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Climate Change: The Visible Damage from State-Hosted Ecocide & Terraformation
June 04, 2019


Climate Change pertains to the degrading hydrosphere (water), cryosphere (permafrost), atmosphere (air), lithosphere (Earth's crust), & biosphere (all ecosystems, lifeforms).

The United Nations describes it this way: "Climate Change is the defining issue of our time and we are at a defining moment. From shifting weather patterns that threaten food production, to rising sea levels that increase the risk of catastrophic flooding, the impacts of climate change are global in scope and unprecedented in scale."

Some current & near-future consequences of climate change, include:

UN & media reports tell us that climate change is human-induced. This line is considered the gospel among environmental groups.

We are also informed that humans prompted the 6th Great Mass Extinction.

Here are some quotes from the UN on the results of human-induced climate change:

"It disrupts national economies and affects lives, costing people, communities and countries significantly... [Effects include:] sea level rise, increasing temperatures, ocean acidification, forest degradation, biodiversity loss and desertification, and sudden extreme weather events."-UN, Climate Change Statistics

"The impacts of climate change are numerous. Limited natural resources, such as drinking water, are likely to become even scarcer in many parts of the world. Crops and livestock struggle to survive in climate change hotspots ... threatening livelihoods and exacerbating food insecurity. ... Many are being forcibly displaced from their homes by the effects of climate change and disasters..."-UN, Climate Change & Disaster Displacement

Most countries are required to enact climate change mitigation strategies due to legal bindings that include: the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which 197 countries have ratified; the Kyoto Protocol, enacted in 2005, adopted by 192 nations; & the Paris Agreement, signed in 2016, which 184 countries have joined.

There is no question that disastrous events are occurring & that our natural resources are in peril. Humans have treated this planet carelessly & are somewhat responsible for the damage.

Yet, is it possible there is another factor—perhaps the greatest one—that climate scientists at the UN & elsewhere have not alerted us to?

It seems to me there is & it is not openly discussed in political & environmental fields.

Normal Human Activity vs. Planned Mass Destruction

Before we explore what I've determined to be the primary driver of climate change let's make some clarifications regarding terminology.

If we found evidence of a conspiracy to inflict abysmal damage to the planet, then we would have to distinguish these acts from smaller & usually negligible damage to the environment caused by people with no ill intent.

The definition of ecocide seems appropriate: "loss or damage to, or destruction of ecosystem(s) of a given territory(ies), such that peaceful enjoyment by the inhabitants has been or will be severely diminished."

In the accredited reports on climate change that I observed there was no mention of a willful effort to inflict enormous damage to the environment as a possible driver.

So, I would like to further differentiate environmental harm currently attributed to "human-induced" & "regular human activity" from specific acts of intentional mass destruction that I'm certain have been used.

Some may claim this is unnecessary because if the harm is done by humans then it is human-induced.(*)

However, in the general public's mind the factor of environmental warfare does not exist due to its omission in official reports.

Therefore, I believe it is fair to mention these exact practices because they fall outside of the common meaning of such phrases in the literature & mainstream media.

For the sake of this report the phrases "human-induced" & "regular human activity" will not include the following:

The Primary Factor

In my reports & tweets I explained that ecological warfare has been rolled-out globally by the ruling psychopathic bloodlines who are terraforming Earth with relentless pollution & geoengineering.

If you don't think they would ruin this planet because they'd be killing themselves, then you are using the logic of a rational adult. Whenever a pathological factor enters the equation, the common worldview is not only inapplicable, it could be fatal.

MRI tests have revealed that psychopaths have a different brain physiology. On a very basic level the psychopath is biologically unlike regular humans.

They are carriers of a foreign substratum containing severe moral defects, that also lacks an emotional unit that fastens them to other humans. They have no binding to the human race & no real inclination to advance human society.(*)

Normal people (the others) are their biggest enemies. To ensure their existence, they regard the biological, psychological, & spiritual demise of normal people to be absolutely critical. Historically, many methods have been used to accomplish this.

Those overseeing Earth's destruction have the utmost contempt for this planet, that is a living, thinking, sentient lifeform. They despise nature. They envy & hate people, especially caretakers of this planet.

Exterminating most of the planet's surface lifeforms, & herding the surviving humans into climate-controlled Agenda 21 Mega Cities where they can be easily managed, is considered progress to these people.

These mass-murdering, genocidal, ecocidal monsters are human in appearance only.

They are the primary cause of climate change.

"Gross pollution of the environment can eventually replace the possibility of mass destruction by nuclear weapons as the principal apparent threat to the survival of the species. Poisoning of the air, and of the principal sources of food and water supply, is already well advanced... From present indications it will be a generation to a generation and a half before environmental pollution, however severe, will be sufficiently menacing, on a global scale, to offer a possible basis for a solution."-Report from Iron Mountain

Ecological Warfare

Ecological warfare has been used by humans for millennia. A novel version of it has been employed on a planetary scale.

