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The Subdued TI Leadership: Summary of a Coverup Crew
October 17, 2020

[Updated: November 14, 2020]

Introduction & Purpose

This is my opinion of the targeted individual (TI) movement leadership based on my observation over the past 15 years.(*)

My intention here is inform you that the TI community has not simply been infiltrated — it is outright controlled from the top & probably has been since its inception.(*)

The reason I wrote this report is to alert the public to my conclusion that most of the eminent TIs ushering the movement are following a script & do not have the freedom to do as they wish.

I think they are being directed by artificial intelligence (AI) to interact with TIs, the greater resistance, elected officials, & the public in a manner that distorts information pertaining to this phenomenon.

I've determined that these people are part of a meticulously-designed international entrapment network that is obviously a major-league project.

Before releasing this report I thought carefully about what I wanted to achieve.

I did not want this to be another accusatory piece. There is already substantial finger-pointing in the TI community.

My goal is to reveal what I've learned without unnecessarily amplifying the existing chaos.

That was difficult to do because sometimes accurately describing a situation as you understand it requires details that portray certain people in an unfavorable way.

Unpublished Reports

Sometimes I'll start a writing a report or documentary & decide not to complete it. Lots of my writing on this & other topics has not yet been published.

Before explaining my point of view in more detail, I'll give a summary of what I noticed about a half a decade ago that was to be revealed in a documentary & article, that were never published.

Unpublished Report on TI Movement

In 2013/2014 I studied material furnished by some renowned groups within the TI community; organizations that you'd find on the first page of a search engine using keywords commonly attributed to this program.(*)

These TI groups claimed that the campaign was run by extremists & promoted a book entitled, Cause Stalking in America.(*) This I found concerning because by that time there was plenty of government & think tank reports that proved to me beyond doubt that the TI program was a military-federal venture.

Several of these groups advised working with elected officials (who are completely aware of this) & the United Nations (UN). To me this seemed dubious because I discovered that the UN is a front group for the criminals who are directing the TI program.

One TI group posted Credibility Reviews for books, articles, & websites.

Detecting the hidden hand, I noted this was THEIR attempt to establish a facade of authority for information control.

Here is an excerpt from a rough draft of that unpublished report:

"While researching information [on] how the truth [resistance] movement has been providing cover for the New World War I found some disturbing information regarding the emerging TI movement."

"[I observed] an early attempt to establish [ostensibly] credible institutions in order to prepare for what will probably be a tremendous influx of new TIs. I think these groups are being used to misdirect people. They are ... misleading their audience regarding the scope of this system & who is responsible."

"[This is] not simply a difference of opinion on a few minor issues. They are being used to suppress information & impede progress to stop this."

"I'm certain at this time that both groups [TI & overall resistance] are controlled. They may be used to discredit those who are really exposing this & trying to stop it."

"We can expect a fake patriot movement working with a fake TI movement, elected officials... They are deliberately keeping their people confined to a small outlook by withholding information which would drastically alter how they perceive this. I wish I could say that my work correlates with theirs but it doesn't."

"This is no extremist group. This is not a rogue group that has stolen directed-energy weapons from the DOD."

"[Much documentation] says that there is a new enemy living among the people who will be attacked with PsyOp & directed-energy weapons. Yet they appear to be grasping for information to prove that this exists &/or the governments are responsible."

"They [seem] to be establishing information dominance & the appearance of legitimacy in order to suppress other information. I've seen the exact same [tactic used] in the medical system with their peer groups & professional societies. With the TI community this appears to be in its early phase."

"I guess they're preparing for the inevitable influx of people [who] start to realize they are under attack. They seem to have selected several of these individuals [TI managers] & groups to interact with [the] public."

"I can't blame them for going along with this in exchange for a reduction in attack. I have also been told that I could have a reduction & still continue my work in some manner. I have no problem with any of these individuals personally. I learned from them when I found out I was being attacked. [However], I find it difficult to believe that they have not progressed in their understanding of this as myself & others have."

Morphogenetic Field

In 2015 I noticed that a major breakthrough had occurred in the TI realm. The awareness of this program had been raised to a higher level; it was the start of a new era with marvelous possibilities.

