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Inferred Message to Depart Campsite in White Mountain National Forest
June 24, 2017

On June 15 at about 11AM a Lincoln Police officer appeared at the camp in the White Mountain National Forest, with another man who might have been an employee of Loon Mountain.

The police officer, who did most of talking, took my license & did a check.

When he asked me how long I was there, I said two weeks.

He told me they received a call that someone lit a fire in an area that might have been private property. Although fires are allowed in the national forest, they can't be on private property.

Because the boundary line in that area was so close, he said he didn't know for sure if the land was private, & would have someone from the forest service contact me on the phone or visit.

According to my interpretation of a National Geographic map, the camp was on national forest property, near private land.

National forests have a 2-week maximum stay, then you have to move. A WMNF representative told me last year that you have to move at least 10 miles to another campsite.

Last year I stayed in the same area of the forest from mid June until the start of September. That report can be found here.

This visitation occurred 2 days after the 2-week limit.

The police officer was very kind. He said multiple times that if it was up to him then there would be no problem.

When I asked if it would be better for the forest officials if I left, he said no.

So, I was not actually kicked out. Nor was I fined for exceeding the time limit or cutting down trees.

My interpretation of the overall message was that if I stayed there or a nearby place, there would be another incident, where they would cite the 2-week limit, literally tell me to go, & possibly fine me.

There is another place in North Conway that also has a Concord Trailways bus stop, & is in walking distance to stores. However, it would have cost time & money establish another campsite.

There are other factors I had to consider, including an event in July that I was going attend. So, I decided to go back to Boston.

After the event I may visit another part of the forest in August, & hopefully stay until October.

The two apartments that I visit in Malden have been physically congested & psychologically polluted.

Loon Mountain was the most serene environment I had known in a while.