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Day of Area Denial in Charlestown & Somerville
June 27, 2017

Blocked from Occupying Places in Charlestown & Somerville

On the morning of 06/25/17 I arrived at the spot in Somerville, along the tracks, that I was previously blocked from using. Last Wednesday, when I walked past it, to the area under the bridge where I've been staying, that I described on 06/20/17, I noticed there was no one there. It appeared to be unoccupied on Thursday as well.

I checked it again on the evening of 06/24/17. The clothes hanging outside the tent since Wednesday were unmoved after an instance of rain. The tent had no occupants. There was no one around. It seems that was the situation for days, possibly a week or more.

So, on the morning of 06/25/17 I took the tent down & removed the trash left by the area denial crew.

Around 11AM I noticed some citizens concealed in a bush about 50 feet away. After observing them, I took down the tarp that I pitched, & traveled to a secluded highway area, near Rutherford Avenue in Charlestown.

I checked this place out early in the morning on 06/22/17. There was no construction project underway, & no one in that area.

However, when I arrived there at about 1210PM on 06/25/17, I noticed a man lying down in the brush. I decided to go.

Highway Area

When I turned around & started walking away, an ambulance driving nearby sounded its siren. This occurred almost when the vehicle was aligned with me.

Then I looked in the direction from which I approached, to see a vehicle blocking my path. Walking toward the blockade there were more sirens. Secluded Highway Area

So, there was the first area denial tactic using the man. Then the synchronized acoustics with the ambulance, to confirm the area denial tactic. Right after that, I noticed the blockade on the walkway.

This blockade was formed by a vehicle, driven by a city worker who just happened to show up to this virtually unused area, moments after I did, on a Sunday. Then, to confirm the blockade, there were sirens.

I wouldn't be surprised if the homeless man in the secluded area, & the others in the wooded area along the tracks, were directed by the C4ISR system via synthetic telepathy, to appear at those places earlier that day or the night before, for area denial. I noticed a similar tactic in Santa Monica.

Whatever the case, those places are unavailable. After the area denial near Rutherford Avenue, I walked back to the wooded area in Somerville, along the tracks, to stay under the bridge.

It was maybe an hour or so before an MBTA employee approached me on the other side of the fence to ask what I was doing. She said the area was MBTA property. I left minutes later & walked back down the tracks, onto a road that is traveled mostly by industrial workers.

Kicked Out of Sleeping Area in Charlestown

At about 4PM I approached the industrial area, & turned toward Rutherford Avenue into a parking lot, to see if there were any secluded spots to use during the day. This was near an area that I was previously expelled from.

When I returned to the road, a Transit Police officer approached me on foot.

He took my license & did a check. Another officer arrived moments later.

The officer that did the check said that the entire road was off limits, including my sleeping area. He said he wasn't going to arrest me.

Both of them ethically directed the encounter.


So, on this day I was blocked from occupying two spots. Then I was kicked out of another & my sleeping area. The whole episode included the MBTA, regular citizens, police, EMS, & a city worker. I've determined that a global C4ISR system synchronizes the movements of civilian resources, making them a unified fighting force.