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Counterfeit Resistance
September 15, 2019

The Prepare For Change (PFC) website, that is a hub for the UFO community, is run by a group of people motivated by a Pleiadian incarnate named Cobra, who is the official spokesperson for the resistance movement that is focused on the liberation of Earth.

PFC has posted what I think are genuine articles on the destruction caused by geoengineering, in addition to some inaccurate reports that deny climate change (climate disintegration).*

Starting in 2018 they displayed several reports on terraformation, including two that I believe were part of a pacification program.* In January of 2018 it seems they correctly described how negative ETs were terraforming the planet with electromagnetic waves & geoengineering.

Rather than telepathic communication, the resistance movement that is composed of subterranean & surface-dwelling freedom fighters, in constant & direct contact with Pleiadians who are a race of positive ETs within the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL).

Here is what Cobra had to say about chemtrails in his April 12, 2012 post, Dispelling the Fears: "Most of what passes for chemtrails these days are just contrails. Contrails are water exhaust from planes that gets condensed into a cloud in stratosphere where the plane flies. They don’t look nice, but they are not dangerous."

His opening statement is similar to the disarming lies told by NASA, EPA, & USAF, who informed us for years that the toxins being dumped from airplanes were simply condensation trails.

Cobra guarantees us that these chemicals are harmless: "Yes, a small percentage of those are chemtrails, which means that chemicals are added to the water exhaust. ... Chemtrails are not as dangerous as you might think. The volume of atmosphere is vast and toxic chemicals get dissolved pretty quickly below the concentration that is still harmful for human beings."

Chemicals are not just added to the water exhaust; these aircraft are retrofitted with nozzles & huge tanks of chemical & biological ingredients.

The official spokesperson for the liberation of planet Earth just told us that aerosols sprayed from airplanes are not dangerous; they are not harmful.

Astute researchers on this subject know these deadly chemicals are causing worldwide disease & environmental wreckage.

I've determined that SAI was the primary way the criminal network composed of wealthy human psychopaths & negative ETs ruined our biosphere & triggered the 6th Great Mass Extinction.

The GFL doesn't know about this?

Supposedly the "good" ETs are monitoring the planet with advanced surveillance technology.

While the destruction caused by SAI has been underway for more than half a century, I figure the environmental "accidents" (ecological warfare) that have poisoned our lakes & rivers, go back at least a century.

How could they have missed something this important?

We're talking about the extermination of Earth's surface lifeforms—a mass extinction caused by the "bad" ETs that they oppose.

I get the impression that whoever really controls these UFO groups did not allow them to sincerely cover this problem. They stood down—like they did with other critical issues that they knew about—until the biosphere was ruined.*

Now that the damage is done, it appears they were either permitted or told to faintly cover the crisis, in order to maintain some legitimacy.

Even though some are mentioning the environmental disasters & geoengineering, they are still minimizing how extensive the impairment really is.

I think they are being used to distract & pacify their audiences until the lights go out & it is too late to react.


* See these reports: Geoengineering is the Primary Cause of Global Climate Change, Not CO2, February 17, 2016; How Al Gore Built the Global Warming Fraud, April 13, 2019; What is the State of the Global Depopulation Program?, August 4, 2019; Al Gore’s 10 Global Warming Predictions, 12 Years Later—None Happened, January 01, 2018; Geoengineering, June 21, 2018; Geoengineering, the Space Fence, and the Advent of Transhumanism, February 21, 2019; GeoengineeringWatch, March 06, 2019; Geoengineering Releases High Concentrations of TOXIC Aluminum into the Air, Causing an Increase in Neurodegenerative Diseases, May 02, 2019.

* On December 22, 2018 PFC published what I consider to be a terraformation placation report, authored by Mike Adams who made the "shocking realization" that the planet was being terraformed in early December 2018. On July 16, 2019 PFC posted Mike's NewsTarget piece where he announced that he would be speaking at the 2019 True Legends: Answering the Alien Question conference. It seems logical that PFC would showcase Mike's tranquilization article because it resonates with the same pacification agenda that they are obviously part of. Mike's suggestion of aligning with "friendly factions" also blends with their doctrine of "good ETs" who are really the negative ETs that ruined the planet.

* See the book, The Event: What to Expect Before, During, & After The Event, January 2014, Cobra.

* I've found what I believe to be inexcusable deficiencies in the good ET savior theory, that is the creed of some organized starseed/lightworker groups, ufologists & contactees, Earth defenders, & the official resistance movement. I do not trust them & think they are working for the toxic invaders. The profound defects that I've noticed in these organizations may be the subject of another report.