I was going to release a video describing what I thought happened. Although that video was never posted, I wrote an outline of my message that was composed of two parts: congratulations & caution.(*)

Regarding the first part, I was going to say that due to the combined efforts of some pioneers a symbol for the targeting phenomenon had been established in the collective unconscious. This, I speculated, was the creation of what some call a morphogenetic field (M-Field) or archetype.

Exactly when this happened I don't know. I guess between 2012-2014.

Although this program would still be denied in some societal quarters, anyone seeking to explain it had the information to prove its existence to an unbiased person.

I thought this was a monumental victory that may have gone unnoticed.

From what I understand this archetype can't be removed. However, it can be altered & its energy can be harnessed.

The detrimental use of this newly established M-Field was the topic of the second part of my video. It involved a probable scenario concerning an effort to steer its energy.

THEY were already carefully monitoring & controlling the TI movement, so if this breakthrough occurred they were surely aware of it.

Based on their knowledge of the higher sciences & history of guiding movements, I speculated they would harness this force that could no longer be suppressed.

They would be directing every phase of this liberating battle that would be a pale copy of what it could have been.

I supposed this would be accomplished by AI eHandling people that they selected. I was also going to say that this disclosure would extend to the greater resistance that covered up this horror & was also under their control.

My closing statement was that I would not be part of this counterfeit disclosure; rather, I would be aligned with more subtle yet genuine forces.

"With few exceptions I will not work with any organization that will start to report this. Nor will I participate in any fact-finding mission involving governmental, nongovernmental, international, political, or independent groups."(*)

Based on my personal situation & observation of the environment in which this fictitious disclosure was to occur, I thought my best contribution would be from the outside.

Suspicious Institutions

I consider these organizations to be untrustworthy:

The leaders of these units & notorious people who are aligned with them are repeating basically the same contorted message in books, websites, podcasts, newsletters, interviews, & video presentations.

It seems to me these groups are really different icons of one self-promoting organization.(*) From my research over the years I've learned this is how THEY work.

The comprehensive link reciprocation within this network forms a very effective cage.

Anyone trying to study this subject who encounters one of these frontpieces will probably get stuck in a bubble of diluted data.

This is not a natural configuration.

I have no doubt that this closed-loop system was carefully designed to protect the program.

Their Version of the TI Program

These are some attributes that I've detected among the prominent groups & people that I've found to be managed by the system:

A combination of these views would cause gross perceptual distortion to any researchers. I'm sure that's by design.(*)

If a TI group or individual expresses many or most of these traits then I'm certain they are forgeries.(*)

Questionable Personal Targeting Stories

The description of personal attacks reported by some high-profile TI leaders that I observed are inconsistent with what I'd consider to be fierce targeting. In addition, their life situations do not portray them as being under formidable attack.

There are small yet significant details that they are leaving out of their personal stories that anyone under heavy attack would have experienced. I think they would have reported these dynamic phenomena that would have restrained their endeavors.(*)

What I figure happened is they included the more obvious symptoms of targeting in their stories while omitting important details that anyone under potent attack would know about.

Furthermore, I suspect that unique adverse events would have been projected into their micro-managed life conditions, so that baleful situational factors would have been inevitable.

Yet, from what I've observed they have conveniently detoured these difficult conditions that I think anyone under serious attack would have experienced.

Some have made claims that they've been able to temporarily or permanently escape persecution & directed-energy strikes using methods that I don't think would be effective due to constant surveillance & the redundancy of weapons platforms.

Their account of the TI program (described in the previous chapter) is also inconsistent with my research & direct experience.

Situational Characteristics of Reputable TIs

I've noticed these situational factors surrounding most leading TI groups & people that I observed:

Misdirection of Archetypal Energy

The way I see it, the energetic patterns — the framework for the next level — had already been created.

It was a done deal.

THEY knew they could no longer use their institutions to censor information about this mysterious warform.

Even though they were running the TI movement from the start, I think a company of high-profile misdirectors appeared on the scene starting around 2015.

They were probably furnished with suitable cover stories & sent in to work with the existing perception managers in order to guide the next phase of the coverup.

