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Impending Pole Shift & Possible Societal Collapse
January 22, 2019

[Updated February 10, 2019]

The reason for the aggressive increase in natural resource projects (resource destruction) worldwide (America, Ecuador, Africa, Brazil, Australia, Canada, etc) may be an impending societal collapse, due to a magnetic pole shift caused by the arrival of Planet X, that has been confirmed by NASA.

In such an event the ruling bloodlines would lose the economical & technological control they have established. It appears the psychopaths want all natural resources destroyed so humanity can't independently rebuild.

The push for drilling in the arctic, despite a US government shutdown, tells us how important this policy of ecocide is to the criminals.

A possible electromagnetic pulse (EMP) would disable communications. If this EMP hits satellites, it would partially or totally incapacitate the Global Information Grid (GIG). This would liberate beneficial forces that have been tethered to the system with artificial intelligence (AI).

Support those protecting Earth's remaining resources from deliberate contamination.

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Please donate or somehow support any group that is currently under attack &/or actively working to expose & stop the ecocide. Here are some suggestions:

Save the Boundary Waters

Friends of the Boundary Waters


Pachamama Alliance


No Bayou Bridge

Atlantic Coast Pipeline & Mountain Valley Pipeline Resistance

Mountain Valley Pipeline Resistance

Unist'ot'en Camp Resisting Coastal GasLink in BC

Office of Wet'suwet'en Resisting Coastal GasLink in BC

Resisting Trans Mountain Pipeline in BC