of a tainted resistance department.

* You may also want to have a look at this report where I stated that the mental blockade created by the climate change hoax has disabled potent resistance to the attack against Earth's natural resources, as well as this tweet on the climate change deception & biosphere disintegration.

* For more on the use of resistance figureheads to downplay the damage that our planet has sustained from vast organized pollution you may want to check out this August 2019 report & these tweets: January 2020; March 2020.

* That's an idea that I considered for a while. After seeing what they've covered up — what they are obviously forbidden to talk about — I have accepted that they will do as they are ordered, right up to the grim conclusion of civilization as we know it.

* It appears they have already signaled that their foremost loyalty is to the system, as evidenced by the critical issues that I know they've suppressed. Regarding task implementation after presumable order reception, this is the consistent behavior exhibited by the brain-linked people around me: Despite mild nonverbal protest they are unhesitatingly obedient.