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State-Hosted Ecocide: A Working Hypothesis
January 02, 2019

Basic Theory

I interpret reports of the ongoing environmental disasters occurring globally from the perspective of someone who has studied & written about clandestine negative eugenics (depopulation) & unconventional warfare.

I find the official versions of these ecological tragedies to be false.(*)

My working theory is this:

Most of the prominent environmental disasters that have plagued this planet for a century are the result of a land-seizing, resource-denying, ecocidal & democidal terraformation scheme commissioned by the rulers of this society, & accepted by the compromised leaders of most nations.(*)

Felonious Institutions

The industrial corporations (ecocide machines) inflicting the damage can usually be traced to these firms:

These organizations are steered by wealthy eugenicist-psychopaths who have implemented a scorched-Earth protocol of total war against humanity & planet Earth.(*)

Clandestine Warfare

The international bankers (who run most countries as a result of decades of takeovers & central bank installations) have developed an ingenious variant of unconventional warfare (UW), composed of nonlethal weapons (NLW) & natural chemical weapons (CW).

This ecological war-form can be stealthily employed to pollute the natural resources of nations under their control. With the support of a puppeteered host government, they are able to contaminate vast regions with their energy corporations, while avoiding criminal charges for their attacks.(*)

Attack Pattern

Their land-based ecocidal campaigns follow this basic pattern:(*)


During a state-sponsored campaign of ecocide the host nation's government & offending corporation are like two con artists working a target (affected people).

Industry websites include the same generic phrases regarding public & environmental safety being the top priority. Pictures of "hi-tech" setups can be found, showing vigilant operators with headsets in a control room, sitting in front of sophisticated computers. The deception is reinforced with images of aerial & ground reconnaissance crews, & pipeline pressurization sensors linked to automated shut-off valves.

Anyone who has done their research will not be fooled.

Despite promises of technological & procedural streamlining, they never seem to fix the glitches that have cut off the food & water supplies of innumerable communities.

The same excuses are used over & over again: leaky gaskets, pipeline ruptures, "unknown" causes, mechanical failures, mishaps during routine maintenance, heavy equipment collisions, flooding, & the notorious "operator error."

In the case of a "technologically advanced" pipeline, the operators simply ignore the high-level alerts (sometimes for hours) & keep hitting the override switch to restart the flow of toxic waste into the environment.

Any true inquiry into these never-ending catastrophes would probably conclude that they were orchestrated criminal offenses involving weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

It seems strange that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), & their counterparts in other nations have not figured this out.

The fraudulent investigation that occurs in some cases appears to be intended to:

The host nation's top elected officials (presidents, governors, prime ministers, premiers) & leaders of environmental & energy ministries—the ones who open the village gates for the invasion & conceal the casualties—have been placed in those positions for such a purpose, & are loyal to their wealthy masters. They are well aware of the agenda. They know that they have sold out the human race & are complicit in murder.

If there is a cleanup, it is mostly a sham. Despite proclamations of remediation, the stricken zone is left totally ruined.

What was once a paradise is turned into a wasteland.

The targeted population's tainted water supply is useless for cooking, drinking, & bathing. Their ability to fish, farm, hunt, forage, & even breathe is impaired. If they remain in the area they eventually develop severe medical conditions.

The million-dollar fine is mere pocket change for the ecocidal mass murderers who print the money.


* The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of my discovery. I presented evidence for this theory elsewhere. Please see tweets & reports on this subject.

* Here is a link to the twitter accounts that received this report.

* These wealthy bloodlines covertly terrorize resisters on the neighborhood level with AI-enabled civil-military operations (CMO), that leverage civilian, commercial, state, & federal resources of governments under their control.

* In addition to crude oil contamination, the ocean as well as major lakes & rivers are polluted with micro-plastics & mercury. These lakes & rivers, which supply drinking water for tens of millions of people, also contain psychiatric medication, polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE), & per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Private rural wells in Pennsylvania & Cape Cod are also polluted with medication. These substances have a lethal synergistic effect. See: Alliance for the Great Lakes, Plastic Pollution: A Great Lakes Priority, February 15, 2017; Planet Experts, Microplastics: A Global Problem That Needs a Global Solution, May 27, 2016; Chicago Tribune, A New Pollution Worry for Lake Michigan: Tiny Plastic Fibers, February 01, 2015; Forbes, Antidepressants Found in the Great Lakes and Fish, September 04, 2017; CBS News, Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water, March 10, 2008; Science Daily, Pennsylvania State University, Small Amounts of Pharmaceuticals Found in North Central PA Rural Well Water, July 31, 2018;, Drugs and Other Contaminants Found in Private Drinking Wells on Cape Cod, January 28, 2016. These reports tell us that the contamination is due to leaky septic tanks & insufficient technology at wastewater facilities. While those are probably factors, their use of scientists & the media to hide more obvious acts of depopulation & ecocide, make me highly suspicious of this explanation. I think the biggest factor—the deliberate poisoning of the water supplies—was omitted. This type of comprehensive pollution doesn't happen unless it's planned.

* Their shoreline attacks on tankers & rigs have similar characteristics.