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Forced to Leave Mystic River Camp
May 01, 2018

I will be leaving my camp along the Mystic River in Medford, MA. On the 29th of April I discovered that my sleeping bag & some other items were stolen. About a month ago I noticed that some tools were missing.

These are area denial tactics used by the Department of Defense (DOD). Before this, they tried all of the regular methods to deter me from using the area. Here are some excerpts from my attack log:

07/18/17. Usual stalking on way to Mystic River. I arrived to find that some animal tore open the bag of food. About 2 minutes later the flashlight battery drained. About 20 minutes later I walked up to sleeping area to find that my sleeping bag was infested with a colony of ants. [Note: Sleeping area is close to the Mystic Valley Parkway, while living area is near the river.] After aerating the sleeping bag, I brought it down to the living area to make sure I removed all the ants. Then I noticed the handle on the lantern was broken. It was simple to fix. Later I noticed multiple punctures in the bivy.

11/02/17. 7AM. Even though I slept for 4 or 5 hours last night, it was not a restful sleep. I started meditating with front torso against mat to minimize usual attacks. Then pins started. [Note: The sensation of pins stuck in my skin is induced with directed-energy.] Prevented from sleeping because of pain & noise. ... Woke up about 6am to pain & noise. A helicopter flew overhead. 2PM. It has been recurrent noise most of the day, with frequent spikes of reverberating vehicles. Now [my] torso [is] attacked with directed-energy. Early in morning [when] attempting to meditate there was the same [directed-energy attack]. 4-5PM. While eating supper [I was] crunched over from attacks. 740PM. Removal of headphones a minute ago was synchronized with sirens on [Mystic Valley Parkway] near Route 93. Earlier in evening, during agreement revocations, there were sirens on [Mystic Valley Parkway] near Mystic Avenue. Crunched down during agreement revocations because of directed-energy.

11/15/17. The top of my head is being burned. My right shoulder is also attacked to deter me from recording this. [There was] engine revving while getting ready at sleeping area. Now I can year the loud vehicles patrolling Route 93 & Mystic Valley Parkway.

11/16/17. 725PM. During 15 minutes at sleeping area. Multiple rumbling exhausts on Route 93. [A total of] 5 planes [flew over]. Two engines [were revved] on Mystic Valley Parkway [parallel to my camp]. Right before I put headphones in [there was] another loud vehicle on Mystic Valley Parkway. Now even with headphones I can hear the rumbling.

11/29/17. 225PM. For the last 5 minutes there have been fire engine sirens, in addition to the engine revving, & frequent jet plane visitations. About an hour ago there was one plane about every 2 minutes. Some passing directly above. These are the same large white-silver jets, with one engine on each wing. One was colored, although [it] seemed to be the same design. I was able to mostly observed the side of a white one, to find no commercial logos or lettering. None of these seem to be commercial jets. 240PM. I just took another 10-minute sample [audio recording] of the overhead flights that have been occurring all day. While this [happened there were] thunderous exhausts on Mystic Valley Parkway & Route 93. This included a total of 5 [planes], one helicopter, & 4 of the same jet planes (one with blue stripe underneath). ... They approached from the direction of Boston, [&] flew over the area. After the first one went by, (& possibly before it was out of site), a helicopter flew in the opposite direction. A minute later [there was] another jet. Two minutes after that, another jet. Less than 4 minutes later another jet. All jets approached from the same direction. On most days this is so. While writing this sentence they continue to fly over the area.

Helicopter Plane Plane Plane

12/07/17. Another night of brutal torture. I may have gotten to sleep around 4am & woke up about 6am. In that period I didn't really sleep. [While] getting gear together at sleeping area there was the usual acoustic attacks, [composed of] weaponized vehicles patrolling [Mystic Valley Parkway] & Route 93.

12/01/17. 6AM. Sirens while walking up to sleeping area last night. During the 15 minutes [that] I was preparing for sleep, there was a total of 5 instances of sirens, along with other acoustic attacks from the DOD's mobile weapon platforms patrolling [Mystic Valley Parkway]. Kept awake with torture, consisting of a dull pain to my intestines. Was finally able to sleep OK. Woke up about 6am. Low-flying helicopter flew over. 920AM. So far it has been the typical thunderous mobile weapon platforms patrolling [Mystic Valley Parkway]. If I record these acoustic attacks, they will probably decrease in frequency & intensity. Earlier I took pics of some planes & a red helicopter. The same medium-sized white-silver planes, some with [a] blue stripe underneath. These planes that have no commercial logos. [They] have no line of windows on the side of the fuselage. This seems to confirm that they are not passenger jets. 1020AM. When I recorded the noise from 10AM to 1010AM there was a noticeable decrease in the frequency & intensity. About a minute after I stopped recording, there were sirens. 1PM. [When I] attempted to take pic of dark helicopter [the] cell phone did not turn on when power button was pressed. 225PM. Earlier in day I noticed there weren't as many aircraft when I had camera app ready on cell phone. For the last 10 minutes I noticed an increase. 2 helicopters flew overhead in the span of 5 minutes. One was black & red. The other was dark. Then there was the usual medium white jets with no windows.

Helicopter Helicopter Plane Plane

I might still be able to use this area once in a while. However, they will continue to steal my gear until I leave. I have to find another place. There are some possibilities in area that I'll be exploring soon.