I think of them as a band of thieves.

Although they operate in a favorable environment resulting from this newly established archetype, I don't think they had much to do with the formation of this crucial energetic structure that paved the way for the current era.

True Liberation

It's obvious to me that the figureheads who ostensibly direct the TI movement were selected by the system & do not have the freedom to stop the targeting program.

Their strategy for liberation will fail because it is based on deliberately omitted & bogus data. What they are doing to stop the targeting program is a mere show & they know it.

Real liberation, in my estimation, requires accurately classifying this phenomenon, truthfully describing its expression, & talking about its C4ISR enabler.

It appears these people have not shown the ability to do this.

The contributions that some of them have made I think is arranged so they can maintain a guise of legitimacy.(*)

However, their controllers are quite stingy with the information they allow them to release. For instance, they've been using the line about former federal agents running the program for over a decade.

The occasional morsels of good information they release (that are amplified as "progress" in the theater) are negligible considering their zealous rejection of impactful data & overall derailment of freedom.

While some of them did make contributions, others have done little, yet are receiving what I've found to be synthetic praise in the resistance, that is directed by their commissioners.

Legitimacy Boosting

The way I see it the leading division of the TI movement includes people who make negligible contributions, are not accurately describing this program, may not be targeted much or at all, & are actually interfering with real liberation.

How could they have attained leadership status?

Over the years I've noticed within the general resistance what appears to be traces of synthetic legitimacy granting.

I've detected hints of fakery concerning the build-up of certain groups & individuals.

People who have made insignificant contributions & risked little are portrayed as brave heroes by squads of cheerleaders & the independent media.

Here is how I think it works: They are using legitimacy-boosters (people under the system's instantaneous control) to "certify" these phony leaders & embellish their contributions.

When alerted by the system these credibility amplifiers exaggerate the contributions made by fake commanders.(*)

They include crowds of cheerleaders in the TI community, independent media, & acclaimed individuals belonging to other resistance factions, who project "their" opinions on various platforms.

From what I've observed this appears to include tailored statistics on Twitter, YouTube, & probably other social media.(*)

Conversely, this mechanism that spans the human & technological realms blacklists the work of those who have not submitted to the system & who are dispensing unauthorized information.

Summary of TI Leader Characteristics

My impression is that most of the figureheads leading the TI movement have surrendered to the electronic monster & are knowingly receiving instructions via synthetic telepathy for the implementation of a confinement protocol.(*)

Here's a summary of what I discovered about most of the salient TI groups & people that I observed:

These people are not mistaken or incompetent. They include seasoned TIs, lawyers, psychologists, scientists, federal whistleblowers, medical doctors, & PhDs.

If the resistance movement was for real then they would not have achieved their status. They were tossed into these positions by the system that they submitted to & formed a contract with. They are not real leaders.

Based on my observations of their targeting stories, description of this horror, & situational factors, I gather that these people were allowed (& probably encouraged) to do certain things without much trouble in order to boost their credibility, so they could be used to misdirect archetypal energies that could have been employed for a liberating purpose.

I do not consider them to be credible or trustworthy.(*)

Furthermore, I don't think they endured what they said they did. If I'm right then they are being dishonest with their illustration of the program as well as their personal experience with it.

They are also implying that they kept their freedom from the system when their actions tell me a different story.

What they are doing is considerably unethical.

As far as why they would agree to deceive others, there may be a variety of reasons.(*)


I have no doubt that the visible TI resistance is very carefully observed & meticulously controlled by the same criminals who are running the targeting campaign.

I surmise the AI/C4ISR system is frequently broadcasting marching orders to the figureheads of premier TI groups & websites based on recurrent monitoring of the situation.

By directly & instantaneously eHandling these people I'm certain THEY have precision control of the TI movement.

This is THEIR TI establishment. I detect their fingerprints all over it.

I knew they'd be running it; that's why I'm not part of its leadership.

Once more, I think the metaphor of a theater is appropriate, with a stage, actors, props, lighting, & audience — all controlled to some extent by a hidden director — AI.


