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January 24, 2016

[Updated: 01/25/16]

Since the start of my recurrent homelessness (October 2011) I've been visiting my mother's apartment at least twice per week. Usually on Tuesdays & Saturdays I was able to stay until about 7 PM. Some weeks I visited more often. I was able to stay overnight 10 times each year.

There, I got things done that were difficult to do out in the public warzone. I could make meals & obtain supplies to prepare myself for the time I was outside. Using enemas, I was able to make bowel movements. I also took showers & kept warm.

Unfortunately, that place is not an option for me anymore. Basically, I'm being kicked out. In a future report I'll describe what happened. I might be able to visit for another month, maybe until the end of February. Then, occasional visitations should be possible. However, it is no longer a reliable refuge. I have to find another place.

The usual scenario when I obtain work-for-rent housing, includes an electronically handled host. They use these people to communicate to me that the housing is conditional; it depends on my submission.

I'm a very reasonable person. Under normal conditions I'm easy to get along with. However, this has nothing to do with work quality or etiquette.

When I refuse to submit, they have these people virtually kick me out by repeatedly creating confrontations. Then, I wasted time & money.

Based on my experience, the situation that works for an extended period, is one where I'm on my own most of the time.

Housing with others in close proximity is not a realistic long-term option. Because THEY perceive me as a substantial danger, this includes other TIs, who will be brought under their electronic control when I'm around them.

The best environment is one where I do not interact with others nearby on a regular basis.

I'm looking for either a low-rent studio apartment or cabin in a rural area. I've also been seeking a caretaker position on rural property.

So far, I've been looking in New England states. However, for the right opportunity, I'd be interested in other areas.

If I am blocked from finding adequate housing, I'll be joining another YMCA in Boston or Somerville. If what the've done in the past is any clue as to what I can expect, here is what will happen: They'll try to prevent me from joining (they are already doing this). If I'm able to obtain a membership, they'll use the custodians, security guards, employees, & members to antagonize me. Their tactics will include: crowding, physical attack, noise, & PsyOp. If the terror fails, they will stage a confrontation to kick me out. I'll be recording all of this.

My mother, (who is under their electronic control whenever I'm around her), has purchased my gear & personal items for the last 4 years. She has also provided me with money each week that I'd use to purchase the necessities while outside.

Every couple of months or so, I would be given additional money, that I would use for a variety of purposes, including: non-critical personal items that make my life easier; electronic equipment; services & products for my work; & personal development.

They have cut-off this portion of my finances since the summer of 2015. Using PsyOp themes, they have often told me that it is because of my refusal to submit. My finances are carefully controlled.

I have not received much in donations for a half a year. They are blocking my efforts to earn money.

The computer that I now use is an old netbook with a faulty keyboard & mouse. In July of 2015 I ordered a new (refurbished) laptop. It arrived with the wrong battery, & a slightly defective mousepad. The keyboard chronically malfunctioned. It didn't have a warranty. After trying to fix it for about a month I threw it away.

For the last 6 months I've been using that same old netbook with the failing keyboard & mouse. I borrowed a relative's computer to make the first New World War documentary.

I will need donations (financial & material) to obtain long-term housing & sustain infrastructure.

Your donations are now appreciated. Before you do, please read the donation guidelines, that have been recently updated.