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January 29, 2016
Probable Theft of Geoengineering & 911 Truth Sign

My geoengineering sign was probably stolen on a red line train going to Harvard Station.

I just finished holding it at the usual places in Boston, from 8-10AM. When I placed my backpack down to unfold the sign outside of Harvard Station, I noticed it was gone.


I've had this sign since July of 2014. This has never happened.

It was rolled-up & attached to my backpack horizontally with loops that typically secure it well.

The loops remain affixed to the pack, which means the sign had to have slid out of both loops. It is unlikely that this happened naturally.

Sometimes it shifts within the loops during my travels, or from people colliding with me on trains. When that happens, one of the loops slides from the end of the sign, toward the center. This causes the sign to hang off the backpack vertically, yet still held by both loops.

Usually, however, it remains secured to my backpack horizontally.

The heist occurred in a small area at the end of the of train, where I was surrounded by swarmers. One person in a noisy group to my front-left "accidentally" hit my backpack walking back & forth.

In addition to the obvious disturbance, I noticed there was an occasional rubbing sensation in back of me. I figured it was just another person antagonizing me.

The commotion seems to have been a diversion tactic, while the person standing in back of me carefully unfastened the sign.