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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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AI-Controlled Resistance: Probable Use of Synthetic Telepathy to Handle Influential Leaders
June 10, 2020

Over the years I arrived at the disturbing conclusion (sometimes reluctantly) that most of the high-profile people leading the resistance are consciously under AI control. What I mean by that is, they know they are receiving instructions telepathically on how to proceed.

I've determined that the psychical architecture of this AI supercomputer is the global information grid (GIG).

This is a complicated issue. While some of these people are inhibiting progress, others are devoted to their roles. They are decent & likable people. Some have made what I think are big contributions.

However, I'm certain that they are totally aware that they're being eHandled. They know that some of the actions they're instructed to take are harmful.

It seems to me that years or decades ago, before they appeared on the scene, these individuals were telepathically recruited. During their interaction with the system they made a conditional deal.

They were allowed to rise to honorable positions in the resistance & have been able to hold these posts because they have been following orders.

It seems these leaders are supplied with followers & squads of legitimacy-boosters. In other words, I think they are actually given a fan club to help them gain credibility so they can be used for certain agendas.

They do not have their freedom because they never truly won it.

Early on they would have been targeted with an AI-driven sequence of painful internal & external stimuli, that includes terror in the streets, amounting to sustained physical & psychological torture, that is virtually traceless.

There is no way they overlooked it & they did not get past it. It was designed to recruit or destroy them before their campaigns were launched.

They were permitted to obtain an influential status because they silently submitted to the system that was interacting with them telepathically.

If it were possible to identify the resistance leaders who knew they were receiving orders telepathically, then I think we would find that the vast majority are brain-linked.

At this point I'm certain that submission to this supercomputer is a prerequisite to gain any momentum in the controlled opposition.

These controlled leaders work with other high-profile eHandled people in different factions of the resistance.

Opportunities open up for them; conferences, talkshows, etc.—ordained by AI.

I speculate that part of the contract they established with the system forbids them to perform certain actions. It appears they are also discouraged, perhaps even forbidden, to mention certain issues or people's names.

These leaders are being used to push harmful agendas & suffocate vital information.

In addition to blending pornographic phrases into their presentations to disgust their audiences, they are probably also attacking specific people with other types of PsyOp, at the direction of AI.

Those who run the system are able to effectively contain data of extreme importance within the very movements that should be releasing it.

Using the eHandled decoys that they hurled into leadership positions, they can suppress crucial information until it starts to leak—then they have one of their people release a twisted version of it. When I first noticed this tactic, it concerned what I figured was a distorted copy of my own work. At first I thought it was my imagination; later I realized it was really happening.

I'm certain this global supercomputer is also directing the worldwide population-centric civil-military operations, that include a variety of non-lethal weapons & tactics, used in combination against targeted individuals on the neighborhood level.

I've also found that the same GIG is likely coordinating strikes against our natural resources (mining, fracking) as part of a terraformation agenda, & most probably the terrorist attacks, as well as other crimes.

Years ago I arrived at the conclusion that a great chunk of the civilian population is consciously (yet involuntarily) subdued by this system, making any genuine mass movement unlikely. I surmise that electronic batch/campus recruitment has been underway for decades.

It would be easy to covertly recruit people who are psychologically fragile & morally challenged; they could be provided with money or other rewards, almost instantly.

Furthermore, I surmise that most top politicians & pivotal individuals have encountered this & submitted.

This completely operational AI supercomputer must be exposed in order for any true resistance to form!

I think there is another purpose for this system.

There may be an orchestrated threat in the future that is used to consolidate resistance divisions. An alliance would be formed to meet this common danger, resulting in a few people or perhaps even one person at the helm.

These people will be under their control.

They will be doing the bidding of the criminals when making decisions that have profound consequences for this planet & the human race.

Already the crooks are using these leaders to pacify their audiences in regard to the methodical destruction of Earth's biosphere (that's been underway for a hundred years) with a climate change hoax that was meant to be discovered in order to fragmentize a concerted planetary defense.