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December 2018


[Sister's apartment Malden]
315AM. Got some sleep last night. Then woke up just after 3 & stayed awake until I left at 550AM.

515AM. Brother in law opened door to room with light on in kitchen, then loudly shut door. After that started making noise.

Graffiti was probably recently placed on sidewalk at arrival point.

Battery on two different cell phones was drained. The LG90 that was charged last night was about 25% today, that was probably intended to interfere with my recording of attacks this morning. The S5 was completely charged when I left the apartment Wednesday night. This morning it was totally drained.

Temporarily blocked from donating to environmental group, with state & country fields hidden &/or altered so that errors would occur, probably to emphasize their homeless/locked-out theme that they've been projecting today.

Text report about Great Lakes pollution sabotaged. An article that included person named "mason" was removed from one area of the report. Note: typing this sentence mother slammed bathroom door.

[Mother's apartment, Malden] 825AM. Mother has been running around most of the morning slamming doors & cabinets.

The cell phone was reset right when I was sending a text message.

Directed-energy attacks to lower torso in the intestine area that causes a steady dull pain.

Immediately after I wrote the previous sentence, I checked the android device that I'm setting up to find an installation error "no digest found" pertaining to the digestive system (colon) that has been sabotaged.

On boot manager for android device the temperature was 66 degrees & time 616PM when it was about 9AM.

920AM. Aspirin placed on counter to get my attention. This is a product contributing to the "pain" theme regarding the attacks to my lower torso.

1115AM. Removed earphones to hear loud vehicle drive past building.


5AM. Didn't sleep well.

Realizing that new ROM on phone had major feature disabled, I searched & found internet page explaining ROM with the typical pornography phrases.

Mother running around apartment slamming cabinets & doors. She just walked into apartment slamming door that was synchronized with directed-energy to upper torso.

The psychopaths have used her to increase their noise attacks while I'm at the apartment. This is probably retaliation for my recent tweets & the report I'm working on about their planned contamination of the Great Lakes.

4PM. Walking toward window without earplugs or earphones sirens.

7PM. I arrived art camp [Oakdale Park, Melrose] to hear sirens. During distant healing & agreement revocation headache & burns too throat, planes, loud vehicles, blaring stereo.

Clip to flashlight was loosened. This same flashlight was previously sabotaged.


8AM. Increase in pins stuck in skin. Kept awake until 12AM. Then slept OK.

1145AM. Planes, sirens, blaring stereos, loud exhausts, & beeping noise from heavy equipment vehicle.

It sounds like there is a construction project on Fellsway parallel to camp. Later I looked & it wasn't directly across from me. It is out of view maybe 1/2 mile down the road.

1220PM. I just heard barking dog to left of camp.

Sick children hijacked keyboard using misspellings for death threats.

1PM. Beeping & other noise from maintenance project on Fellsway most of day. There was also a barking dog out there for about an hour. Note, just after I wrote the word dog the dog barked. They are increasing the intensity of the noise when the audio recorder isn't ready. I've tried to record twice today & it diminished shortly after.

2PM. I just had the audio app ready for a minute to record the bulldozer barrel slamming & beeping on Fellsway & it stopped. Now after it started again.


5AM. Because of increase in attacks I did not get to sleep until 2AM. I slept for a couple hours between then & 5AM when I got up.

Battery drained on cell phone that I received last week. It was fully charged when I left Sunday evening.

7PM. Most of the day trying to get a Samsung Galaxy to work. Multiple ROMS malfunctioning.


[Mother's apartment, Malden]
7AM. May have gotten to sleep night at 12AM because of attacks. Woke up at 4. I heard the acoustic fleet at 420. I've woken up at various points up to 7AM to hear it. It is now 740AM & I can hear the roaring engines.

Battery in smaller cell phone drained. This depletion of battery on this phone is a new attack.

820AM. While forming a tweet about the state-sponsored ecocide & genocide in Ecuador, the MP3 player I was just listening to shut off with drained battery. That was synchronized with loud vehicle driving past building & the cursor on the PC screen moving across the screen.

1PM. I removed earphones near window to hear loud vehicle.


[Sister's apartment, Malden]
5AM. No sleep last night until 11 because of attacks. Then slept until 5AM. Brother in law opened door to room & unplugged cord to power adapter. I plugged it back in later.

I noticed the power adapter was not properly plugged in & laptop shut off.