* This article is the first in a series of how the TI leadership is compromised & is being used to mislead the public & those under attack, postpone liberation, & damage the credibility of the TI community. Some of the claims I've made here will be expanded on with sources in future reports. Although I've been in contact with certain TIs, for the most part I distanced myself from the official TI movement. In my 2008 book, The Hidden Evil: The Financial Elite's Covert War Against The Civilian Population, I wrote in the Support Groups subchapter that the security forces were using blackmailed & subdued TI leaders to steer TI organizations. The Series Overview part of my November 2015 documentary included a statement that the coverup of the TI program included NGOs, independent media, elected officials, & the emerging TI movement.

* If they've been setting up & running these groups from the start then perhaps "infiltration" isn't the best description. Maybe "installment of operatives into an existing program" is a better one.

* Some of the groups that I examined include:
Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (defunct)
Mind Justice
CATCH (defunct)
Multistalker Victims (defunct)
Wise TI
Anti-Gangstalking Network
OSNANAIMO (defunct)
Organized Stalking Informers (defunct)
International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies
Note: I have two text files that contain this article; one with an access date of November 2013, the other is November 2014. So, I don't know exactly when it was written. Although I didn't examine it, StopOS (defunct) was frequently listed by these groups & was probably part of the quarantine. StopOS & Mind Justice were used as sources in my first book on this subject.

* The book Cause Stalking in America (previous title Terrorist Stalking in America) is the classic disinfo piece on targeting. I referenced this book in a 2006 report before realizing that it was a deception. Other misleading books on this topic that are vigorously promoted by the coverup crew will be examined in another article.

* The working title was Archetype Created in the Collective Unconscious. I don't remember the exact time I wrote it; sometime in 2015, or at the latest 2016. 2015 is listed here because that's when I think it was written.

* In May of 2017 I posted a brief update named, Unconnected to Major TI Initiative, saying that the TI program was probably going to explode onto the scene, & that I would not participate in any venture involving prominent TI & human rights groups, independent media, NGOs, & investigative committees.

* These are some notable institutions that form this vast coverup initiative. There are more & additional ones will probably spring up. If they are disbanded then others will take their place.

* I think they probably know yet have been forbidden by the AI that is eHandling them to mention certain terms as part of the deal they cut with the system.

* The groups composing this informational fence are circulating fallacious propositions regarding who is responsible for this program, who participates, the number of citizens involved, the weapons & tactics, & communications system. The fraudulent theory on the directing faction basically goes like this: Non-governmental criminals & former federal agents (or those posing as them) have hijacked satellites & directed-energy weapons from the DOD, & are using citizens drawn primarily from private investigation firms & extremist groups to persecute & torture TIs. This global extremist group — with a C2 structure that is limited to cell phones & hand signs — has conveniently evaded government, military, & law enforcement in every country that it operates. If you study the plethora of government & think tank literature pertaining to this topic then you may find such theories have little credence. The evidence that this program is completely government-sponsored is overwhelming. Please see two of my banned books: New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control & The Hidden Evil: The Financial Elite's Covert War Against The Civilian Population.

* According to my research & direct experience the infrastructure that supports the targeting program is the AI-enabled C4ISR — global information grid (GIG) — that is completely functional & has existed in some form for about a half a century. I've learned that this covert communications system, that establishes logical connections to human brains, is the primary facilitator of their crimes & oppression. Citizens everywhere are hostages to this system. For true disclosure & liberation this electronic monster that looms over society must be exposed.

* Selective terminology is critical for perception management that has to be maintained for successful detention. This will be described in a future report.

* Speculation is useful, especially when you are trying to disclose something important, yet don't have all the facts. This report includes much speculation. I try to let my audience know that I'm speculating by using phrases such as: I surmise; in my opinion; I speculate; it seems to me; I've determined; I think; etc. Some of these people are making proclamations as if they are verifiable truths without providing evidence.