With the complicity of world leaders they are waging a Scorched Earth campaign with geoengineering & boundless pollution from their industrial corporations (fracking, mining, coal-fired power plants, crude oil & gas pipelines, etc).

While geoengineering has been happening for over 70 years, I surmise the staged environmental disasters go back a century.

They are also wreaking havoc on the planet with weather weapons that cause droughts & hurricanes, resulting in temporary or permanent human displacement (climate refugees).

Trees are dying everywhere because of the heavy metals dispensed by stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI).

Wildfires are burning forests (carbon sinks) all over the world & displacing large numbers of people. Climate scientists inform us "human-caused warming" is to blame.

Independent reports, however, confirm what myself & others have suspected: They are burning down forests with directed-energy weapons (DEW). The directed-energy easily ignites foliage that is coated with incendiary dust from stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI).

These acts of environmental terrorism further impair the planet's carbon sinks.

Damage Appraisal

A mass extinction occurs when 75% of Earth's plant & animal species quickly disappear within a short period. It has occurred 5 times In the last 540 million years. The previous one, The 5th Great Mass Extinction (Cretaceous-Tertiary), happened 65 million years ago.

The 6th Great Mass Extinction (Holocene Extinction) is upon us. The number of species disappearing is from 1,000 to 10,000 times the normal background value. This is the biggest species die-off in 65 million years.

From 25 to 50 percent of all species are forecasted to be extinct by 2050. It will take Earth about 10 million years to recover from this.

Scientists & researchers differ in their opinions on humanity's chances for survival & how much time remains. Some claim the total extinction of the surface population is fixed within a decade, while others think Earth can still support some life.

Unless this trajectory radically shifts (& maybe even if it does) there will be no 2050 for humanity (at least not as we know it).

I explained in my 2014 book, Geoengineering: Planetary Sabotage & Human Extermination, that the ruling psychopaths induced this extinction by activating negative climate feedback loops.

In addition to the subversion of Earth's ecosystems our basic necessities have been thoroughly poisoned.

We are inhaling neurotoxic nano-aluminum daily.

Rising diseases reflect the contamination of our environment. The global increase in neurological disorders has been linked to SAI.

The nuclear tests & depleted uranium have unleashed radiation into the atmosphere.

The level of UVB/UVC radiation that is reaching the planet is perilous.

All of us are infected with cross domain bacteria (CDB), even though most show no visible symptoms, yet.

Meanwhile our life-sustaining resources are being methodically cut off. If you take an honest look at all of the damage you will be shocked.

Fukushima (2011) & the BP Oil Spill (2010)—that were both state-sponsored—are only the tip of a humongous iceberg.

Tailings storage facilities, acid mine drainage, coal ash, crude oil spills, wildfires, & fracking have been employed as weapons of mass destruction (WMD) to displace populations & sever lifelines (fertile land & potable water) worldwide.

Most governments are on-board with the scheme that has displacement & resource denial tactics paralleling the directives of UN Agenda 21.

Let's have a look at what they've destroyed while implementing their terraformation protocol.

Remember, what I present here is only a small fraction of the damage. It is much worse.

Geoengineering & the Carbon Regime

After instigating two world wars the international bankers created the UN to get an exhausted world population to accept their global dictatorship.

The psychopaths use the UN as an organizational mask to further their anti-human agendas.

The UN stated in its Sustainable Development Blog of November 2017, that SAI could be used to remediate the failing climate. "Different approaches are being discussed ... [including] stratospheric aerosol injection ... to create a global dimming effect."

Is the UN unaware that geoengineering has already been underway for more than 70 years?

In The Physical Science Basis chapter of its 2013 Fifth Assessment Report (AR5), the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) noted that a component of geoengineering, solar radiation management (SRM) that includes stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI), could be used to offset climate change. "SRM remains unimplemented and untested."


Millions of citizens know this is happening. On the internet there is photographic & video evidence of spraying. There are hundreds of thousands of eyewitness reports from people of every vocation, including: airline pilots, military personnel, police, authors, air traffic controllers, scientists, etc. Laboratory tests all over the world have found heavy metals in precipitation.

Myself & others have written books on this topic & there are countless websites.(*)

The fact that we are being sprayed can't be reasonably denied.

All you have to do is look up.

So why would they deny it?

Well, there is the notion that, although geoengineering is not officially happening, it is unofficially occurring as a desperate effort by benevolent world leaders to save the planet from climate change.

If you are aware of the context surrounding this secret policy then you will not subscribe to that theory.

