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Emerging Awareness of Terraformation: Pacification & Misdirection
September 17, 2019

[Updated September 22, 2019]


I usually refrain from mentioning specific names in the controlled opposition because that is unnecessary for what I need to do.(*)

There is a reason I'm making an exception in this report.

I hope there is still a chance for Earth to support surface life. However, that requires an accurate look (at least as much as available data will allow) at the current situation, including practical damage appraisal.

Even though some of that is presented here, it is only a small fraction of the destruction that has been inflicted on the planet.

Because this report has to do with the salvation (hopefully) of what's left of our dying biosphere, it is an exception to my rule, in that I will be mentioning names.


I think Mike Adams is being guided to release a warped version of the terraformation issue as part of a pacification agenda.(*)

Like the rest of the high-profile people in the independent media & factions of opposition, Mike was allowed to gain prominence so that he could be used for such projects.(*)

His "groundbreaking" discovery that the planet is being terraformed was made years ago.

Although he did expand on the subject, his claim & that of his peers, that he discovered this "missing link" is false.

However, that is not the focus of this report. My purpose here is to show you that Mike's "new" revelation is really part of a dangerous tranquilization program.

I'll describe in detail that he made substantial contradictions & minimized the current damage to Earth's ecosystems by omitting critical data that he must have known about.

I think it is important to highlight this because his work may be widely circulated in the independent media, as well as the UFO community, & may be merged with or form the basis for another counterfeit planetary defense.

Mike's Thesis

In his, Terraforming has Begun: “Global Dimming” is a Plot to Exterminate Humanity by Terraforming the Atmosphere with Smog Pollution, article that was posted on December 04, 2018, Mike announced that Earth was being terraformed by globalists at the direction of ETs, to make it unlivable for its native lifeforms, & prepare it for a post-human occupation by non-human lifeforms.

The terraformation, he says, is accomplished by solar dimming with sulfur dioxide that is sprayed into the stratosphere.

On December 10, 2018, he stated on his CounterThink (InfoWars) show: "What they want to do is they want to inject sulfur dioxide, otherwise known as smog, basically, into the atmosphere & create global pollution, & this will dim the sun & this will halt global warming. This plan is already underway."

Mike describes how solar dimming with stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) would thwart photosynthesis.

He says the solar dimming program has started, & if allowed to continue, could result in the following:

It is important to emphasize that in Point #4 Mike stated: "Massive loss of habitat and ecosystems ... Dimming the sun would have devastating consequences for all ecosystems on the planet, resulting in a catastrophic loss of life, habitat and eco-diversity."(NaturalNews_12/18)

Keep in mind Mike's proclamation regarding the impact of terraformation on Earth's ecosystems.

Mike's claim that the wealthy rulers of Earth are being directed by negative ETs to terraform the planet is accurate in my opinion.

In his interview with Dave Hodges on the Common Sense Show in late June 2019, he said: "I think we have been scheduled for annihilation... Earth is being terraformed & depopulated by the actions of humans, who ... may actually be answering to a non-Earth agenda/intelligence..."

He proclaimed in his initial December 2018 NaturalNews report: "What we are really witnessing here is the planned terraforming of planet Earth for some other purpose. And by 'other,' I mean other than human."

Before I describe how Mike severely contradicted himself (thereby placing a gaping hole in his hypothesis), & why he deliberately excluded important data, it will be necessary to briefly cover climate change.

Climate Change Clarification

Those who study the climate change topic may eventually arrive at the carbon tax scam. They uncover the criminal plot to enslave us with a CO2 tax & control carbon emissions. They see that paid-off scientists, the UN's IPCC, government agencies, mainstream & independent media, & environmental groups are all in on the hoax.

Understandably, they get disgusted after witnessing such corruption. Unfortunately, they also wrongfully conclude there is little or nothing wrong with the climate.

If they were to continue their studies they'd find that the planet is truly in jeopardy.

Because some do not, when they hear the phrase "climate change" they immediately think "hoax" due to the CO2 scam linked to the topic.

