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Scouting New Camp Along Fellsway East
May 12, 2018

This report describes my experience looking for a new camp on both sides of Fellsway East, in Stoneham/Melrose, between 9AM & 1140AM, on May 02, 2018.

Multiple tactics were used to discourage me from scouting the area, including Show of Force Operations (SOFO), civilian warfighters, & directed-energy.

About a minute before walking into the east-side woods, a state police cruiser drove past me, just as I approached a dead raccoon.

While surveying on the east side, I noticed two citizens. One was dressed in red & black. The other stopped in an area that I was considering, seemingly to deter me from using it. The same tactic was used in Boston & Santa Monica.

There was an increase in persistent directed-energy attacks, including burns to my throat & sharp pains to my inner ears.

Although there was some trash along the edge near the highway, for the most part the place was clean, with very little signs of occupation 1/4 mile into the woods.

In addition, there wasn't much noise. Some exceptions included helicopters & planes. There were loud vehicles on the Fellsway once in a while. However, the occasional noise from these moving vehicles was nothing compared to the near-constant acoustic attacks at the Mystic River.

At 1010AM a police helicopter flew overhead.


After crossing the Fellsway to the west side another police helicopter flew directly overhead.


Other than the aerial nodes & infrequent vehicular noise that is normal, the place was peaceful. In fact, I noted multiple times that the whole area was actually quiet.

There is minimal human activity, noise, & trash.

There are no landscaping or construction projects along this part of Fellsway East, extending out to the corners of East Border Road.

Except for the two stalkers & aerial nodes, the whole area that I explored was serene.

The exact spots that I selected on both sides of the Fellsway are unoccupied & basically clean.