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March 18, 2018

The Department of Defense persists in attacking me with directed-energy. The constant attacks have gotten worse since my last post.

Currently, I get about 2-4 hours sleep per night, sometimes 5, & rarely more. Usually at least once a week I get no sleep whatsoever.

After a night of ruthless torture I'm exhausted. Then the attacks continue during the day.

I have to rest often. Depending on my location, I may place myself on the floor to reduce the pain.

I've been staying at my mother's & sister's apartments, that are encircled by the DOD's acoustic fleet. The external commotion is supported by noise attacks within the apartments. Usually there is one person around to immediately respond to the AI system. The use of noise as a deterrent is often instantaneous, because the people around me are linked to the intelligence cycle. The acoustics are timed to deter me from following through with certain activities, such as editing a documentary or watching an educational video.

In addition to the internal & external noise, they have neighbors causing audible chaos. At my mother's apartment this includes door slamming & yelling in the hallway. The noise attacks at my sister's house are reinforced by the people upstairs, who stomp their feet & drag furniture around (sometimes until 2AM).

The apartments are prepared with traps & PsyOp products placed in specific areas that I use.

The environments are polluted with PsyOp products conveying messages of incest, pornography, rape, pedophilia, freemasonry, & satanism. This is surely a form of entertainment for the surveilling lowlifes, who are mentally comparable to sick young children.

Their debased themes continue on the internet.

Whenever I go outside, their defiled civilian army hurls satanic & freemasonic messages at me, during civil-military operations. From toddlers to seniors, they are linked to the system. They have accepted their position as slaves. They are on their hands & knees.

The freemason/satanists who run this global prison are doing all they can to covertly beat me into submission.

I get the impression that they are terrified. They regularly use the state's resources to throw temper tantrums.

Everything continues. I'm completing a set of documentaries on the satanic & freemasonic themes that are projected during civil-military operations.