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A Developing Hypothesis on the Use of Fracking for Ecological Warfare
September 05, 2018


This is a preliminary report on the use of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) as a cover for ecological warfare.

I posted this incomplete theory, because it may encourage others who are suspicious of fracking to perceive it in a new way.

Although I don't have all the details, I'm certain that fracking is part of a strategy to cut off the natural resources belonging to people in targeted zones.

In the future I may post a more detailed article or documentary on this topic.

Thank You,



Fracking is a secret policy used by the psychopathic criminals who rule this planet, to eliminate life-sustaining natural resources in rural & suburban communities, for Agenda 21 & a greater terraformation objective.

Precursor to Invasion

Deceptive salespeople representing various gas corporations are sent into target zones (20-mile radius or more) to secure contracts with landowners.

The targeted community is told that: fracking will boost the local economy; there will be new jobs; the process is safe & clean; & they will be doing their nation a great service.

They are not told what a full-scale fracking operation involves, or the disturbing level of sickening pollution that will follow.

Upon agreement they expose their community to an unconventional warfare invasion.

Tactical Pollution Teams

The frack crews that occupy the target areas are not local residents. They are specialized crews from out of state or different countries, who go from site to site.

I refer to them as tactical pollution teams because that is what they do.

After gaining entrance, they use frackpads as staging areas to launch acoustic & chemical strikes against surrounding landowners, who may be ranchers, farmers, or homesteaders.

It is obvious to me that members of these crews are trained to conduct clandestine ecological warfare.

They deliberately contaminate the natural resources of targeted zones, including surface & ground water supplies, as well as the air & soil.

Unconventional & Ecological Warfare
Summary of Weapons & Tactics

I've noticed these non-lethal/ecological weapons & tactics integrated into fracking projects:

Acoustic & Ecological Warfare

The chemical attacks include: land contamination; air pollution; malodorants (nasty smells); ground & surface water contamination.


Deforestation (reduction of carbon sinks) & methane release serve to worsen climate change, & further what is obviously a terraformation goal.


Noise is a mighty weapon that causes psychological & biological disease. Noise is considered a nonlethal weapon (NLW) by the US Department of Defense (DOD) & is a chief component of civil-military operations (CMO).

The acoustic attacks that occur with fracking consist of machinery from frackpads that operate 24/7. It has been reported that the sound resembles a jet plane taking off, or an idling diesel train.

There is additional audiovisual commotion from the never-ending convoys of trucks that transport wastewater away from the site.

Natural Resource Targets
Communities & Town Centers

Because of persistent air, sight, & noise pollution, fracking has the potential to shut down small businesses, thwart tourism, & obliterate the local economy.

In its 1995 Nonlethal Technologies Task Force Report, the Council on Foreign Relations noted that an entire town could be rendered uninhabitable using only loud noise & noxious odor.

The transportation of frack waste through town centers (for acoustic & malodorant strikes) may be regular procedure.

In addition, the infusion of non-residents may be an attempt to wipe out the local culture by diluting any unifying heritage.*

Specific Farms

Specific farms & homesteads appear to be under attack. There may be a variety of reasons why certain landowners are selected for a direct hit.*

Fracking drills can extend a mile or more horizontally in any direction. Maybe this allows for the pinpoint targeting of specific wells?

Encircling a farm with frackpads could virtually guarantee the pollution of well water, & would serve to fortify audiovisual strikes.

Groundwater & Wells

Based on what I've seen, it appears that other nonlethals are initially used to terrorize landowners before their water supply is poisoned.

For weeks or months they are blasted with acoustics, visual commotion, & stench. If they persist in their defiance, they find their wells are contaminated.

Surface Water

The fracked wastewater contains the gas company's proprietary chemicals, as well as toxic agents that surfaced during excavation, including: barium, sodium, zinc, lead, mercury, & arsenic. It may also have natural radioactive material, such as uranium & radium-226.

In addition to poisoning groundwater from frackpads, mobile pollution teams appear to be targeting public & private surface water supplies.

The lethal wastewater is poured into streams & ponds during "accidents" that occur while trafficking it away from frackpads to dumping sites.

Perhaps these precision strikes allow the decision-makers to target specific natural resources that are off-limits to other forms of pollution.

Attack Combinations

The 24/7 commotion includes noise dispensed by fracking machinery & trucks. These acoustic strikes are supported by chemical & visual attacks, in the form of venting (air pollution), chemical stench (malodorants), & tainted water.

At night the onslaught includes bright lights from the noisy trucks, as well as flaring that is also a visual/chemical attack. These strikes may be launched 500 feet or less from the target's living quarters.


The divide-&-conquer strategy has been used in some communities. Most people in targeted zones (including those whose wells have been contaminated) do not complain.

Some have aligned themselves with the corporate-government invaders, & denounced those who speak out about the contamination. This may be due to fear or the implication of financial reward.

Possible Military/Intelligence Connection

Some of the fracking characteristics that you just observed are identical to the nonlethal weapons & tactics used by the DOD against targeted individuals (TI) worldwide.*

Additional factors that suggest a military/intelligence link to fracking, include:

These observations lead me to speculate that the pollution crews are controlled by the military, intelligence agencies, or private security firms.

