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Megacity Migration & Biosphere Subversion
August 04, 2020

[Updated August 15, 2020]

In previous reports I described that the ruling psychopaths are terraforming the planet at the direction of adverse ETs.

I don't know for sure what their overall plot is because they seem to have multiple correlated short & long-term agendas just in case some fail.

Yet, it's obvious to me that they are sickening & culling the human race & systematically bringing down Earth's life support systems.

They may not want to completely exterminate humans. Some evidence suggests they are forming a dim-witted, biologically fragile, docile, sub-human cyborg species (nanotechnology/transhumanism) that is simple to manage.

Some other factors include the dying biosphere & megacities.

I'm certain that they deliberately irradiated & polluted the planet in an effort to make it uninhabitable for its native lifeforms.

Ecosystems are quickly perishing. Global food & water shortages are inevitable.

They launched a high-level pacification operation, spanning official & independent organizations (that are mostly under their direct control), in order to hide how much damage the planet has sustained & thwart effective defense.

The impaired biosphere may eventually compel most of the remaining people to live in underground or surface climate-controlled megacities.

Migration to such a place may be required in order to be shielded from the excessive UV radiation getting through the ozone layer that they ruined with SAI, the radiation that they released into the environment during orchestrated catastrophes, scorching heat from SAI, & all of the air, water, & soil pollution from SAI & environmental disasters that they staged.

So, a possible scenario includes forcing the downgraded humans who survive the ecological & eugenic onslaught into megacities, where they can be easily controlled. This would be similar to herding livestock into a pen & would offer them some form of amusement.

In such an environment it would be simple for them to erase the history of what they did to the planet & the rest of their crimes.

I speculate that people in key decision-making positions & politicians, who have been complicit in their destruction of the biosphere & other nefarious deeds, have been electronically recruited with AI-driven synthetic telepathy.

Financial bribes & favors probably ensnared most, while threats & blackmail could have been additional motivators. Perhaps some were shown part of the plan & informed that if they complied then their offspring would have influential roles in the megacities.

Those seeking to create a valid resistance strategy may want to include contingency plans for an uninhabitable surface environment.

Even if they are stopped we may not have a decade until the biosphere can't support abundant native life. However, I don't think anyone knows for sure how much time remains.

I hope genuine remediation can occur if their influence is severed & their system of covert communication is rendered inoperable. If that happens & people are free to make unrestricted contributions then maybe something can salvaged from the wreckage to make some parts of Earth's surface livable.