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Hidden Evil Status Report
Exact Date Unknown, December 2007


Friends & relatives, who have been participating in the harassment, have recently been used to stalk me out in public as well. In addition to the stores & businesses I often visit that are participating in Gang Stalking, usually at least one (or more) clerks is brain taped with a type of V2K technology which allows real-time communication between the agency orchestrating this part of the harassment, & the informant.

I have noticed this since 2005, & have recorded specific instances of it in a harassment log which I will post. More details about this technology will appear in an upcoming article or book. Both of the farm hosts are also brain tapped, & so are certain people who visit often. Most family members & friends are fitted with this technology.

This brain tapping technology is obviously intended to maximize the trauma, & presumably portray me as mentally ill if I were to explain it. Like fingerprints, each person has their own unique brain print. Presumably, each of these individuals has visited a clinic where they their specific brain pattern was cataloged & attuned to a type of a remote biofeedback computer. In all likelihood, this is being done by the CIA, FBI, other federal agencies, or a private security firm with national security privileges.

I've concluded that Silent Sound is used as a synchronization weapon. For instance, an idea will appear in my head, then while surfing the internet, the subject of the idea (which has no relation to the subject being researched) will appear on a website or as the result of a search engine query. This has also been used outside where an idea will appear, then a person on the farm which is participating in the Gang Stalking, will verbally or physically (by producing an object or making a gesture) reference the exact idea.

This has also occurred on the highway where an idea will pop into my head, then I'll see a sign (which was not visible when the idea occurred) which directly pertains to the idea soon after. This happens very often. It is frequently followed by a shock, V2K, ear popping, or some other attack, which appears to be used as a confirmation signal that it originated from them.

A variation of this is used with pictures which are transmitted into my brain remotely by electronic equipment. For instance a negative image will appear in my head, & will be immediately followed by V2K or other attacks, as if to confirm that it was an electronic attack. The images which precede the V2K are obviously intended to be degrading. They often portray family members or children in a debasing manner. This attack combined, with a confirmation signal, also appears to be intended to mock me.

Other electronic harassment includes a type of attack known as Phantom Touch, where it feels as though someone is running their fingers on top of my head. There are also burning attacks & sharp, pulsed pains, frequently aimed at my ears. I've run tests, indoors & out, where I make a drastic move in the opposite direction, & the attacks have almost always stopped.

A type of acoustic projectile weapon is used on surrounding walls, ceilings & surfaces, which produces a "ping" noise. I've noticed that the intensity of these noises can be as low as something that sounds like someone flicking their finger against a wall, to as loud as something that sounds like a bat hitting wall. This happens very frequently & has occurred in almost all of the structures I've been in. It follows me wherever I go on the farm.

Popping noises frequently occur in my ears (often while trying to sleep). I have reason to believe that HAARP or a Scalar Wave technology has been used to send at least one storm to this area. My reason for this suspicion will be covered in the harassment log in more detail. This may have also been used while I was in Malden.

Involuntary limb movement also occurs. This is often used when I'm next to a solid object as a physical attack, by forcing my limb into the object. For instance, if I'm putting an item away in the cabinet my arm will move abruptly to the top shelf, banging my hand against it. This also occurs with my legs, while walking through doorways, where my knee may frequently smash into the door or doorway. These movements are completely involuntary. I also have reason to believe at this point that my dreams are being manipulated by having degrading themes implanted. More on this technology will be covered in future status reports & articles.

I continue to study this phenomenon & record their tactics whenever possible. In future books, or articles I'll use mainstream science to describe how the military is in possession of a biofeedback computer which consists of a multitude of electronice weapons. A person's individual brain pattern is first cataloged. Then, simply, like flicking a switch, they can be hooked into this computer without their knowledge. It then works in a round-the-clock, rotational manner, using one weapon, then switching to another. Its obvious purpose is to break the person down. This technology is definitely being used on an enormous amount of people. I have been recording specific attacks & patterns of attacks which this computer uses, & will post them in the future.

Every single person so far that has entered this farm, from guests, to friends & family of the host, to postal workers & utility workers, have all indicated that they are part of this program. This program is much more extensive than I originally thought. It would seem that their admitted target goal of recruiting 1/3rd of the population is close to being met. Around the beginning of January 2008 I noticed an increase in certain types of attacks such as Voice-To-Skull. I am under attack night & day. Usually, every waking minute.

Thank You,