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March 10, 2014 Update


For about the last 2 weeks the Department of Defense (DOD) has been conducting potent Computer Network Operations (CNO). The ongoing destruction has spanned the hardware to the internet level on a netbook & brand new laptop.

It has included the following: errors installing memory; USB devices not working; programs failing to install; malfunctioning programs; computers not booting; altered data files; problems installing operating systems; peripherals not working; poor performance; & slow or unavailable internet.

I have spent days trying to get these computers to work. The sabotage to the hardware, files, applications, operating systems, & internet is recurrent. It has been one error message & failing task after the next.

Both computers are still not working properly. Prior to that, they interfered with the purchase of a new computer on Amazon & delayed its delivery.

While looking for fixes on Google & Linux forums, I find messages directed toward me that contribute to their themes, where they let me know they are responsible. It is basically their way of laughing at me.

Other than that, it is all of the usual. Things are still going fine.

Thank You,