For a global response to climate change, the IPCC suggested in Chapter 4 of its October 2018 Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C (IPCC SR1.5): "focusing on Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI)... There is high agreement that aircrafts after some modifications could inject millions of tons of SO2 in the lower stratosphere..."

How could the IPCC, an agency that claims to be "in the forefront of the effort to save our planet" from climate change, not know that SAI has been used for decades?

Carnegie Science reported in August of 2016 the results of a chemtrail study involving the world's leading atmospheric scientists. The survey revealed that 76 of the 77 scientists interviewed denied the existence of a secret spraying program.

Atmospheric scientist at the Department of Global Ecology, Carnegie Institution for Science, Ken Caldeira, had this to say about the results: "Despite the persistence of erroneous theories about atmospheric chemical spraying programs, until now there were no peer-reviewed academic studies showing that what some people think are ‘chemtrails’ are just ordinary contrails."

He just told a huge lie!

David Keith, Professor of Applied Physics at the Harvard School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, announced in his March 2019 article: "There is growing scientific interest in solar geoengineering as a possible means of combating climate change in conjunction with [CO2] emissions cuts. ... By reflecting sunlight away from the Earth—perhaps by injecting aerosols into the stratosphere..."

Once more we find the deception.

Why are these climate scientists at the UN & prestigious academic institutions lying to us?

Perhaps the answer can be found on the UN's Climate Change page, where we're told: "Climate change is real and human activities are the main cause."

So, humans are causing climate change?

What about the 70-plus years of spraying that has activated negative climate feedback loops? SAI has been linked to the following: contamination of air, water, & soil with heavy metals; solar dimming; extensive tree deaths; ozone layer holes in northern & southern hemispheres; hydrological cycle disruption; epidemic human disease; animal die-offs; etc.

The IPCC informs us in The Physical Science Basis chapter of AR5 that UN scientists know "with 95 percent certainty that human activity is the dominant cause" of climate change.

"Human influence on the climate system is clear and growing, with impacts observed across all continents and oceans. Many of the observed changes since the 1950s are unprecedented over decades to millennia. ... Humans are the main cause of current global warming. ... The more human activities disrupt the climate, the greater the risks of severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts for people and ecosystems, and long-lasting changes in all components of the climate system."-IPCC 2014 Synthesis Report

Now the question is, why are ruling psychopaths using their scientists to cover up the existence of their clandestine program & blame the resulting damage on humanity?

A probable reason was revealed in the IPCC's AR5: "Limiting climate change will require substantial and sustained reductions of greenhouse gas emissions."

Earth's atmosphere consists of:

Trace gases that include greenhouse gases (GHG) are 0.1% of the atmosphere. Some GHGs within this 0.1% of trace gases, include: nitrous oxide (N2O), water vapor (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), & other gases at smaller concentrations.

CO2 composes 9-26% of GHGs. By far the biggest GHG is water vapor, that is 36-72%.(*)

This is from SpaceRef: "Water vapor is the most abundant and potent greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. It warms the air by trapping heat emitted from Earth..."

NASA's proclamation on H2O: "Water vapor is known to be Earth’s most abundant greenhouse gas [& is] a critical component of climate change."

"The importance of water vapor in regulating climate is undisputed. It is the dominant greenhouse gas, trapping more of Earth’s heat than any other gaseous constituent."-Science, The Radiative Signature of Upper Tropospheric Moistening, 2005

So, logic would suggest that H2O would at least be a factor in the IPCC's plan to mitigate climate change.

However, that is not the case. For reasons that will be disclosed momentarily the IPCC focused on CO2. In AR5 the they proposed a "CO2 Budget" as the remedy.

Although they recognize H2O as the biggest GHG, the IPCC & other anthropogenic global warming (AGW) proponents exclude it in their charts & calculations. They claim it can't be accurately measured because it differs greatly across the planet & quickly fluctuates. The IPCC also states that humans don't influence H2O.

While H2O does considerably vary from place to place, to completely discount it in their figures is not only a significant flaw, it is deceptive.

So, why are these climate 'scientists' ignoring the most abundant GHG & instead focusing on CO2?

I surmise for two reasons: to hide the planned pollution & geoengineering (terraformation) & to implement a global carbon regime.

The wealthy criminals who control the UN & IPCC know that geoengineering is the biggest individual cause of climate collapse.

Any real investigation into the cause of the imploding biosphere would surely uncover geoengineering & massive orchestrated pollution.

In the August 2015 piece, Chemtrail Aerosols: The Most Powerful And Toxic Greenhouse Gas Emission, The Millennium Report stated: "In fact, chemical geoengineering programs are directly responsible for adding a tremendous amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to the Earth’s atmosphere on a regular basis. Very few realize that water vapor is, by far, the most predominant GHG. Hence, because chemtrails inevitably morph into chem-clouds, which then transform into wide-area cloud cover, they contribute considerably to the total volume of atmospheric water vapor thereby greatly exacerbating the Greenhouse Effect."

