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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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January 29, 2018

In this post I said that the directed-energy attacks were vicious. Indeed they are at this point. After a night of savage torture-induced sleep deprivation, there are no visible injuries.

I described in this report that I was at 70-80% of my mental & physical abilities. Now that the attacks have worsened, at times I'm probably at about 40% (or less). Often I'm sprawled out on the floor with chest down to minimize the pain to my mid torso.

I think I had some psychic abilities. They have been very careful to shut those down with the constant transmission of mental intrusions & directed-energy attack.

Whenever I meditate there is usually an onset or increase in attacks to painful levels to dissuade me.

They are expending an enormous amount of resources to physically, psychically, & mentally suppress me. I've noticed that this extends to the suppression of my work.

All the while they have been desperately trying to get me under their control. This has included attempts by TIs to persuade me to endorse &/or join certain organizations.

I have my freedom. It has cost me. Anyone who understands what this is about knows what that means. I have my freedom!

Although my progress has been somewhat impeded, my mental & physical exercises persist.

The citizens are still trying to murder me for their psychopathic master. I consider many of them to be well-dressed cowardly & obedient disgraces, on rudimentary levels of personal development.

There is evidence in developmental literature which suggests that in some cases obedience is due to unrefined brain physiology.

Many of these citizens appear to be biologically incapable of effective resistance as individuals.

It is no exaggeration to say that they are disabled.