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December 8, 2013 Update


My intestines are being bombarded with directed-energy night & day. The injury to my colon has worsened again.

During the rotation of directed-energy attacks, the pain in one area of my body ceases almost immediately when a different area is attacked. This has led me to conclude that in my case there is a single rheostatic weapon with rapid re-targeting capabilities attacking different areas of my body.

However, since about November 22 there has been a reduction in headaches, stings, shocks, & burns, as they have focused on my intestines. I have been eating only soft foods (& small amounts of ground grain/nuts) since November 24. Now even these foods are not passing through.

In the early phase of the injury, I only needed 1 enema to remove the waste. Then I was unable to sufficiently pass gas, except when I was positioned on my side or upside down. When 1 enema failed to remove the waste, I started using my hands to push the liquid waste & gas out of my tract. The amount of enemas required to remove the waste gradually increased over the years to 4. Now it so blocked that most of the liquid waste & gas remains, regardless of the number of enemas used.

This appears to be the latest desperate attempt by the psychopaths to beat me into submission.

I will probably be ingesting primarily liquid foods soon, & during some periods I might only be able to have water.

I'm considering meal replacement powders & alternative methods to obtain the vitamins & minerals I need. Within a month or so I'll report on the adjustments I've made.