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December 15, 2016

[Updated: 12/17/16]

The computer that I described in this post arrived in the last week of November with a dysfunctional clickpad.

Over the course of 2 days I attempted to repair it. During that time, the internet forums that I viewed for technical solutions were replete with with PsyOp products. The MNF used this form of communication to let me know they were blocking my attempts to fix it. The products were used to mock me.

The event was synchronized with a malfunctioning android device & MP3 player. So, at that time I was listening to a damaged MP3 player, while trying to find a solution for a ruined android phone, using a new computer with a damaged clickpad.

Because of my previous experience attempting to fix a failing keyboard, I decided to return the laptop. That was when the next phase of the "fun" began.

After encountering some difficulty returning the item online, on November 25th, I contacted a Sears representative via chat, who told me to send a message to the seller. On that day I left the first message for the seller on the Sears Messaging System.

Because I did not hear back from them, I sent them another message on the 28th.

On 11/29/16 I chatted with a Sears representative via online chat. They told me they'd talk to the seller to who would contact me within 48 hours.

I still did't hear back from them.

The seller finally sent me a message on 11/30/16, telling me it would be an additional 48 hours before I received a return label.

I waited until December 1st. Then, at the Somerville Public Library, I attempted to send an email to multiple Sears employees, as well as the seller. Right before I sent the message, my computer froze. Prior to that, it locked up multiple times. When this happened, there was a citizen lingering in back of me stomping their feet, while a PsyOp product (threat) was sent through my Yahoo email.

Nearly a week passed & there was still no response in the Sears Messaging Center. I received no reply to my email from Sears or the seller. No label was sent.

My effort to call the seller on December 6th was temporarily impeded by errors on my cell phone. I was able to get through & leave a message.

They did not respond.

Eventually Sears & the seller replied to my email on December 7th with the return label.

I noted on 12/04/16: "Since I've been attempting to contact Sears & the seller of the sabotaged laptop for a return, they have been ignoring me. It has frequently been communicated to me that this is being done on purpose. There is also the transmission of scenarios & thoughts of this situation [into my brain]. These are done often. When they occur they are pelted into my mind. I recognize them as obvious intrusions. In combination with these mental intrusions [there are] pulses of disgust & anger."

It is possible that they attempted to contact me & their messages were deflected or deleted.

After nearly two weeks I finally received the label. When I tried to open the file there were errors (PsyOp). Simply copying the file to a USB drive took almost 1/2 hour because of partition errors.

From ordering, to Linux installation, to returning, I was blocked at every phrase, while being laughed at & mocked. This included: PsyOp products on forums & emails; computer crashes at specific times; malfunctioning internet apps; vendor ignoring my messages.

This was arranged to make the entire experience as grueling as possible.

Other new & refurbished computers that I ordered arrived damaged. They delayed the delivery of these machines; sent them with the wrong hardware; physically damaged keyboards & clickpads; & one had a blemished LCD.

The sabotage of my computers, from hardware to the internet level, has been unceasingly ferocious.

Now I'm using the same laptop with the hijacked keyboard. This laptop frequently locks up when viewing a phrase or logo that is intended to convey a message.

There is a noticeable delay with every keystroke. My typing time has almost quadrupled. Each keystroke is obviously being captured & rerouted to another computer, where it is altered. Then, it is sent back to my PC, & displayed on the screen. Nearly every word is misspelled.

The "misspellings" form logical words that are used as a form of communication by someone who has hijacked the keyboard. They are probably psychopaths. Their use of this technology for computer network operations (CNO) is childish. They comment on anything occurring in the environment, & frequently mock me.