If the military is involved, then each team member is probably linked to C4ISR.*

Ingredients & Health Effects of Fracking Chemicals

The gas companies do not disclose their ingredients because of intellectual property rights.

However, chemicals that have been found in fracked wastewater include: benzene, formaldehyde, lead, mercury, barium, sodium, & zinc, as well as radium-226 & uranium.

These carcinogens regularly find their way into the air & drinking water supplies.

Long-term exposure to these chemicals (even at low levels) has been known to cause: birth defects, neurological problems, blood disorders, mutations, & various types of cancer.

Civilian Casualties of Chemical Warfare
Complicity of Regulatory Agencies

After people realize that their water has been contaminated, they consult their local Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to find that they are in league with the gas companies.

The gas companies & environmental agencies function in unison to deny the contamination of natural resources, despite overwhelming evidence. Their behavior is grossly unethical. They have been known to ignore citizen reports & hide evidence of pollution.

Lifeline Permanently Severed

The toxic water is useless for drinking, cooking, bathing, agriculture, livestock, & even laundry.

It smells & tastes bad, & may be highly flammable due to a high methane content. There are YouTube videos of people actually lighting their polluted well water on fire!

The gas company may provide water for the affected landowner until the local DEP absolves it of responsibility. After that, they are left stranded.

Because the contamination is often permanent, they usually just shut their wells off. Then they can either sell their land, or remain.

If they stay, they are forced to drive (perhaps tens of miles) into town to fill up water cisterns, that may cost $500 or more per month.

This introduces an additional logistics & financial burden to the existing stress from a relentless NLW campaign.

Covert Ecological Warfare

Fracking can achieve the following:

Fracking cuts off the water supply (lifeline) of a farm or homestead, shutting down basic operations. This totally sabotages the landowner's independence, & incites a morbid outlook on survivability.

Additional psychological trauma is inflicted when they realize their local environmental "protection" agency is under the control of the perpetrators.

Individual landowners may finally sell their land to the gas company under a nondisclosure agreement, that forbids them from revealing what happened.

The purpose of the scheme is obviously the ecological, financial, psychological, & biological devastation of the targeted landowner &/or community.

Fracking appears to be a very effective form of clandestine ecological warfare.

Hypothesis on Directing Faction
Planning & C4ISR

There is an organizing bureau that plans & directs these invasions, the same way military strategists would plot a conventional besiegement.

They are mapping out specific areas to be invaded, then dispatching the salespeople to lease the land.

After the infiltration, they coordinate the acoustic & chemical attacks that are dispensed by the unconventional forces occupying the frackpads. The crews are told where, when, & how to contaminate the environment.

State environmental agencies then absolve the gas company of responsibility during the coverup phase.

The DOD has a long history of abysmal (& most probably deliberate) destruction to the environment, & the characteristics of fracking parallel the weapons & tactics used by the DOD against TIs.

Therefore, I surmise that fracking projects are covert ecological warfare campaigns.

If so, then all complicit individuals are probably receiving their instructions from the Global Information Grid (GIG).

Pathological Formation

There are multiple oil & gas companies involved in pipeline construction & fracking projects. When you investigate you find they are shell groups for a few psychopathic families of wealth.

Although their deliberate pollution of the planet is hidden within the operations of their energy corporations, the damage they cause to the environment is obvious.

In my tweets & reports I've mentioned that they are terraforming Earth to make it uninhabitable for its native lifeforms.

While it may be difficult for them to conduct major theater military campaigns inside the US or some other countries, they can launch gas exploration, drilling, mining, & pipeline construction projects.

So you see, this is a very clever facade.

They have the cooperation of local, state, & federal governments, as well as environmental regulatory agencies, during their Agenda 21 rage of ecocide, terror, land-seizing, resource denial, & depopulation.


* The tactic of destroying the local culture with an influx of foreigners was used when Chevron invaded Ecuador in 1964. Although the director & affected people who appeared in the excellent documentary, Chevron vs. the Amazon, did not specifically describe it as a planned campaign of ecocide & attempted genocide, that is what happened, in my opinion. See, Chevron vs. the Amazon, by Abby Martin, (2016, TeleSur).
* Specific landowners within the targeted community are probably placed under 24/7 surveillance & profiled before the invasion. Perhaps they require a more precise approach because of their psychological design, or maybe it has something to do with the location or quality of their land. Even though I didn't notice it in the documentation that I observed, targeted landowners may also be hit with other nonlethals, including: PsyOp, directed-energy, gang stalking, NLP, area denial, & weather warfare.
* The affected people are bewildered when they observe the construction of frackpads in the middle of fertile agricultural land, near livestock & pristine water supplies. Using common logic they attribute it to poor planning or corporate greed. Similarly, the DOD uses construction, maintenance, & landscaping projects to conceal its strikes against TIs in civilian settings. These projects—that surround the TI's residence & workplace—are used to cloak attack combinations, that include: acoustics, visual agitation, tactical psychological operations (PsyOp), mobile barriers, area denial, & neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Because these unconventional tactics are blended into the environment, most TIs were attacked for months or years before they realized it.
* The DOD's civilian warfighters are logically connected to the GIG the entire time they are in the presence of a TI, for the instantaneous transmission of instructions based on changing conditions in the battlespace.


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