Kitchen is prepared with visual products & junk to block me on counter. The beans I placed in usual area I use were moved & brother in law placed water there with his name on it.

540AM. The acoustic fleet is encircling the house.

11AM. Sister told me the reason it's so cold in house is that heater was malfunctioning. The psychopaths have used this tactic before.


5AM. Did not sleep well last night. I may have gotten some sleep between 1 & 5AM. Kept awake with pin torture.

So far 4 links to a specific report on depleted uranium being used on citizens was broken.

820AM. The psychopaths have had my sister slamming cabinets & dragging chairs across the floor.

They are still having sister drag chairs around in the kitchen. This is synchronized with hostile phrases read on the internet, seemingly to convey a threat.

The psychopaths continue to block me on the internet from researching the use of radiation to deliberately contaminate the planet. They just disconnected me from the internet. Now the operating system is malfunctioning. I reconnected to find a PsyOp visual product on Amazon instead of the book I was looking for conveying another threat of bodily injury. They hijacked my keyboard & are using the misspellings to transmit their childish messages.

[Frequent internet disconnection]

I'm fighting a sick baby for control of my PC.

1125AM. Frequent errors on android synchronized with another disconnection error on laptop in front of me, while lights in room are flickered, & I'm attacked with directed-energy (dull pain to top/front of head). The S Pen for the Note 4 I've been trying to setup just fell on my lap when my hand involuntarily opened up. Now I'm being mocked with V2K. Light flickering continues while sister drags chair around kitchen.

4PM. Directed-energy dull pain focused on my mid torso much of the day.


[Mother's apartment, Malden]
530AM. Another night of vicious torture. Between 3AM & 530AM I may have gotten 2 hours sleep.

10AM. The psychopaths set a trap in the kitchen cabinet. I removed the bowl I usually use from the shelf & the plate underneath it stuck. If I didn't catch it then it would have fallen to the floor & smashed.

1240AM. Constant sabotage to computer.

2PM. Sabotage to webpage during donation.

445PM. In bathroom I noticed the top of my razor was broken off. When removing the razor guard of another one my arm involuntarily jolted to the side & my hand opened up, dropping the piece of plastic into the sink. At that moment there was a twitch to my left pectoral followed by an auditory transmission, "watch it."

5PM. Rumbling exhaust walking toward window with no earphones or earplugs.


[Mother's apartment, Malden]
5AM. No sleep whatsoever last night. I got up about 2AM.

The noise started right when I got up. Acoustic fleet was already patrolling area.

Sabotage to android device yesterday that I fixed today.

They closed a file I was working on to emphasize one of their silly themes.

10AM. They just had a relative leave a message (PsyOp audio product) on the voicemail while I had no hearing protection & was watching a video. This was synchronized with pulses of disgust & then the refrigerator compressor started.

Noise outside sounded like a generator. I pulled up shade to see a maintenance project in the parking lot across the street, on a Sunday. I recorded it.


[Sister's apartment, Malden]
4AM. I got no sleep at all last night. This is the second night in a row that I got no sleep.

File I'm working on about staged mining disaster in southeast Canada in 2014 was altered.

8AM. Sister told me there may be some issues with the heat. Last week it was cold for the day because the unit in the cellar malfunctioned. She also said the landlord may be knocking the door to the room. The psychopaths did this in an attempt to disrupt & aggravate me.

They had brother in law take a gallon of water that I placed on the floor last night & write his name on it.

9AM. Acoustic fleet patrolling area.

Frequent computer trouble. Keyboard errors, apps malfunctioning. Slow internet.

Sharp pains to head today.


4AM. I may have slept for an hour last night.

The psychopaths appear to be throwing another fit of rage. Mother has been slamming doors. Acoustic fleet patrolling area.

10AM. Sound like someone is stomping their feet in apartment above.

Attempts to copy a file to android device have continually failed this morning.

My struggle ... for control of my PC continues.


4AM. Got some sleep last night. From 8PM to about 4AM.

Yesterday I was blocked from copying an encyclopedia file to my android. Tried copying it from external drive to MicroSD Card in a USB drive; placing MicroSD in regular SD Card; placing the file on a different USB flashdrive & connecting it to the OGT of android device. All these methods failed. The simplest thing would have been to download the large file directly to the device. However, that kept failing as well. Last night I placed the MicroSD Card in another tablet & was able to download the encyclopedia file to the card using that tablet. Because the file is 34 gigabytes this took all night. This morning the encyclopedia app generated an error when opening the file. I removed the app, & made sure I selected the "do not delete data" option. However, when I looked at the directory on the card the file was missing.

