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February 04, 2016
Will This Sign Stop Geoengineering in Your Town?

I noticed there is not as much spraying while I'm holding the sign below in Boston & Cambridge. I'm almost certain that it has decreased at these locations when I'm there.


I first observed this in early August of 2015, when I started alerting swarmers to the chemicals being dropped on them. From that point forward, the spraying diminished in those areas.

Now, whenever I notice stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI), while holding the sign among a crowd of people, I usually speak a variation of these phrases:

This is an excerpt from the 08/29/15 entry of my journal:

"For about the last month I've noticed a definite decrease in SAI at the following places, while holding the sign: Austin & Main; Chelsea & Main; Charlestown Ave & McGrath Hwy; First & Cambridge; Boylston & Dartmouth; Park & Tremont; Winter & Washington. This includes all of the places I hold my sign. In the past I noticed they were spraying when I had the sign visible, & didn't attempt to illustrate it [the spraying]. Eventually I started to point at the sky. About a month or so ago, I began speaking to the swarmers, asking them if they were wondering why they were all sick, & what they thought was being dropped on them right then. I think those directing the SAI altered their schedules, so there is now no spraying at those times, in those places. Either that or they are dropping the chemicals from a higher altitude."

This has not completely stopped the spraying. Yet, it seems to have at least reduced it during the times I'm in those areas.

On many days that I hold the sign, there is no visible spraying at all. It's possible they are dropping the poison from a higher altitude.

I've also seen planes that were spraying at a distance, stop spraying while directly overhead, then start spraying again after they passed.

I wonder if the SAI schedule has been altered in those areas I occupy?

Those monitoring these areas of operation (AO) are observing this. I think some of them are wondering why their kids are sick with diabetes & autism.

The difficulties I experienced creating this sign can be seen here. Unfortunately I "lost" the sign on the morning of January 29, 2016.

I will be making another one.