Geoengineering—the single biggest cause of climate change—is killing the planet!

More control over humanity is another reason for the hoax. A carbon budget would be a restriction on life.

In September of 2013 The New American revealed that unswayed scientists (who found serious flaws in the IPCC's report) claim that the impact on the climate by regular human activity is minuscule. It is absurd that CO2 should be considered pollution when it is fundamental to life. This scam, they figure, was an effort to create a planetary carbon bureaucracy that would enchain people with a carbon budget.

The New American elaborated on this in its, UN Carbon Regime Would Devastate Humanity, article. The IPCC's carbon budget would create a global carbon bureaucracy that controls every facet of human activity—including breathing! This UN Carbon Regime would rule over people & governments. They explained: "[The] IPCC formally called for national rulers to help foist what it calls a 'carbon budget' on humanity [that would result in] more power and money for governments and international bureaucrats [&] less freedom and prosperity for humanity as a whole."

Now we see where the psychopaths who run the UN are going with this scam.

The IPCC had been described as a political group masquerading as a scientific organization, whose real objective is to isolate & exaggerate the negligible portion of the climate that is influenced by normal human activity.

The IPCC's AR5 report has been roundly discredited by principled scientists, who have described it as misleading & dangerous, & who have suggested that the IPCC is so fraudulent that it should be dismantled.

State of the Nation explained in its December 2015 report, Geoengineering is Primary Cause of Global Climate Change, Not CO2, that the carbon scam is facilitating the New World Order's Global CO2 Management Regime, where all carbon systems are controlled. They summed it up quite well: "The two biggest lies that humankind is now facing on a daily basis are as follows: That CO2 generation from human activity is the primary cause of global climate change; That organized chemical geoengineering programs do not exist and that all chemtrails are really contrails."

These 'scientists' lied about the existence of a program that countless citizens know about, then blamed the destruction it caused on regular human activity, while proposing a life-suppressing carbon budget as the solution.

What a bold con!

Decorated scientists, big corporations, governments, UN, mainstream media, & witting & unwitting environmental groups are all part of it.(*)

Regarding this huge scam The Sleuth Journal had this to say in December 2018: "The idea that manmade CO2 output levels is a big problem, in the scheme of all of Earth’s eco problems, is a giant hoax. It diverts environmentalists’ attention away from the true issues that need addressing. ... What about geoengineering, the aerial chemtrail spraying of barium, aluminum and strontium all over us, and the flora and fauna of the Earth? What about the release of synthetic self-aware fibers that cause Morgellons’ Disease, in line with the NWO synthetic agenda? What about unstoppable environmental genetic pollution caused by the release of GMOs? What about the contamination of waterways with industrial chemicals, pesticides like glyphosate and atrazine, poisons like dioxin and DDT, heavy metals and pharmaceutical residues?"

Exactly! The CO2 scam is part of the same AI, transhumanist, morgellons/CDB, disease-fostering, extermination, terraformation, & enslavement agenda.

The hoax allows the criminals to divert attention away from their ecocide (geoengineering & orchestrated pollution), blame the increasingly visible damage they caused on us, & use the destruction as an excuse to further oppress us with a CO2 budget.(*)

"In this way," added State of the Nation "they will use the profound and pervasive environmental destruction as an explanation for creating a whole new global economy based on carbon trades."

In the following chapters we'll see just how much they've polluted our resources with pharmaceuticals, chemicals, mining waste, & crude oil—the visible destruction from their policy of ecocide that has been blamed on humanity.

Contamination of Tapwater Supplies

Microfibers, chemicals, & medication have been detected in public drinking water. The people interviewed in the cited reports theorize the contamination is due insufficient wastewater facilities. That may be a contributing factor.

However, when I read reports like these about the comprehensive poisoning of public water supplies (with knowledge of the global depopulation agenda), I do not wonder IF it was done on purpose, I wonder HOW they poisoned the water!(*)

Public & military tapwater supplies in 43 states are contaminated with perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). According to the CDC, these substances have been linked to cancer, heart disease, & infertility. They also impair the cognitive development of children.

Detergents, hormones, plasticizers, insecticides, & antibiotics have been found in 80% of streams tested in 30 US states according to a 2002 USGS study. Plasticizers have caused reproductive problems in lab animals; pesticides are thought to diminish the neural development of children.

In Europe, Asia, US, Canada, Australia, & Switzerland pharmaceuticals have been detected in drinking water supplies. The tapwater of 41 million Americans is contaminated with drugs.

This medication is mutating fish, so it must be making people sick, although official reports downplay the impact on human health.