"I do know that the fairy tales we're being told about climate change are laughable quack science hoaxes."-Mike Adams, CounterThink (InfoWars), December 10, 2019

Mike is not alone in his view. Many in the independent media, including some ultra-high profile people, are falsely stating that nothing is wrong with the climate.

The CO2 scam has created confusion over the actual status of the environment. The mental blockade facilitated by this hoax has estranged vital groups that would have been part of a genuine planetary resistance.

Climate change denial is a clever way to disable comprehensive opposition to the attack against Earth's biosphere.

At the 2019 True Legends: Answering the Alien Question conference Mike said that natural climate change is caused by Orbital Eccentricity, Axial Obliquity, & Rotational Precession. "This is the way the Earth moves through space & it accounts for all the changes in warming & cooling."

Mike Adams

However, he never presented the possibility that 70 years of geoengineering has already ruined the climate.

While there are natural & unnatural drivers of climate change, I've learned that the primary cause is decades of geoengineering that includes stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI).

Theoretically, these toxic chemicals form a reflective shield (albedo) that activates an irreversible climate feedback loop, known as the runaway greenhouse effect that results in Venus Syndrome, characterized by a fiery planet.

Evidence suggests that over 70 years of SAI has activated this climate feedback loop.

It seems like the planet is getting colder in some areas because of another geoengineering scheme that has been deployed.

Large populated areas are temporarily cooled with chemical ice nucleation. The rest of the planet's unpopulated areas, as well as the atmosphere just above the zones targeted with chemical ice nucleation, are scorching. This prevents people from realizing that the planet is heating & creates confusion regarding Earth's actual temperature.

Earth really is getting hotter.

Heat waves are engulfing the planet.

Global temperatures have been higher than average for over 400 consecutive months.

To say that the climate is not changing is erroneous. Stated more accurately, the climate is unnaturally disintegrating.

Here's my summary of climate change: Those backing the climate change/global warming agenda are criminals who are trying to get a CO2 tax passed to further enslave us, when water vapor is the primary GHG; their media & government agencies are complicit in the deception; their scientists are also part of the con; the IPCC is a political group of corrupted scientists masquerading as a scientific establishment; the criminals run the environmental groups that are pushing for CO2 emission cuts, while hiding the chemtrails/SAI that are the central threat to the environment that they claim to protect—AND the biosphere is really collapsing.

Climate change is real!

To deny climate change is to deny that the biosphere is crumbling right now.

Heavy Metals Omission: Pacification & Deception

Even though Mike says chemtrails are now obvious to anyone who looks up, he limited his aerosol particulate comments on terraformation to only sulfur dioxide.

For his original December 2018 report, he cited a November 2018 paper in Environmental Research Letters that included a proposal to dispense sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere.

He never described the damage that the planet has already sustained from heavy metals in his written reports, video announcement, True Legends presentation, or talkshow interviews on terraformation. Mike did not even mention these heavy metals were being sprayed. He only wrote & talked about sulfur dioxide.

In mid July of 2019, Mike declared on The Hagmann Report: "You're talking about putting pollution into the atmosphere, sulfur dioxide, which we would typically call smog."

He proclaimed in his December 2018 CounterThink (InfoWars) report: "Most of the airplanes today can't reach sustained flight into the stratosphere, so they're dumping sulfur dioxide at the altitudes that they can reach."

The data omission regarding heavy metals is not a mistake. Mike knows that heavy metals are in the environment due to SAI because his website has multiple articles on this exact subject.(*) In addition, most true geoengineering/chemtrail researchers are well aware that heavy metals are being sprayed.

Even though Mike says the terraforming has been underway for years, in speech & writing he uses phrases to convey the message that the spraying has just started, or has not yet started.

For example, in his CounterThink terraformation piece, he affirmed: "They want to disperse billions of tons of sulfur dioxide (smog) into the atmosphere through massive government-funded chemtrailing of the planet."

Mike wrote in his first paper on this topic: "The scheme is called 'global dimming' and it’s a dangerous geoengineering plot to spray billions of tons of smog into the atmosphere so that pollution levels would block sunlight and halt global warming. This is literally what the mad environmental scientists are now proposing..."

