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BNSF Train Derailment was Probable Unconventional Warfare Attack
June 26, 2018

On Friday June 22, 2018 a BNSF train derailed in northwest Iowa, dumping 230,000 gallons of crude oil into floodwaters. The oil seeped into Rock River, that connects to the Big Sioux River. "Water supplies could be contaminated after crash in flooded Iowa," noted The Independent. Although the Big Sioux was already polluted, water supplies are now DEFINITELY contaminated.

Oil Spill

BNSF is owned by billionaire-eugenicist & Bilderberger Warren Buffett. Buffett is in league with other Bilderberg eugenicists, including Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, & Turner.

I will venture to say that this was an act of unconventional warfare (UW)—part of a terraformation/depopulation agenda.

The destruction of the environment to beat an enemy into submission is a known military tactic that has been used for thousands of years. Specific methods include polluting the air & soil, as well as spoiling the livestock, crops, & water supplies. Regarding the use of oil to ruin the environment, the LA Times noted: "[This has] in fact been under intense study for years by military strategists in a number of countries."

Oil is highly toxic, with a 1/1-million contamination ratio. That means one gallon contaminates one million gallons of water. Crude oil is a carcinogen that causes spontaneous abortion, birth defects, & cancer.

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