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May 09, 2016
Agreement Cancellation

I've been doing verbal agreement revocations since mid November of 2015. When I start these in the evenings at my sleeping area, my throat is usually burned almost immediately. Sometimes, it is a slight burning; just enough to make speaking uncomfortable. If I'm reading the words, my eyes are often burned.

During these directed-energy attacks, I hunch over with my hands covering the back of my neck or front of my throat. Walking around gives me a few seconds of relief.

I usually start the revocations with this phrase:

"Let all entities whom this message concerns hear me."

Occasionally, (when referring specifically to the astral parasites, negative ETs, & their psychopathic human minions), I include this:

"I recognize you as parasites with no authority over me."

This cancellation is for specific difficulties of my life situation:

"I perpetually reject the following, & revoke all agreements to experience the following: any type of physical abuse; psychic attack; mental & emotional attack; abduction; etheric implantation; physical implantation; torture; dream influence; a dualistic perception of reality; recruitment into the fake lightworker brigade; recruitment into the fake patriot movement; lack of abundance; health problems; financial difficulties; homelessness; isolation; communications disruption; directed-energy attack; & persecution."

Another basic contract revocation for my life situation:

"I forbid all entities to infringe on any form of my sovereign energy. I reject the etheric implant-devices & demand their immediate removal. I reject all forms torture & demand that it permanently stops immediately. I oppose the homelessness & persecution. I forbid all entities to interfere with my communications & housing situation in any way."

Here is another one, featuring the most critical conditions:

"I have a natural financial wealth that is part of my sovereign energy. This material wealth is essential to my existence. An organization of beings has actively prevented me from having it. They have used their resources to block my energetic streams of financial wealth from reaching me. They have attempted to make my life wretched by persecuting me with their obedient & powerless citizens; keeping me homeless; sabotaging my finances; & using their psychopathic minions to torture me with directed-energy weapons. I reject these artificial conditions of destitution. I reject the etheric implants. I reject the persecution. I reject the financial sabotage. I reject the homelessness. I reject isolation. I reject the torture."

The next two are often used in combination. The first uses a question:

First, I ask this question: "What agreements of any kind have been established between myself & any organization or entity that does not have my best interest in mind?" Then, I visualize paper contracts appearing in my mind's eye. I write "canceled" on them, & watch them disintegrate. Then, I proclaim: "All that have are permanently revoked."

"Whatever agreements exist between myself & any group or being that does not have my best interest in mind, are permanently canceled. I demand the complete & immediate removal of all forms of negative energy that are not part of my sovereign being. I demand the complete & immediate detachment of all etheric & astral implants & lifeforms."

This is for any agreements made while I was sleeping:

"I forever prohibit all entities from communicating with me in any way, while I'm awake or asleep, in an attempt to establish an agreement between myself & any group or being that does not have my best interest in mind. All agreements made under such conditions are resolutely canceled."

To proclaim to the astral parasites that they are forbidden to sap my energy, & take back what they took:

"I permanently revoke & uncreate, all agreements, of any kind, that I, or anyone else in this body, has ever made, consciously or unconsciously, with any entity that does not have my best interest in mind. In all of my incarnations, these are now abolished throughout all time, space, dimensions, & realities. All of the energy that was taken from me as a result of these agreements, based on coercion & deceit, is rightfully mine. Therefore, I demand that all of it is returned to me now. Furthermore, I announce that no entity ever has my permission to sap any of my energy."

To announce that the agreements are canceled forever, & my rejection of the energetic implants & astral parasites.

"I have permanently canceled all agreements between myself & any group or being that did not have my best interest in mind. Now, I demand the immediate detachment of all energetic implants & astral lifeforms, that those agreements bound to my sovereign self. I have rejected these intrusions in speech & action. If they are not immediately removed, then they remain against my free will."

These are modified versions of agreement cancellations found on &