He continued: "So now they’ve decided they have to poison the atmosphere to fight climate change... What they would really unleash, of course, is absolutely catastrophic to all life on our world."

The destruction that Mike speaks of has already happened. The atmosphere is poisoned with aluminum, barium, & other heavy metals.

So, why did Mike exclude the heavy metals data when it is a critical piece of information? And why did he use misleading terms regarding the status of the terraformation program?

He had to do this in order to hide the magnitude of current damage to the dying biosphere that over 70 years of geoengineering has caused.

This is both deception & placation.

Ecological Warfare

Although Mike did say that GMO plants & animals were released into the environment to destroy native species, he never mentioned in any of his terraformation reports the other prong of the terraformation program—ecological warfare conducted in rural & suburban areas.

I've determined they are scoping out zones & striking them with military precision during natural resource development projects.

These disasters are not accidents. Nor are they the result of lackadaisical operating procedures or cost-cutting greed.

They are unconventional warfare (UW) invasions designed to cut off food & water supplies for Agenda 21.

Streams, ponds, lakes, rivers, & private wells have been methodically polluted with acid mine drainage (AMD), psychiatric medication, fracking fluid, microplastics, heavy metals, crude oil, & other toxins.(*)

These invasions have the complicity of the host nation's top leadership, down to local officials & environmental ministries.

Like the destruction caused by SAI, the damage inflicted by these stealth invasions is far advanced.

Most of the major lakes & rivers have already been taken out.

On the Common Sense Show in June of 2019, Mike proclaimed: "So, they're [most people] going to be eliminated, & those of us who are sort of aware of what's happening, we can survive that. We can survive by saying no to the vaccines, saying no to the 5G systems. We can be outside the cities. We can be more self-reliant. We can make it."

Those who move to the countryside to live off the land will be in for a rude awakening.

Once again, the pacification.

Radiation Pacification

Mike announced on the Common Sense Show in late June 2019: "Alien civilizations would not want ... to destroy our planet with radiation, because radiation is something that would destroy the natural resources for anyone, including post-humans."

I think most would agree that ruining the biosphere is natural resource destruction.

In the same CSS interview, he said: "And they don't want to destroy the ecosystem at all. They want a selective annihilation, which is why they won't use nuclear to do it."

This appears to be another colossal flaw in Mike's presentation, plus a contradiction that I will describe in the next chapter.

Strong evidence suggests that these radioactive "mishaps" are not accidents.

The globalists that Mike opposes have been releasing radiation into the environment.

This started back in the 1950s with "nuclear testing" & continued with various "accidents." Our atmosphere is already contaminated with radiation.(*)

Mike tells us these radioactive emissions are simply accidents.(*) He guarantees us that the invading ETs will not ruin the ecosystem.

He stated on The Hagmann Report in mid July 2019: "They don't want this planet to be irradiated. The planet is what's valuable. ... Our planet has value & so they don't want the planet destroyed. They just don't want us on it."

International expert on radiation, Leuren Moret, is certain that the US & its allies have already waged 4 clandestine nuclear wars using depleted uranium (DU) with a half-life of 4.5 billion years, that has permanently contaminated areas in Middle East & Central Asia.

High levels of this radiation have been found in Great Britain.

On the same episode of The Hagmann Report, Mike proclaimed: "So when the globalists ... wipe out 30 to 90% of the population, the hardkill method to do that ... will not be a giant global nuclear holocaust, for the reason that they do not want to destroy the environment for the post-human era. Because post-human occupation, they don't want a radioactive world."

"Now, if they were just trying to wipe out humanity, they would not do it with a nuclear apocalypse, even though that might seem simpler. The problem is that radiation lasts for millions of years & destroys the planet for every living system. So they're not going to just nuke us & nuke the planet because they don't want to destroy the planet."-Mike Adams, True Legends: Answering the Alien Question, September 13, 2019

In this slide of Mike's presentation at True Legends he informs us that the invading ETs will not contaminate the planet with radiation because they seek to preserve the biosphere.

