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US Government Enacts Policy of Wide-Scale Ecocide
November 10, 2018

The psychopaths appear to be securing the legal foundation to extensively contaminate America's natural resources & exterminate endangered species. Elsewhere I've written that they are terraforming Earth with staged environmental disasters & geoengineering.

In December of 2017 the US Congress opened the 1002 region (1.5 million acres) of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) on the north Alaskan coast to oil & gas drilling.

Also in December of 2017 the Department of the Interior (DOI) rescinded safety precautions on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) on public land.

On January 04, 2018 the Trump Administration announced that almost all US coastal waters are open for offshore drilling. This includes over a billion acres in the arctic & along the east coast.

From 2019-2024 the DOI plans to hold 47 coastal lease sales.

DOI Secretary Ryan Zinke said the plan was part of a “new path for energy dominance in America.”

The degeneration that the DOI has undergone since Zinke took office in March of 2017, includes: climate scientists at DOI were redirected to less critical roles; the portion of the DOI website that pertained to climate change was removed; all DOI sub-agencies, such as the National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, & Bureau of Land Management, have been ordered to change their focus to "energy independence."

The department also re-opened coal mining on federal lands that include reservations.

When the controlling faction of an organization is seized by those loyal to the pathocracy, normal people who serve the public are systematically removed during a process of negative selection, that continues until the agency is used for purposes that are the total opposite of its stated mission.

There are many examples of this in their society.

The DOI that was originally charged with "Protecting America's Great Outdoors" is now overseeing the destruction of the nation's wildlife areas!

Zinke & Trump also intend to open wildlife refuges to hunting.

Former Monsanto executive, Aurelia Skipwith, is in charge of the Fish and Wildlife Service, under the DOI. She has been working with the Trump Administration to nullify endangered species safeguards.

"In a massive attack on imperiled wildlife," noted the Deep Green Resistance News Service, in its July 2018 report, "the Trump Administration announced a series of rollbacks today to the regulations implementing key provisions of the Endangered Species Act. ... The proposals are part of a broader effort by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to undercut protections for wildlife and public lands."

Their nefarious deeds must always be covered with a suitable ideology. So, the planned contamination of the environment is masked with phrases such as "energy independence" & "energy dominance" that I interpret to be codewords for ecocide.

Ecological warfare is ancient. Crude oil, specifically, has been used as a natural chemical weapon, because it is a human carcinogen & incredibly toxic to the environment. In recent decades it has been the weapon of choice for the financial elite.

They have been murdering Nigerians with oil since the 1950s when the Dutch & British Crowns launched their invasion using Royal Dutch Shell. The same methods were used from 1964-1992 during Chevron's campaign of ecocide & attempted genocide in Ecuador.

The US saw an increase in fracking starting in the early 1990s, when agricultural land, as well as surface & groundwater supplies, were systematically polluted. Later, they exported this operation to Australia, where they successfully contaminated many farms until they were finally kicked out.

I've determined that these are carefully-planned & incredibly well-organized campaigns of ecocide hidden within fracking, conventional drilling, mining, & pipeline construction projects. These are probably military/intelligence operations that rely on advanced C4ISR. The people who compose the "tactical pollution teams" are ordered to spoil natural resources in a targeted region. The crews leave the areas totally ruined; local economies are crushed. There is no real cleanup for years, probably to ensure that the toxic waste has enough time to permanently damage environment. They have the complicity of host governments during their invasions.

Although instances of destruction are perpetrated by various industrial corporations, I have learned that the damage is part of a directive, imposed by a network of wealthy & parasitic criminals, who have no allegiance to this planet or the human race.

I'm certain that they are the primary cause of the Holocene Extinction.

The stories we see of horrific environmental accidents are only what is reported. I think they have been staging disasters for a century.

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