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July 2, 2014 Update

For over a month I've been holding the 2x4 foot sign below in Boston & Somerville. This is a summary of my experience so far.


I've held other signs that convey messages which I think are relevant to the state of affairs. This is a description of the one I'm currently showing.

It would be beneficial to learn of the difficulties I had making this sign. I think that some of these problems were arranged to deter me.

The first place I visited in Boston to have it laminated was closed. The same day, I went to Sir Speedy on Boylston Street, that was much too expensive.

After that, I went to the FedEx on Dartmouth Street. Rather than perform the task, they repeatedly asked if I was sure that I wanted to have it done, even though I told them to laminate it multiple times. They basically refused me service.

During another visit to Boston, I went to the FedEx on Tremont Street, where they could not accommodate a sign that big. Immediately after, I traveled to the FedEx on Center Plaza, where I was impeded by the clerk. Despite this, I ordered the lamination.

The next trip into Boston to get the laminated sign occurred a few days later. At that time during a swarm I was "accidentally" physically assaulted by a citizen on Cambridge Street near the store.

Upon leaving the store with the sign, a situation was created where a collision occurred with people entering the store. This resulted in an angry woman creating a public scene while running after me & screaming on Cambridge Street.

I can't be sure that all of these difficulties were deliberately arranged. However, as you can see, preparing this illustration has been quite troublesome.

Upon observation I noticed that it was damaged. The words on one side are partially shrouded because the lamination is peeling off.

What follows is an explanation of my experiences holding the sign in Somerville, Charlestown, & Back Bay.

Even at times when the areas are not crowded, there is a steady stream of people swarming me. One method of intimidation includes a type of faint collision, where they approach me within inches. These offenses are supported by threatening phrases uttered on cell phones.

Some people have attempted to lure me into arguments. This has happened multiple times on the same day at the same location. In Charlestown, for instance, after I ignored some antagonistic adults, they used children to taunt me & throw things at my sign.

The almost constant commotion includes a fleet of loud civilian & commercial vehicles, police & ambulance sirens, youths slamming skateboards, yelling, & other types of noise.

While all of this is happening, my back, arms, shoulders, & hands are hit with directed-energy. My throat is burned. At these times I experience painful muscle contractions in my hands. Allegedly, these invisible attacks to my arms & torso are done to persuade me to lower the sign & ultimately cease my activities.