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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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Effective Resistance: Exposing the Global Information Grid
November 02, 2019

Do you want your cause to be effective?

Are you trying to garner a major portion of the population to take action against:

Do you wonder why more admirable people with primal societal roles have not publicly denounced these atrocities?

You may want to consider the notion that many people do not truly have their freedom because they are knowingly brain-linked to a global supercomputer known as the Global Information Grid (GIG).

As part of the transhumanist agenda this C4ISR system with artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to steer oppositional movements & suffocate the general population with fear.

Many citizens of all ages are consciously brain-linked & under AI control. They have silently accepted their electronic enslavement in exchange for living in the sick system without being targeted as individuals. Out of sheer terror they don't speak of it.

They have "normalized" this over a period of decades because they had no way to effectively deal with it. Well-meaning regular citizens & leaders in factions of opposition are stifled because of this totally operational & pervasive electronic monster that overshadows them.

Any genuine investigation into one of these crimes should consider this factor because those in decision-making positions will probably be wittingly eHandled.

If you seek the unfettered support of the mass base of the population, as well as virtuous leaders of the opposition who have good intentions, then they will have to be freed from their electronic shackles.

There can be no effective resistance as long as this C4ISR system is relegated to the shadows.

If you truly want to end to these atrocities then expose the primary system of covert communication used by the invading force: the Global Information Grid, that is the infrastructure for the AI-enabled civil-military operations that facilitate neighborhood-level terror.