CBS News observed: "More than 100 different pharmaceuticals have been detected in lakes, rivers, reservoirs and streams throughout the world. Studies have detected pharmaceuticals in waters throughout Asia, Australia, Canada and Europe—even in Swiss lakes and the North Sea. ... Pharmaceuticals in waterways are damaging wildlife across the nation and around the globe."

Microfibers have been detected in global tapwater supplies & wildlife. "Tests show billions of people globally are drinking water contaminated by plastic particle" announced the Guardian in September of 2017. "How microplastics end up in drinking water is for now a mystery..."

How about SAI &/or just dumping them into lakes & rivers?

These microfibers have been found in freshwater systems as well as shorelines all over the planet. "They have the potential to poison the food chain," noted the Guardian.

Microfibers will surely contaminate the food chain, starting with the fish, then moving up to animals & humans that consume them.

Continuing: "The fibers’ size also allows them to be readily consumed by fish and other wildlife. These plastic fibers have the potential to bioaccumulate, concentrating toxins in the bodies of larger animals, higher up the food chain."

Impairment of Major Lakes & Rivers

Coal-fired power plants have been pouring unlimited amounts of coal ash (lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, selenium, chromium) into huge unlined pits for decades.

These carcinogenic food-chain disrupters—that have mutated fish & are known to cause brain damage, stroke, cancer, & heart disease in humans—have been seeping into rivers & lakes via groundwater.

Not only have these human carcinogens leached into our water supplies from unlined waste pits, the industry has been dumping them directly into water reservoirs!

These are just a some of lakes & rivers that are polluted with coal-ash waste:

Some of Earth's biggest freshwater systems are spoiled.(*)

The Great Lakes, for instance, are tainted with a mixture of microplastics, pharmaceuticals, mercury, & other heavy metals. Each one of these containments will cause disease. However, the collaborative toxicity of them combined is far more deadly. Unless you want to get sick & die the biggest contiguous freshwater supply on Earth is no longer a source of food & water.

Other vast freshwater systems at varying levels of impairment, include:

Unconventional Invasion of Rural & Suburban Communities
Hydraulic Fracturing

I've determined that hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is a formidable small-scale variant of this ecological warform that can be deployed with perhaps negligible suspicion to rural & suburban communities.

The targeted family or community is unremittingly struck with a powerful combination of audiovisual agitation (nonlethal weapons) & natural chemical weapons (pollution of air, water, & soil).

A few of the chemicals used in fracking, include: formaldehyde, uranium-238, radium-226, lead, toluene, arsenic, ethylene glycol (antifreeze), & benzene.

Studies confirm that these chemicals are making people sick. In humans they cause birth defects, heart disease, cancer, & infertility.

These pollution-dispensing UW campaigns have sprung up in close proximity to society's most vulnerable institutions, including nurseries, preschools, hospitals, & senior centers.

Family farms have been devastated by fracking projects. Landowners report getting sick after their trees, crops, air, & water supplies are poisoned. Their livestock & pets die &/or suffer from infertility, birth defects, neurological conditions, & liver disease.

Fracking has successfully contaminated private wells in Texas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, & Ohio, as well as Wyoming, California, Oklahoma, Arkansas, & Colorado.

Here is an excerpt from one person's testimony after visiting a relative's community that was under siege in Colorado:

It was a surprise to suddenly find a 142-foot-tall drill rig in the backyard, parked between [our land] and the next subdivision to the east. It had appeared in the two days we’d been gone. ... Their neighborhood was now lit 24/7 by floodlights and featured the incessant low grind of the drill’s nearly 900HP Caterpillar engine, the clanking of roughnecks beating on [a] pipe at 2AM, and regular snorts from the rig’s massive 525HP diesel generator … loud enough that we kept the windows closed to hear the television at night. ... We witnessed the increasing phenomenon of rigs popping up in suburban neighborhoods... The message to homeowners in towns big and small alike seems to be: You are on notice. The ills of fracking that were once viewed as a rural concern—contamination of air and water, noise pollution, reduced safety on roads jammed with heavy trucks—are [moving] to your backyard, too.

Fracking has been described as a land-pilfering, community-destroying, "toxic chemical nightmare" by fracking victims in Australia & the US.(*)

Oil Spills

Crude oil is a highly effective natural WMD due to its severe toxicity to all lifeforms. It is especially damaging to wetlands & aquatic ecosystems. Crude oil contains arsenic, benzo[a]pyrene, & benzene that are cancer-inducing human carcinogens.

The long-term effects of crude oil poisoning from inhalation, direct contact, or ingestion, include: kidney & liver disorders; reproductive & nervous system damage; spontaneous abortions; & birth defects.

The psychopaths have been staging inland & coastal crude oil spills in Antarctica, Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, & South America.(*) Some of these disasters involved millions or billions of gallons.

