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Terraformation Pacification
August 28, 2019

I detected what appears to be a high-level pacification operation in progress that concerns the terraformation of Earth.

The terrestrial psychopath/ET organized crime network that controls this planet is finished suppressing the terraformation topic.

Now that it can't be hidden any longer, they are moving on to the next phase of the coverup by releasing their version of it to the UFO community, in an attempt to control an emerging opposition to this tangible menace. This is how they work.

I think they are using Mike Adams, a renowned person in the independent media, (who, like the rest of his peers, was probably recruited by a global supercomputer with AI before he advanced to prominence), to release their distorted version of this topic.

Based on the information I've seen so far, that consists of several videos & reports, he is providing new & mostly valuable information.

Unfortunately, I've determined that his presentation is mixed with disabling falsehoods that appear to foster a pacification agenda.

I've also found what might be ethical flaws regarding his groundbreaking "discovery" in late 2018 that the planet was being terraformed by negative ETs, & his exclusion of known data to generate his theory.

His "bombshell" terraformation report, released in December of 2018, has been picked up by other independent media & a hub for the UFO & lightworker/starseed community.

After he gives a keynote speech on his terraformation hypothesis at the 2019 True Legends Conference, his work may be widely circulated in their independent media & UFO community.

I'm writing a more detailed report & hope to have it finished as soon as I can.

Basically, I'm saying:

I have determined that factions of the UFO/starseed community—that ostensibly exist for the protection of Earth—have been covering up Earth's destruction. Based on what I've seen of their interviews, conferences, & websites, my conclusion is they are working for the toxic invaders.