9AM. The fight for control of my android devices & PC against a putrid child continues.

I was able to finally copy another version of the 34 gigabyte file to the android. It took half a day. When I opened it the Kiwix app it failed. This was a different file than the one previously sabotaged.

[Sister's apartment, Malden] Psychopaths had brother in law throw temper tantrum. This was probably in retaliation for tweets about ecocide.


[Oakdale Park, Camp]
7AM. Slept OK last night.

On train to Sullivan [Station] physically attached by 4 people wearing black. One occurred immediately After I announced that 911 was an inside job.

9AM. On way to [Somerville Public] Library. To avoid the construction at the place I usually go to bathroom outside before walking into library I tried to access a place along the highway at the bridge to see a construction worker walking along the tracks. They have used that tactic to deny me access to other pages in Boston & Santa Monica.

Two days ago I noticed a deposit in my account from Amazon that had to do with a transaction I made previously, a week or more earlier, that should have gone through. They placed the money back in there, then removed it again yesterday. So it was withdrawn, credited, then withdrawn again. I had a low balance at the time. The psychopaths did that in attempt to "trick" me into using the money so there would have been a negative balance & fine for it. They have done this before.

1140AM. Another day of battling an arrogant & deranged young child for control of my PC.

1PM. I just noticed that the bathroom at the library is still under construction when it was supposed to be finished weeks ago. There was a PsyOp audio product dispensed by a person lingering near the bathroom who said something to a librarian at the desk, that was probably a message letting me know this was done on purpose. Usually it is occupied when I attempt to use it, anyway. So, I go outside. I noticed there is a construction project on the tracks where I usually go. I climbed over a wall & that was synchronized with a siren. Leaving the area they had someone appear across the street. Noise most of the time, from the moment I left the library until I returned.

I've had a headache most of the morning.

Various kinds of noise at the library, metallic racks, book slamming.

1235PM. I was just observing android device & this happened while I had no hearing protection: a call appeared on the display, someone quickly approached off to left side, twitch to left pectoral, & book slamming to booth on right.

4PM. On train back to Oak Grove attacked twice. One person wearing black & the other swing black bag into me.


[Oakdale Park, Camp]
Got some sleep last night. Woke up at 230AM stayed awake until I left at 5AM.

6AM. At Starbucks Melrose. Next to door, facing main street. PsyOp circus. People wearing black parading through door. Vehicles turning driveway right attack with bright lights. Commercial vehicles dispensing visual products. Directed-energy attack. Virtual Keyboard continually malfunctioning to convey threats & mock me.

7AM. I notice last might that the misspellings greatly increased. When I first installed this ROM it worked fine.

8AM. Walking in wooded area to [Oakdale Park] camp people with dog converge at intersection. Recorded it with android.


[Mother's apartment, Malden]
Another night of torture-induced sleep deprivation. I may have gotten an hour sleep last night.

Their acoustic fleet patrols the area.

Removal of earplugs synchronized with vehicle revving engine.

10AM. I just noticed earphones missing from backpack.

Copying file from external drive to PC sabotaged with excessive delay.

1140AM. The computer sabotage continues while the acoustic fleet encircles the building.


The psychopaths temporarily blocked me from accessing TMobile account. Security question was PsyOp visual product.

Received text messages from sister who said she would be asking around for a home for me. This is the psychopaths using her to mock me. The have kept me homeless for over 7 years. They know that I'm used to it. This doesn't give them much amusement, so occasionally there will be false opportunities of various kinds. Some they know I'll immediately reject & others that they hope I'll invest time, so they can remove it at the last minute for amusement. They also use relatives to mock me with the "homeless" theme.


730AM. Slept OK last night. Usually there's lots of noise Sunday night. Not last evening.

1PM. Got text messages from sister. She says she's asking someone named Henry if he knows of a place for me to stay. The Henry pertains to the name of a man whom I purchased a present for yesterday. The psychopaths also know I will reject certain kinds of situations. There is no real opportunity. This is the psychopaths mocking me. They have used these same childish tactics for their sick entertainment before.

Frequent misspellings while using virtual keyboard are used as a form of communication by what appears to be the mind of a disturbed toddler (psychopath).


[Mother's apartment, Malden]
4AM. I may have gotten an hour sleep last night. Burns, pins, needles, dull pains, & headaches.