They have ruined ecosystems, polluted water & food supplies, sickened & murdered people, & displaced entire communities in their intercontinental oil dumping fury.

Some areas, including the Nigerian Delta & Ecuadorian Amazon, have been hit especially hard.

Acid Mine Drainage & Tailing Storage Facilities

From what I've observed, like conventional drilling & fracking, the mining invasion includes a suite of stealth chemical & audiovisual nonlethal weapons (NLW), used mercilessly & synergistically, in an effort to culturally, biologically, psychologically, spiritually, & economically disintegrate the targeted community.

Mining projects have been known to include 24/7 nonstop commotion with bright lights & noise, that disrupts tourism & indigenous activity, along with chemical contamination of natural resources.

Mining can lower property value, displace people, foment disease, contaminate natural resources, & obliterate an amenities-based economy.(*)

The industrial waste generated by mining includes sulfuric acid & heavy metals, that will poison natural resources with food-chain disrupters for 500 years or more. This is especially the case with sulfide-ore mining that is guaranteed to pollute.

Toxic waste from these projects is contained in a tailings storage facility (TSF). These embankments (also called dams & ponds) can be several square miles in size & 200 or more feet high. They may contain billions of gallons of liquid waste, composed of: sulfuric acid, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, selenium, lead, chromium, zinc, iron, copper, nickel, & silver.

These dams are among the biggest fabricated structures on Earth. Because of the immense volume of waste they hold, their proper design & location is fundamental to ensure protection of life & the environment.

A TSF makes an excellent WMD in a wetland if it is placed upstream from the targeted zone.

Since 1960 there have been over 125 major dam failures in more than 20 countries, including: Canada, India, Mexico, Australia, Peru, Liberia, Israel, Armenia, Philippines, Russia, US, France, Chile, UK, Romania, Sweden, Spain, New Zealand, Bolivia, Italy, Zimbabwe, Japan, & South Africa.

Some of these 'accidents' have unleashed billions of gallons of sulfuric acid & heavy metals. The orange torrent of mining waste flows downward, leveling towns, destroying homes, killing people & wildlife, irreversibly polluting water systems & fertile soil, & displacing communities.

Depending on the capacity & location of the TSF, a collapse could damage downstream communities 275 miles away.

However, to poison the environment a TSF wall doesn't have to be breached. Acid mine drainage (AMD) from an unlined TSF will slowly leak the deadly chemicals into groundwater that leads to surface water supplies. This creeping pollution can travel hundreds of miles.

AMD has impaired rivers & lakes in these states: Arkansas, California, Idaho, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington, Tennessee, South Dakota, & Utah.

AMD is a global crisis that has sullied water systems in the US, South Africa, China, Canada, Papua New Guinea, & Spain.

This is not just drinking water pollution. The bioaccumulative food-chain disrupters in AMD contaminate the entire environment, starting at the soil & water, then working up to plants, fish & other wildlife, & eventually the humans that consume them.

Due to its double-pronged wallop (TSF/AMD), high toxic waste capacity, & extensive reach, a mining project may be the ecological WMD of choice to inflict maximum damage when the targeted region spans multiple states or nations.

Permanent Destruction

In cases such as AMD or a TSF failure the damage is mostly permanent, at least from the perspective of a societal lifespan. Even though remediation technology exists, it is not used in order to ensure that the food-chain disrupters can thoroughly permeate the environment.(*)

The poison enters the food-chain in the soil & water, then works its way up to plants, animals, & humans. Migratory animals spread it beyond the impact zone.

To be most effective, a real cleanup would have to occur immediately, otherwise the pestilence will saturate the environment & spread beyond the target area.

Furthermore, a true remediation would have to account for the living contaminated flora & fauna, in addition to die-offs & possible extinctions caused by the disaster.

So, even a genuine remediation is not that simple.

Decades of Their Destruction Blamed on Humanity

The idea that all this pollution is caused by normal (even reckless) human activity or lackadaisical operating procedures due to corporate greed—is nonsense.

Destruction of this magnitude does not happen unless it is planned.

This is ecological warfare on a planetary level.

The Guardian reported in October of 2018, that the world's prominent climate experts at the IPCC say carbon emissions must be cut 45% by 2030 or there will be increasing forest fires, droughts, hurricanes, floods, & extreme heat. [In other words, they will boost their ecological terrorist attacks.] "Reversing these trends is essential if the world has any chance of reaching 1.5C without relying on the untried technology of solar radiation modification and other forms of geo-engineering"

Again, the double-lie; blaming normal human activity for the collapsing climate while stating that geoengineering (the single biggest cause) has not been used.

In the IPCC's 2018 SR1.5, we find: "Human influence on climate ... has already resulted in profound alterations to human and natural systems, including increases in droughts, floods, and some other types of extreme weather; sea level rise; and biodiversity [lifeform variety] loss ... a decline in food security ... [and] rising migration and poverty..."