No Nuclear Radiation

Earth's atmosphere is already contaminated with radiation, in addition to the heavy metals from decades of SAI that Mike "forgot" to include in all of his work on this topic.

And that's really important to understand, any nuclear accident is truly an accident. It's a mistake.-Mike Adams, The Common Sense Show, June 2019

According to Dr. Moret, the Fukushima disaster of 2011 was no mistake. It was a nuclear attack—an act of "intentional extermination and ecocide" orchestrated by an organized crime syndicate involving universities, presidents, prime ministers, international bankers, military, & intelligence agencies.

In addition to the contamination of the atmosphere & parts of the Pacific Ocean, our groceries are tainted with radiation from Fukushima.

More Pacification & Contradiction

In June of 2019, Mike declared: "If you start to look at this from a scientific point of view, you have to realize that the climate change agenda that's being pushed out there, it's not an agenda to stop climate change, it's an agenda to change the climate—to dim the sun, to lower oxygen concentrations in the atmosphere, to shut down photosynthesis..."(CSS_06/19)

Mike just stated that the ET-directed terraformation agenda is to "change the climate" that would logically be considered climate change.

Regarding climate change, Mike explained in his original December 2018 terraformation report: "The schemes now being proposed to halt this non-existent problem will, themselves, bring about the global destruction that children are being warned about with global warming."

So, according to Mike, SAI will change the climate. Or, appropriately deciphered, Mike is telling us that climate change is real, only it's in the future—after more sulfur dioxide is sprayed.

That is why Mike omitted the damage from the ecological weapons of mass destruction (WMD), covert nuclear wars, & decades of heavy metals sprayed from airplanes, because that would have proved that the climate change he speaks of is already here!

In his December 2018 CounterThink (InfoWars) announcement on Terraformation, Mike said the "collapse of global ecosystems" could occur "when" the globalists dim the sun.

This is a contradiction because Mike announced that the ETs would never harm the ecosystem.

In July of 2019 Mike said: "Our planet has value & so they don't want the planet destroyed. They just don't want us on it."(HR_071819)

Consider what Mike just stated: the invading ETs do not want to destroy the environment.

However, he also claimed the bad ETs are terraforming Earth, & this means (by his own definition established in his original paper on December 04, 2018) that the ecosystems will be destroyed. In fact, he outlines exactly how this will occur.

Remember Mike's Point #4, listed in his initial December 2018 tract, where he told us the terraformation would result in: "devastating consequences for all ecosystems on the planet."

In the HardKill Vector slide of his True Legends presentation Mike noted the biological method to exterminate humans would cause "minimal damage to ecosystem and natural resources" yet informed us in the same presentation that "the entire biosphere is under attack."

HardKill Vector

His posture that the ETs are seeking to ruin the biosphere was confirmed in his December 2018 CounterThink terraformation report, where he announced: "The fourth destructive effect of this would be the loss of ecology & habitat. This is not just on land, but also in the oceans."

Yet, Mike informed us in his June 2019 interview with Dave Hodges that the invading ETs would not harm the planet's ecosystems. Here are his exact words: "And they don't want to destroy the ecosystem at all. They want a selective annihilation..."(CSS_06/19)

This discrepancy doesn't just span different media, because in the same CSS episode, Mike noted: "And they want to destroy CO2, which would collapse plant life across the world, collapse the food webs & the ecosystems, both on land & marine or aquatic ecosystems."

How is Mike able to guarantee us that the ETs are not destroying Earth's ecosystems when he specifically stated in writing & speech that they are?

These are not minor errors in his thesis that could be attributed to contextual interpretation.

They are foundational contradictions!

"Good" ET Alliances & Realistic Damage Appraisal

Even though Mike said most ETs would not have humanity's best interest in mind, he suggested forming an alliance with "friendly" ETs.

He proclaimed on the Common Sense Show: "And we need to ally with the friendly factions, & we're going to need a planetary defense system. That means we need transfer of exotic technology in order to defend ourselves."