The psychopaths set multiple traps this morning. First when I attempted to [lift] the shade it abruptly rolled upward completely. I removed cover of deodorant & the stick flew out of the casing. The silverware that I use (to avoid the traps set in the drawer) was moved, & when I moved it back a spoon extruding from side got stuck in corner. I placed cell phone on table near edge yet definitely completely on the table, walked away & it fell off. That has happened before. I don't know how the sick children accomplish that one.

The keyboard is failing on the laptop. Misspellings used to convey childish messages.

7AM. I just removed earplugs to put in earphones & mother in room 15 feet away coughed the entire time.

11AM. I remove earplugs near window & roaring vehicle outside.

1PM. I remove earphones near window & cough & loud vehicle.

425PM. Near window removed earphones to hear loud vehicle.


7AM. Slept OK last night.

Ears attacked with dull pain & slight burning. I removed earphones & someone in hallway slammed door.

The song on the MP3 player froze at 33 minutes & 48 seconds.

Stalked by people with dogs wearing black & red on way to Oakdale.


[Camp, Oakdale Park, Melrose]
Slept OK last night.

9AM. Frequent door slamming in parking lot across Fellsway.

I noticed that both backup files of the android were deleted.

On the other Android the settings for the recorder app were changed.

1220PM. Several helicopters in morning. Later I recorded two of them.

Thunderous exhausts & engine revving [on Fellsway].


2AM. Although there were few aircraft there was lots of noise, engine revving, loud exhausts, blaring stereos. I may have gotten to sleep last night at 11PM. Woke up at 2AM & couldn't get back to sleep because of attacks.

1030AM. MP3 player malfunctioned synchronized with sirens. The sound that I use to shield the noise attacks was paused so I could be struck with acoustics.

Usual misspellings this morning used as form of communication...

12PM. Recorded sirens.


[Oakdale, then Mother's apartment, Malden]
Sirens, engine revving, loud vehicles, & increase in sensation of pins stuck in skin. I may have gotten to sleep about 11 & slept on & off until 4AM.

Increase in attacks at Stop & Shop.

This morning I went through the usual process of removing the traps & the barriers that the sick kids placed around [mother's] apartment.

Acoustic fleet patrolling area.

8AM. I am now struggling against a severely disturbed young child for control of my computer.

10AM. Trap set near vacuum cleaner. I removed it & another cleaner next to it fell on floor.

11AM. I noticed yesterday that backup files on android SD card were deleted. Now temporarily blocked from copying files back to device.

6PM. So far blocked twice from copying large file to android from PC.


7AM. I just noticed that one report on the destruction of Earth with staged disasters was sabotaged. Laptop computer keyboard hijacked so misspellings convey threatening messages, seemingly from a young child.

About 45 minutes of sabotage when trying to copy files between two android devices.

Donation to app creator blocked.

A file was deleted. The disappointment when realizing a file had been deleted was synchronized with auditory transmission, "gotcha."

Admin password kept failing.


[Mother's apartment, Malden]
Got some sleep last night. Woke up at 3AM after ejaculation during electronically controlled dream. At that time the refrigerator compressor started. Then woke up again to directed-energy at about 530AM. The acoustic fleet was already patrolling the area.

6AM. Attempts to meditate & distant energy heal thwarted with directed-energy attacks. Dull pains to mid torso. Then when I placed myself chest down on floor to minimize that pain, there were sharp pains to the back of my skull.

Stalked to & from sister's house [in Saugus]. Directed-energy attacks on bus. Leaving house about 7PM synchronized with Christmas parade of flashing lights & sirens.


No sleep whatsoever. Increase in directed-energy attacks last couple days. Last night sharp pains to head.

At sister's house [in Malden] I noticed that 2-year old nephew was probably already connected to the system & being directed by AI. I noticed the same thing with brother's first son when he was about the same age. So, all relatives are linked to the system when I'm around them.


2AM. I got about 1 & a half hours sleep last night. I may have gotten to sleep at 11PM. Woke up at 130AM. Attempted to get back to sleep. Pins stuck in skin & sharp pains to head.

The usual mental intrusions, burns to throat & pins stuck in skin prevented me from properly meditating.


[Oakdale Park, Camp]
7AM. Kept awake with pins stuck in skin until 11 or 12AM. Slept on & off until 7AM.

720AM. Barking dog & sound of metallic objects being thrown into truck.

