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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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November 28, 2016

Hello All,

My research leads me to believe that Earth is under attack by a cabal of repugnant extraterrestrials & their ruling human psychopathic bloodlines. This is the same group that started all the major wars & global eugenics program. It is their system. Any student of history knows who they are.

To prevent humans from recognizing that their planet is under attack, the cabal has cleverly disguised its destruction of Earth, using environmental "accidents." These are the oil spills, chemical explosions, radioactive disasters, & nuclear tests, as well geoengineering. These are not accidents! And geoengineering is not about "saving" the planet; it is about destroying it.

They are using their corrupted scientists & environmental institutions to conceal their purposeful destruction, & blaming the damage on human beings. Although normal human activity has impacted the planet, it is nothing comapred to the carefully planned, willful ruination of the environment, that is now occurring on an almost unbelievable scale.

This damage is not human-induced or the result of perpetual mistakes.

They are destroying Earth's natural resources on purpose!

The planet has already suffered severe damage. The ocean is spoiled with radiation & heavy metals. The air is also contaminated with radiation & heavy metals. The lakes & rivers are thoroughly polluted with chemicals. The soil is ruined. Our food supply is poisoned with chemicals & GMOs (biological weapons).

Many people are sick & dying. They are terraforming the planet for the transhumanist agenda. We are in the 6th Great Mass Extinction. It is a ponerogenic-induced extinction.