The "good" ETs that Mike refers to may very well be the ones who orchestrated Earth's destruction that he downplayed. Some within the UFO community (that mostly ignored this crisis until recently) appear to be serving the same "good" guys.

After reporting that we need to form an alliance with the friendly ETs so they can transfer technology for us to fight the invading ETs, Mike stated: "The thing is, the timescale here could be very long. It could be, not just decades, but centuries before the invasion or something like that. ... So things happen on a very long timescale. So it's difficult to say what's going to happen in our lifetime."(CSS_06/19)

While he said that it would be difficult to cite a specific time-frame, his statement implies that we have plenty of time—when we don't.

Once again, even though Mike says the terraforming is underway, he talks about this plan as if SAI has not already poisoned the air & soil, & set off irreversible climate feedback loops.

Consider this statement from his December 2018 announcement: "And what they want to do is they want to block out solar radiation. They want to partially block the sun. ... They want to dim the sun. They want to pollute the atmosphere."(CT(InfoWars)_12/18)

"The're going to pollute the skies to dim the sun... So they actually have these plans to put pollution into the sky."-Mike Adams, True Legends: Answering the Alien Question, September 13, 2019

They have already polluted the atmosphere & blocked the sun with toxic chemicals.

Regarding the use of SCoPEx & SAI, at True Legends, he stated: "And then there's another project called stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI). Both of these projects are potentially catastrophic."

Not "potentially" disastrous. Earth is now blanketed with heavy metals.

At the conference Mike declared that SAI "would acidify the oceans across the planet & collapse marine ecosystems."

The oceans are not just acidifying; they are dying!

Global food crops are currently failing.

Mike is minimizing the colossal damage that the planet has already sustained.

Furthermore, he never mentioned the animal or tree die-offs. In the last 40 years over half of the planet's species have been wiped out.

They ARE attacking us with radiation. These are not accidents.

The terraforming has just not begun; it is in an advanced stage!

You will not be able to move to the countryside to avoid 5G because most of the major water systems have been strategically impaired due to 100 years of clandestine ecological warfare strikes.

The Great Lakes have been taken out!

There are still some pristine areas. However, they are aggressively trying to pollute our remaining resources. There is nowhere to go.

The environment is thoroughly contaminated. Our health & cognitive faculties are getting worse.

Earth is not simply in danger—the biosphere is quickly collapsing.

Climate change is real!

We are in the 6th Great Mass Extinction that will take at least 10 million years to recover from.(*)

We don't have a hundred years to wait for the "good" ETs to help us fight the "bad" ETs.

We may not have a decade.

Discovery Misinformation

Mike & some of his peers are implying that he made the discovery that the planet was being terraformed by the ruling class at the direction of negative ETs.

I do not doubt that Mike made some meaningful contributions to an existing subject.

However, Mike is not the originator of this concept.(*)

In early July of 2019, Mike declared: "Based on the urgency of the revelations that are now undeniable, I’ve decided to go public with information that shows Earth is being terraformed and prepared for a 'post-human era.' This is all part of the planned genocide of human beings and the occupation of planet Earth by non-human biologicals..."(NT_070119)

On TerraformingNews, we find: "Published scientist and author Mike Adams will unveil stunning new evidence that planet Earth is being terraformed to annihilate the human species and many native lifeforms... What has become clear over the last several years is that globalists are now actively following orders to exterminate humankind and alter the global climate."(*)

A chapter in his December 2018 article, regarding the purpose of SAI, is entitled: Shocking Realization: This is Terraforming Planet Earth to Collapse the Global Food Supply and Kill Off Humans.

His peers have also suggested that he formed this theory.

Here is what Steve Quayle said about Mike on The Hagmann Report in mid July 2019: "When I first contacted him ... I said Michael, this was the missing part that we needed & lo & behold, now it's there."

Later in the show Steve proclaimed: "I'm going to tell you that Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, has basically, the Rosetta Stone for understanding what's going [on] with the food, all of the wacky weather..."

High-Level Pacification

The declarations made by Mike & his colleagues lead me to surmise that he is an important part of the unfolding disarrangement agenda concerning terraformation.

