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Boundary Waters Under Attack
April 07, 2019

I'm certain the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW)—one of the last sizable freshwater supplies on Earth—is targeted for deliberate pollution by the financial elite.

This is part of an clandestine unconventional/ecological warfare invasion, that is intended to sever natural resources (lifelines), & psychologically, spiritually, biologically, & economically beat the people in this region into submission.

Governments all over the world are complicit in these campaigns. President Donald Trump, along with his counterparts in other countries, knows what these "natural resource development" projects are really about.

The psychopaths are positioning to place multiple sulfide-ore mining projects at the southern part of the BWCAW. Each one would pollute the region with sulfuric acid & heavy metals for at least centuries.

Government & public institutions under their control have used deception & lies to quickly get these mining projects approved.

The criminals are handling compromised Minnesota politicians & state regulators, who have opened the gate for this concealed strike.

I surmise they are planning to:

I should have a detailed report completed within 2 months.

Meanwhile, I ask you to support those resisting this toxic invasion.

There is a real chance to stop this planned contamination of the Boundary Waters.

Please visit the websites below & donate. It takes only a few minutes.

Don't refrain from donating just because you can't give that much. Every dollar counts, even $5 or $10.

If you are on Twitter then consider following them & retweeting their messages.

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Save the Boundary Waters
Save Our Sky Blue Waters
Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters
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