These are not human-induced. They are injuries from their attacks.

They are the ones inflicting massive damage to the planet with geoengineering & orchestrated pollution. They are responsible for the animal die-offs. They are sterilizing the soil & killing the trees with aerial spraying. They are burning down the forests. They contaminated the air supply with nano-aluminum & radiation. They poisoned our food stores with chemicals & GMOs. They administered the decline in 'food security' by polluting our natural resources with their industrial waste. They caused the rise is disease. They are displacing people (climate refugees) & disrupting economies with their ecological WMDs & engineered droughts & hurricanes.

Humans didn't do this; THEY did.

They are the primary cause of the 6th Great Mass Extinction.

What we refer to as "climate change" is the visible destruction from their attacks that can no longer be hidden.

Desperate Rush to Pollute

It is obvious to me that the criminals are in a feverish hurry to pollute any remaining natural resources as fast as they can.(*) Perhaps they anticipate losing control of the financial & political structure due to a future event.

Crown & international banker agent Donald Trump is completely devoted to helping is overlords sever what remains of our natural reserves.

He vowed to dismantle the failing EPA in April 2016.

Immediately after he became president he made the elimination of environmental protection rules one of his top priorities.

In February of 2017 he nullified the Stream Protection Rule that prevented the mining industry from poisoning rural water supplies with toxic waste.

Then in January of 2018 his administration eliminated fracking rules finalized in 2015 that would have set high safety standards for the construction of oil wells on federal land, & compelled oil & gas companies to reveal the contents of their fracking fluid.

It was announced in January 2018 that the Trump Administration canceled what should have been a comprehensive environmental impact statement (EIS) conducted by the US Forest Service on the repercussions of guaranteed-to-pollute sulfide-ore mining south of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. I reckon they are planning to contaminate the Boundary Waters, as well as Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada, & Voyageurs National Park in northern MN, with a TSF failure &/or AMD.(*)

Also in January 2018 he revealed a plan to open nearly all US coastal waters to oil drilling (deliberate pollution). Then, to ensure that his anti-human masters had unrestricted freedom to finish destroying the coastal states, in May of 2019 his administration loosened safety restrictions on oil companies that went into effect after the 2010 BP Oil Spill (that was an act of state-sponsored environmental terrorism).

Trump eased laws in July of 2018 that were designed to prevent coal ash ponds from leaking chromium, lead, mercury, cadmium, & arsenic into water supplies.

The Trump Administration revealed a plan in April 2019 to open over 1 million acres of public & private land in California, including areas near Yosemite & Sequoia national parks, to fracking (planned contamination).

Like most world leaders Donald Trump is under their total control.

Trump's counterpart in Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, was placed into position by Brazil's wealthy rulers. Consistent with the terraformation/extermination policy, he started a campaign of genocide & destruction of the Amazon, that will subvert one of Earth's main respiratory systems.

In recent years the governments of Peru & Ecuador have followed the same plan, opening up sensitive regions that are occupied by indigenous people for natural resource development (i.e., cultural ruin, ecocide, displacement, softkill genocide).

It's the same story all over the planet. Natural resource development projects are used to hide state-hosted, genocidal, ecocidal, land-stealing unconventional warfare invasions.

Leaders of indigenous Brazilian tribes released an open letter to citizens of the world in October 2017, describing their experience with this disease that is engulfing the planet. They wrote:

A genocide is unfolding in our country, Brazil. Our government is destroying us, indigenous peoples, our country's first people. In the name of profit and power, our land is being stolen, our forests burned, our rivers polluted and our communities devastated. Our uncontacted relatives, who live deep in the forest, are being attacked and killed. Our government is axing the protection of our land, it is changing the law to allow agribusiness and mining to take over, and it is trying to silence our opposition. This is the most aggressive attack we have experienced in our lifetimes.

Scientists & Politicians Sell Out Humanity

While studying invasions in progress & post-attacks, I've learned that environmental ministries, academia, regulatory agencies, & high-level politicians (congress, governors, premiers, presidents, prime ministers) are complicit.

I've detected a coordinating presence. Some entity with knowledge of every phase of the operation is directing them.(*)

On the geoengineering & climate change front of this agenda some of the world's most notable scientists have sold out.

People holding pivotal societal titles, whom we have entrusted with our guidance & survival, have been recruited by the invaders.

It appears they are aware of at least part of the terraformation policy & have cut deals with the ruling elite.

Perhaps they were guaranteed that their families will have an influential position in the climate-controlled Agenda 21 Mega Cities, in exchange for deceiving the citizens, who are being exterminated while their planet is destroyed.


The damage that this planet has sustained due to organized ecocide is much worse than this report illustrated.