Consider this statement he made on his CounterThink (InfoWars) show in December 2018: "Today's broadcast is the single-most important broadcast that I've ever done... The topic is terraforming of our planet."

In early July 2019, Dave Hodges, host of the Common Sense Show, had this to say about Mike's terraformation hypothesis: "There is no question that when Mike says the planet is being terraformed, he is correct and the evidence is irrefutable. ... Potentially, this may be the most important interview ever conducted on the CSS."

Mike's first report was picked up by at least a half dozen websites.

After Mike wrote his article he did some radio shows on this topic & was catapulted into the UFO community. It seems to me that was arranged so he could deliver their message.

Steve Quayle commented on The Hagmann Report: "And this is why it's so critical to have Mike appearing at Branson because everybody is going to be there, from alien specialists, to paranormal investigators... The big picture is what Mike's going to present."

Mike was indeed a keynote speaker at the 2019 True Legends: Answering the Alien Question conference that many UFO researchers attended.

Mike Adams

At the conference Mike declared that the terraformation issue would be "going places" & he was approached by a publisher to write a book on the subject.

It appears they have grand plans for Mike.

THEY are setting their people in motion to release their twisted version of this developing subject—just like they do with every other department of the opposition that they control.

Regarding Mike's "stunning new evidence" that Earth is being terraformed, Dave Hodges wrote in July 2019: "The subject material is compelling enough to the point where I believe that this will be the next big focus of truly independent journalists."(*)

Doors will probably be opening for Mike so they can dispense their warped illustration of this topic & stifle true resistance until the biosphere finishes collapsing.

Mike's disinformative presentation is part of a wider pacification agenda that includes fake planetary defense organizations under their control.


* It seems this policy will be abolished as the coverup of Earth's destruction progresses.

* These are Mike's terraformation sources that I studied to arrive at my conclusion: True Legends: Answering the Alien Question, September 13, 2019, Mike Adams; News Target, The Terraforming of Planet Earth, and the Planned Annihilation of Humankind, Mike Adams, July 01, 2019; The Common Sense Show, Dave Hodges, July 01, 2019; The Hagmann Report, Doug Hagmann Interviews Steve Quayle & Mike Adams, July 18, 2019; CounterThink (InfoWars), TERRAFORMING has Begun “Global Dimming” Plot to EXTERMINATE Humanity, Mike Adams, December 10, 2018; Common Sense Show, There Is 'Another' Intelligence Ruling This Planet, Dave Hodges interviews Mike Adams, June 30, 2019; NaturalNews, TERRAFORMING has Begun: “Global Dimming” is a Plot to Exterminate Humanity by Terraforming the Atmosphere with Smog Pollution, Mike Adams, December 04, 2018.

* On September 13, 2019 in his opening statement at the True Legends: Answering the Alien Question conference, Mike proclaimed: "I was moved by spirit to reach out to Steve Quayle... I said Steve, I've got this compilation of information that for some reason I'm being directed to bring it to you, to present to your audience." While some may think that statement refers to messages from God, spiritual guides, angels, higher-selves, & positive ETs, the criminals have the technology to privately communicate with specific people. I think a majority of those in high-profile leadership positions that span various departments of the opposition were electronically recruited with synthetic telepathy years or decades ago. They are knowingly eHandled by artificial intelligence (AI) that is part of the global information grid (GIG).

* These reports, that are written by multiple authors on Mike's website, confirm that he is aware that barium, strontium, & aluminum are in the aerosols: NaturalNews, Find Out How Chemtrails Adversely Affect Your Health, September 19, 2012; NaturalNews, Geoengineering Releases High Concentrations of TOXIC Aluminum Into the Air, Causing an Increase in Neurodegenerative Diseases, April 16, 2019; NaturalNews, Study Links Aluminum from Geoengineering to Accelerating Decline in Bee Populations, January 25, 2017; NaturalNews, Are Chemtrails Real? A Look at the Facts, January 21, 2018.

