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November 17, 2016

On the 15th of November I recorded the documentary that I'll soon be placing on YouTube. There has been an increase in CNO & other attacks. Recently, the MNF started a maintenance project directly across the small road outside my sleeping area, near the BHCC stop, on the MBTA Orange Line. It seems the flashing lights, loud machines, & beeping, along with directed-energy attacks, are intended to disrupt my sleep.

Yesterday, the MNF launched another maintenance project right outside my mother's apartment building, that allowed for a protracted disturbance, while I was editing the documentary. It was a day of commotion, directed-energy attack, & computer sabotage. To intensify the noise campaign, they used sirens, thunderous exhaust systems, & engine revving, as well as door slamming from nearby apartments. Noise & flickering lights were both synchronized with instances of computer sabotage. I had to shut the computer down twice, & restart the video editing application about a half a dozen times. None of that mattered because it still malfunctioned. The project files themselves were damaged; alterations that I made were undone.

This computer that I've been using for over a week belongs to a relative. The keyboard on mine was hijacked. It had a slow response time & generated misspellings on virtually every word. Another new computer is on its way. If what has happened before is any clue as to what I can expect, they will impede my efforts to properly configure it, perhaps for weeks. Even then, the peripherals may be impaired.

Other than that, it is all of the usual. Things are going well.