745AM. The truck noise is not directly parallel to my camp. It might be 1/2 to a mile down the Fellsway.

820AM. Camcorder app malfunctioned when I tried to record person who converged on me with dog at Oakdale. I did record them after they passed.

Recorded PsyOp visual product [on] van with dog graphics at corner.

11AM. I just noticed damage to the case of the android. Right after that menu on other device malfunctioned.

1245PM. Malden Public Library. There was an announcement that the library was closing from 1 to 2PM. The librarian who approached the area I was in told me that was every Thursday. I don't think that was on the library's website. [Note: I asked a librarian who told me this has been the schedule for years, so it wasn't recently changed to inconvenience me.]

1250PM. Leaving library. walking towards door child about 5 years old wearing black coat collided with me. The collision was synchronized with a woman of to right loudly clearing her throat. She was also wearing black. Then there was another child wearing black standing directly in front of the door with his back toward me. About a minute later outside of the library I recorded the people wearing black. About 7 people total all wearing &/or carrying black. The same PsyOp vans (pertaining to a person I went to highschool with) that were outside of the library on park street when I arrived were there when I left. There were no construction projects inside or around the library. This includes spring & park streets as well as the area of main street from corner, Washington, & bridge. No construction or maintenance projects.

2PM. Recorded helicopter visitation & geoengineering [at Oakdale].

5PM. During agreement revocation burns to throat.


6AM. Got some sleep last night. Kept awake until 10 or 11PM with burns to throat, needles stuck in ear canals, & pins in skin.

Stalked to MPL by people wearing black & red. Recorded acoustic, NLP, PsyOp attack.

11AM. [Continual struggle for control of virtual keyboard.]

250PM. I removed earphones & synchronization of coughing & door slamming to right.

310PM. In hallway near door people wearing black. Exited library to find a car parked in front with discontinuous & inverted triple 6 for the satanism theme. Recorded that PsyOp product. Outside of Oak Grove station recorded citizens in black & two freemasonic products.

5PM Throat burned during agreement revocation [at Oakdale].


[Oakdale to Mother's Apartment] 5AM. I did not even get 2 hours sleep last night. It was vicious torture.

Stop & Shop. 6AM. FPS by one employee with cart emerged from an aisle while I was at corner. Immediately after that a woman employee wearing black crowded me. That same woman swung her hand basket into my cart while I was in the front of the store walking toward registers. Then the register that is usually open with a person was shut down. In the automatic checkout there were only two registers open. Approaching that area crowded by another employee woman wearing black. Then the woman employee who attacked two other times appeared that confined area & worked with the other person to crowd me. The employee that was in the area when I arrived moved my cart that I placed next to me to block their crowding attacks. Then while I was checking out she verbally & physically provoked me with multiple "sirs" while crowding my space. I told her to get away from me.

At [Mother's] apartment bathroom floor a mess, trash bag in kitchen full & bucket not replaced. Traps set in cabinet & refrigerator so that items fell out. Water container placed on counter, I moved it & my arm involuntarily jolted upward so the container hit the cabinet above. They had mother walking outside of her room this is an increase.

The package that should have arrived yesterday is not here.

The psychopaths are definitely throwing a temper tantrum. This may be preemptive retaliation for the report I'll be releasing on the 2nd of January 2019, about how leaders of most nations are complicit in an ecocidal scheme. This report I will be tweeting to the presidents & prime ministers of nations under their control that are complicit in ecocide & murder.

A PDF file with names of those to receive the report was sabotaged.

Ongoing sabotage to keyboard with misspellings that [convey] their childish messages.

Website files are being continually sabotaged while I work on a report about how the psychopaths are deliberately contaminating the planet.

10AM. Most of the enema waste remained in my intestine.

1245. The website that I visited to purchase music was blocked. It was operable about 2 weeks ago when I checked.

140PM. Nausea & dizziness during workout.


4AM. Did not sleep well last night. I got to sleep between 10 & 11 & got up at 3AM.

11AM. Much of the morning I've been struggling for control of my android device & PC.

2PM. Viewing webpage pedophilia theme. First paragraph about sex, next one about children. Other words used for rape & pornography theme in both paragraphs.

610PM. The psychopaths set a trap in the refrigerator. I removed something that wasn't mine that was placed on my shelf & when I put it on top of another object that was the the only other available space in messy & packed refrigerator a bowl fell out onto the floor.