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Negative Aliens & Ruling Psychopaths are Terraforming Earth
April 17, 2018

I abandoned the Global Information Grid project. Although I will still post street-level documentaries, I will report on the current Holocene Extinction, that was deliberately caused with staged environmental catastrophes & geoengineering.

If you Google "Fukushima Inside Job" or "BP Oil Spill Inside Job" you will get independent reports that these events are staged for political & financial motives.

I think there is another reason.

My premise is that the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, & their allies, are terraforming Earth at the direction of negative aliens.

They are ruining the planet to make it uninhabitable for its native lifeforms.

I'm not the first one to recognize this.

These crimes against Earth & humanity are only the more obvious examples, with signs of calculated sabotage. As I continue to uncover this, I'll probably find evidence that verifies what I already know—They have been polluting Earth's natural resources for decades.

They use human institutions to carry out the attacks, that are attributed to accidents. Their scientists & environmental groups are covering-up the damage, & blaming it on regular human activity.

The media is not sufficiently covering the extinction. When it does, we are told that it is anthropogenic-induced. Although humans are recklessly polluting this planet, the damage they cause pales compared to the carefully-planned destruction of Earth.

Humans are not the central cause of this extinction, in my opinion.

Although I omitted the ET factor in my 2014 book, Geoengineering: Planetary Sabotage & Human Extermination, I provided evidence that Earth was under attack by the ruling psychopaths, who prompted The 6th Great Mass Extinction.

This alien/satanic/freemasonic/psychopathic entity uses front groups to further its genocidal/ecocidal agenda, including: The Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, & big tax-exempt foundations, that are interlocked at the top with high-level satanic cults, such as Bohemian Grove & The Order of Skull & Bones. Their control reaches down to local civic organizations.

The mostly unwitting people forming the outer-spheres of these groups perform virtuous deeds that are designedly high-profile for public show. They are used by the steering crew as an organizational mask to obscure the group's true purpose. Always the lie; the mask hiding the disease.

The inner-core members of these groups are psychopaths with no allegiance to the human race. They operate on directives from their alien masters to destroy Earth & exterminate humanity.

They hate the human race & absolutely despise this planet, that is a living sentient creature.

Here are some of their crimes against humanity that are obvious to anyone who sees through the facade:

All of these issues are part of the same negative alien scheme. They use human institutions to suppress & murder the human race.