* THEY release junk into the TI community by disguising it as compelling evidence. For example, videos discount the weapons & tactics that TIs are hit with out in public, & exhibit an impoverished version of what's happening in the streets, while portraying TIs as ignorant & offensive maniacs. These clips are cleverly disguised as "gang stalking evidence" documentaries. Additionally, it seems yet another coverup has been launched, probably to diffuse growing awareness that the TI program is maintained by C4ISR. Part of this new operation involves YouTube clips featuring "TIs" & "perps" who were kind enough to inform us that cell phones & hand signs are used for attack coordination, dispelling those unfounded rumors that the campaign is run by C4ISR.

* Another trait is their avoidance of my information. I could write an entire article on how the resistance (& specifically the TI movement) suppressed my work. With few exceptions the groups composing this ring of censorship will not mention my books, articles, website, or documentaries. Occasionally they include a report that I wrote 15 years ago, or misrepresent me. It's interesting that their material includes recent videos, books, & articles by their crew members, yet for my information they have a hyperlink to a defunct website (, or a report that I wrote 15 years ago when my knowledge of this subject was minimal.

* Severe targeting would encompass certain offense combinations & life scenarios that they would have included in their testimonies, in addition to reports on patterns in the targeting mechanism. Although I've documented my experience in detail I decided not to specifically list those clues in this report. I get the impression that some of these people are reading TI logs & mimicking the symptoms, as well as receiving instructions from the system on what to do.

* The C4ISR system that coordinates the attacks is relentless in its attempt to secretly recruit me. I reported this in October 2009 & January 2016, & alluded to it in September 2013 & other writings. Here is a quote from my November 2013 report: "It has been communicated to me on various occasions that I can continue my work in some capacity, under their control. I suspect this is an attempt to limit the information I am releasing. They have been trying to beat me into submission while I've been putting this together. I get the impression that they wanted me handled before I figured it out, because they knew my conclusion would be inconsistent with the sanitized version that the TI leaders are promoting." It is concerning that the people who visibly guide the TI movement are not candidly talking about the electronic beast that runs the TI program or its ceaseless effort to recruit them.

* These groups overlooked other critical issues that I've presented, including the global supercomputer that has ensnared the citizens, as well as the orchestrated destruction of Earth's biosphere.

* In the general resistance I've noticed what appears to be weaponized NLP & hypnosis. Messages conveying pedophilia, rape, pornography, & freemasonry are unmistakably intertwined with regular information in books, websites, talkshows, & presentations. I've noticed this AI has the personality of an unmasked psychopath (disturbed child). So it makes sense that those under its instantaneous control would be used to convey such pollution. In a future article I'll describe this topic in detail.

* These groups are making contributions. Even though I'm certain they are not accurately labeling or describing this program & will not stop it, they are raising awareness & providing TIs with emotional support. If your primary concern is connecting with others for support then they might be OK. I just wouldn't expect an accurate description of this issue or any true disclosure.

* The system's use of subdued people to foster legitimacy is probably ubiquitous throughout the resistance. In addition to perpetual recruitment attempts I've been told in no uncertain way (electronically & hinting by other TIs who have befriended me) that I should publicly endorse certain groups & people.

* I suspect this manufactured legitimacy includes fabricated praiseful reviews on Amazon & other bookseller podiums.

* I've noticed these figureheads also function as ambassadors to societal institutions & other departments in the controlled resistance, & can be employed for distraction, blacklisting, terminology banning, & legitimacy boosting. This will be the subject of another report.

* I do not consider most of the official TI organizations or renowned TIs who interact with them to be authentic. It is an honor to be excluded from their Suggested Reading & "credibility" lists, as well as their documentaries. I'm also grateful that they usually do not mention my work in their newsletters, websites, & talkshows. What this means to me is that a bunch of imposters have been forbidden by the system to mention my work because it disintegrates their coverup.

* Some may have been real TIs with positive intentions who struck a deal in order to receive a reduction in attacks. Others were probably shams from the start. As far as why they would agree to deceive people I speculate they have been "inspired" to do so in exchange for a decline in targeting, blackmail, or threats of death & severe injury. For the ethically challenged this would extend to financial & material gain. It has often been communicated to me that the attacks would be less potent, opportunities would not be blocked, my life situation would improve, & other rewards would be granted if I submitted to them & went along with certain things. I've been told that under these less difficult conditions I can mostly continue with my work that would be somewhat modified.