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Contamination of Great Lakes was Probably Deliberate
November 17, 2018

The Great Lakes that form 84% of North American freshwater supply are a vital source of food for people in America & Canada, & provide drinking water for over 45 million people in these countries.

The lakes are densely tainted with mercury, psychiatric medication, PBDEs, & micro-plastics. The media informs us that the pollution is due to inadequate industrial procedures & obsolete wastewater treatment systems.

However, observing this incident with knowledge of other purposeful acts of contamination that are part of an ecocidal/terraforming agenda, leads me to believe that is a cover story.

There are dozens of pharmaceutical & coal-fired industrial plants along the lakes. For decades the psychopaths have probably been dumping large quantities of poison directly into the lakes.

I'm working on a more detailed report on this topic.

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