While the sabotaged biosphere disintegrates they have increased their efforts to pollute any remaining natural provisions.

Our environment is saturated with poison.

Soon we will not be thinking clearly enough to effectively resist.

Time is running out.

Any realistic plan to mitigate climate change must consider the primary factor: an organized crime network functioning above visible governments that is purposefully disabling Earth's life support systems with geoengineering & macro-scale pollution.



* Governments are hosting the invasions & the pollution is facilitated by humans. Yet, it could be reasoned that because those overseeing the destruction lack the normal human substratum, they are not human.

* I've found that this is part of a hostile alien/interdimensional agenda. The human-looking psychopathic bloodlines are taking their orders from repugnant entities. See these reports: June 2016; November 2016.

* Geoengineering websites: Carnicom Institute; Global Skywatch; GeoengineeringWatch; AirCrap.

* RealClimate says water vapor & clouds can form up to 85% of GHGs.

* There are lots of reports blaming the casualties of their murderous ecocide (climate change & the Holocene Extinction) on humans. The overall theme they are projecting is one of guilt. This "relentless guilt-tripping propaganda" described in The Sleuth Journal appears to be a PsyOp.

* Over half of the world's CO2 emissions can be traced to just 25 industrial corporations, including ones that I've determined to be ecocide machines: Chevron, BP, Shell, Rio Tinto, ConocoPhillips, & ExxonMobil.

* We know, for example, that they spiked the tapwater with fluoride, that is a hazardous waste byproduct of the mining/fertilizer industry. Fluoride causes neurotoxicity in adults. It lowers IQ & hinders developing brains. 25 nations have fluoridation programs. In the US nearly 75% of those who consume public water are ingesting fluoride. Fluoride is also in most bottled water. Their chemical & biological attack extends to our groceries, that are fouled with radiation, nanotechnology, GMOs, & chemicals. Fruits & vegetables are coated with chlorpyrifos that is known to damage the developing brains of children. Arsenic, that induces diabetes & cancer, is in rice-based food products. Cancer-inducing neurotoxins (arsenic & lead) have been detected in baby food & fruit juice.

* The dying ocean is polluted with millions of tons of microplastics & heavy metals. We are told humans did this. Over 90% of the ocean's pelagic fish stocks are gone. The ocean is the biggest carbon sink on the planet. However, its ability to absorb CO2 has decreased 70% since 1950.

* See: Fractured Country: An Unconventional Invasion (March 2014) & Fractured Earth: Fractured Lives (May 2015).

* Mining has displaced millions of people due to primary (construction) & secondary (pollution) causes. This is especially prevalent in China, India, & some African nations. It is such a problem that researchers refer to it as mining-induced displacement & resettlement (MIDR), a subset of development-induced displacement & resettlement (DIDR). Although they do not attribute it to a resource-denying policy, they do regard it as a global human rights issue.

* If you search the internet for the phrase "crude oil spill" along with "destruction, wildlife, disaster, sickness, pollution," etc., you may be overwhelmed by the magnitude & abundance of these resource-wrecking disasters. Check out these tweets: April 20, 2018; July 05, 2018; November 28, 2018; December 05, 2018; December 19, 2018; January 07, 2019.

* This is why Chevron has done no real cleanup of Ecuador. In August of 2014 the Mount Polley TSF burst, pouring over 2.5 billion gallons of mining waste into Hazeltine Creek in the Cariboo region of British Columbia. The waste eventually polluted Quesnel & Polley lakes, water systems used by Secwepemc Nation, whose staple food was sockeye salmon. The affected people were baffled by the fact that Imperial Metals had to be ordered to stop the flow of toxic waste into Hazeltine Creek after an entire month. When local hunters asked the corporation to place a fence around the creek to prevent their quarry from getting contaminated, they were denied. The logic here is that there is no actual remediation after an ecological strike. Those who planned this affliction wanted to make sure that every ounce of poison leaked into the environment, & that it was exposed to game animals, so that it would move up the food chain. Having been lied to by the provincial government about the disaster, members of Secwepemc Nation decided to conduct their own investigation. They interviewed former Imperial Metals employees who told them it was not an accident. The workers actually told them it was done on purpose! See: Native Resistance to Canada's Worst Mining Disaster: Mount Polley (August 2015) & Mount Polley Mine Disaster: Part I: A Disgrace to the Planet (October 2014).

* Although I attributed societal collapse to a global disaster caused by the arrival of Planet X, there could be other reasons, such as: pandemic, EMP, famine, economic crash, world war, terrorist attack, "natural" disaster, etc.

* On the Save the Boundary Waters website you'll find this statement: "The Trump Administration is rushing to ruin the Boundary Waters." That is precisely my conclusion after studying this invasion.

* They are probably brain-linked to C4ISR & handled by AI.