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Etheric Implants
December 8, 2015

[--Updated 01/28/16--]


This is a preliminary report on etheric implants, with an emphasis on the suppressor parasite entity (SPE). Although etheric implants are not discussed in the scientific field, they are well-known to those in the spiritual community.

Terms & definitions are forming in this developing topic. There are different opinions as to what constitutes a tracking & identification device, an implant, a parasite, etc.

Furthermore, there are some parallels between the afflictions caused by etheric implants & directed-energy weapons (DEW).

Maybe in the future the increasing data can be correlated to make these distinctions.

This article is more about questions than answers.


Etheric implants are distorted currents of energy that exude destructive surges, which lower the vibrational frequency of the human or animal host. In human hosts they are often placed near a major chakra in the etheric field.

The etheric body, also known as the subtle or vital body, is the first (lowest) layer in the aura (human energy field). It is in close contact with, & is the blueprint for, the physical body. The etheric body maintains the vitality of the physical body, & connects it with higher energy bodies, within the aura.

Features & Purpose

There are a multitude of etheric implants that vary in shape, size, & purpose. New ones are often discovered.

Although beneficial implants exist, most are harmful. Such implants are used for the following purposes:

Etheric implants use the life-force of the host for sustenance. The implants not only lower your frequency, they extract energy from your aura, that can be harnessed & consumed by malignant entities.

They block energy (alter the frequency) in the exact area of the etheric body where they are placed, & decrease the overall vibrational frequency of the host.


According to some, most people receive a basic set of etheric implants before birth. Scholars on this subject inform us that the lower phase of the incarnation process on Earth has been hijacked by adverse extraterrestrials (ET).

These negative ETs have allegedly placed an scalar grid around the planet, that traps human souls. The basic implants are used to keep large numbers of people servile.

Individuals with certain potential are implanted with additional etheric devices, that are designed to hinder their abilities. Genetics supposedly determines the type of implant such individuals receive, before incarnating, or just after birth.

Until recently, only ETs had the technology to create these. Now, some human organizations are in possession of it.

Etheric implants can also be obtained during the lifetime of a person, in the following ways:


Some ETs have devices that can detect etheric implants. In the human population, the are most reliably detected by psychics using etheric vision.

When members of the spiritual community encountered etheric implants as obstacles to their development, they were initially reluctant to talk about them.

Then, increasingly, they were examined by psychics, who confirmed that devices had been placed in their etheric fields.

This began a process of data gathering. Profiles were formed on the implants most commonly found.

Some believe that the devices which were first noticed in this pioneering group are stifling the spiritual development of rest of the population.

However, the devices are less problematic to those functioning on a low vibrational frequency.

Most people are unaware that their growth is restricted, because they have not developed sufficient control over their minds & bodies to detect the intrusions.


Experts on this topic tell us that you can remove them on your own. The more psychic you are, the easier it is. Simply realizing that you've been implanted is an effective way of minimizing their influence, &/or removing them.

Some claim that gadgets exist which can either remove or render them ineffective. Individuals & organizations offering etheric implant removal services can be found on the internet.

Suppressor Parasite Entity

Just as the physical plane has manifold natural lifeforms, so does the astral. Some ETs have the technology to capture such lifeforms.

Parasitic lifeforms on the astral plane have been apprehended & restructured as parasitic-implants.

An example of this is the suppressor parasite entity (SPE).

The SPE is an etheric machine, with artificial intelligence (AI), that is genetically engineered to invade the central nervous system (CNS) of a human host.

The synthesized parasite is designed to drain the host of physical & emotional resources.


The SPE can be sent sent remotely to a specific individual over a thought-control carrier wave. It can also replicate itself & jump onto other humans in close proximity.

The parasite attaches to human hosts singularly, or in clusters. It enters the hosts's body through the gallbladder meridian, outside the corner of the eye. Then, it wraps around the ear, just like the gallbladder meridian.

Behavior & Lifecycle

Psychics have been able to observe these parasites in humans, in either or both temporal areas of the skull. They resemble shaded jellyfish, with tentacles that extend from a single orb, that contains a central processing unit (CPU).

The SPE's tentacles, which wrap around the human brain, stimulate the host's CNS.

Similar to a biological parasite, it grows by feeding off the life-force of the host.

The SPE keeps the host in a low vibrational frequency using grievous thought-loops.

A thought-loop can be described as a circuit of woeful thoughts, with accompanying dreary emotions, such as: anger, fear, shame, apathy, sadness, & guilt.

Fake Inner-Voice

The characteristic practice of the SPE is to surveil & clone the host's thoughts. The cloned thought-forms are fused with dismal emotions in the creation of thought-loops, that are projected into the host's brain.

In learning mode the SPE silently appraises the host's unique thought pattern. Then, it establishes a speech recognition union between itself & the host's brain.

This is achieved by copying the host's inner-voice & pirating the Wernicke & Broca regions of the brain.

The Wernicke area, located near the auditory cortex in the left temporal lobe, is responsible for speech comprehension, while the Broca area, in the left frontal lobe, facilitates verbal speech production.

The parasite uses these infringed brain areas simultaneously for cloned thought acceptance & verbal speech production.1

First, it sends cloned verbal phrases into the Wernicke area, which the host presumes is their inner-voice. Then, the Broca area is stimulated with the same phrase, that urges the host to speak.

Over a period of time, the parasite trains the host to accept the cloned thought projections & fake inner-voice, as their own.

The deception is usually effective for the following reasons:


SPEs are felt in the physical body as: pain, blockages, soreness, throbbing, stiffness, headaches, & fatigue.

People have reported discovering them as pulses & headaches when they started meditating.

Recurrent mental & emotional symptoms that have been attributed to the implant, include:


Keeping the host in steady physical, mental, & emotional pain is a distraction technique for the SPE's primary purpose, that is to suppress the following:

TIs & C4ISR Directed-Energy or Etheric Implants?

Etheric implants & directed-energy attacks have overlapping symptoms. Some include:

The admitted mind-reading achievements, based on research going back a half a century, are probably obsolete compared to what is really available. If etheric implants can do this, maybe they are more efficient.

The exact types of pain that etheric implants cause is still being tabulated. Directed-energy weapons can also cause a wide range of physical pain.

Etheric Implants & Global Surveillance

If etheric implants are connected to a surveillance system, they could act as transceivers for the following:

Attack Patterns

What follows are some attack patterns that I've noticed. While some of this can be explained by current surveillance technology & weapons, not all of it can.

Etheric devices are likely contributors. Here, I've made no attempt to explain how the effects were produced. The patterns are listed so others may use them to make an appropriate interpretation.


1 Some believe that, rather than one parasitic-device, multiple implants function simultaneously to hijack the inner-voice & verbal speech centers of the brain.


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