* Even though the constant environmental disasters reported in the media are overwhelming, I get the impression they are only a percentage of the attacks. The criminals are probably working night & day to pollute this planet.

* The Russian government appears to be especially clumsy with its nuclear infrastructure.

* This is strange because in a June 2011 report on Mike's Natural News website, entitled, New NASA Research Points to Possible HAARP Connection in Japan Earthquake, Mike's colleague, Ethan Huff, informed us that directed-energy from HAARP was probably used to inflict the earthquake that caused the meltdown at Fukushima.

* Although the mainstream articles cited in this report that pertain to extinction & climate disintegration do somewhat accurately portray the magnitude of the situation, they omit the network of psychopathic criminals that is the primary cause of the problem & incorrectly blame the damage on the human race.

* The first report I was able to find that stated the planet was being terraformed was authored by Alfred Lambremont Webre, on January 24, 2014, entitled: Geoengineering, Fukushima Radiation, & the Transhumanist Agenda. In this short article he wrote that the planet was being terraformed with Fukushima radiation & geoengineering to facilitate the transhumanist agenda. This article had a link to his HAARP-Chemtrails WMD documentary of August 18, 2012, where he said the Deepwater Horizon (BP) Oil Spill of 2010 & Fukushima nuclear disaster of 2011 were staged by a global war-crimes racketeering organization. The criminal group used HAARP to trigger a localized earthquake that damaged the Fukushima nuclear reactors, resulting in the contamination of the northern hemisphere & Pacific Ocean. The attack, he says, was part of a "massive depopulation" gambit. In this August 2012 video there was no mention of terraformation, although Alfred did say some chemtrails were dispensed by cloaked UFOs. In his January 2014 report Alfred mentioned AI & "planetary controllers" although there was no reference to ETs or aliens. Because exopolitics has to do with intelligent civilizations in the multiverse, by "planetary controllers" he may have been implying ETs. If this logic is correct then he may have been the first to proclaim that ETs were using the ruling class to terraform Earth. However, it's possible that someone else was the first to specifically state that negative ETs were terraforming the planet. In her November, 2015 article, Chemtrails, ETs & Alien Technology–The Covert Conquest of a Dying Planet, Susan Ferguson put forth the idea that the planet was being terraformed with geoengineering at the direction of negative ETs. Susan wrote other reports on ET terraformation, including: Geoengineering is Terraforming Earth Using ET Technology, October 24, 2017; Terraforming Earth: A Series of Quotes and Recent News Stories, October 26, 2017. Susan explained that Draco Reptilian & Zeta Reticulan Grey aliens were probably orchestrating the geoengineering, environmental disasters, radiation, global warming, excessive CO2, ocean acidification, & methane releases. She hypothesizes they are trying to make the environment more suitable for their millions of ET hybrids who are already on Earth, & who may be resistant to radiation & high levels of CO2. Although I described that the planet was being deliberately ruined in my 2014 book & mentioned the word terraform in an April 2015 report, I didn't publicly announce that I thought ETs were overseeing the terraformation of Earth until January 19, 2016, in a short update. Since then I've tweeted & written about this topic. Waking Times posted some terraformation articles, referencing Susan's work on ETs geoengineering Earth to make it suitable for non-human lifeforms. See: Waking Times, Is Planet Earth Being Terraformed by Non-Humans?, October 29, 2017; Waking Times, Terraforming Planet Earth and Human Consciousness with Electromagnetic Interference, January 24, 2018. Mike Adams published his article on December 04, 2018. Others have talked & written about this subject, especially starting in 2018. My point is, the theory that ETs are using Earth's rulers to terraform the planet goes back at least several years. Mike was not the first to make this discovery.

* Although it may have little importance, I thought I'd mention these 4 websites on geoengineering & terraformation that feature reports by Mike Adams & his team, have mostly the same articles, & are virtually identical in structure: TerraformingNews; ChemtrailsNews; ClimateScienceNews; GeoengineeringNews. It is as if someone threw them up in a hurry.

* I hope the talkshow hosts, news outlets, bloggers, & journalists who compose the independent media are really independent in their coverage of this explosive issue.