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November 25, 2013 Update


I am now eating only soft foods because of persistent directed-energy attacks to my intestines. It appears this escalation of a medical injury was done because terror, homelessness, joblessness, & physical & psychological torture have not yielded adequate results.

4 enemas are no longer removing the waste from my system. Instead, most of it remains in my colon. Presumably the walls of my colon are blocking the waste from passing through because they are swelled.

While I am attempting to remove it from my colon I am shocked & stung, & experience painful muscle spasms (locked muscles). This bloated feeling is extremely uncomfortable. It limits my mobility & sometimes causes nausea to the point of almost vomiting.

Even if this phase of the medical injury is not permanent, at some time it probably will be. I am purchasing a blender & learning pureed recipes. I may be eating only soft foods for the rest of my life. This may worsen so that I am only able to have liquids.

Increasing the severity of this injury has also caused the following difficulties:

Additionally, it seems they wanted to remove the simple enjoyment of being able to eat regular food. They are aware that this will fail, so this is what I might expect in the future:

This new circumstance will make my life situation temporarily more uncomfortable than usual until I develop a routine to deal with it.

Thank You,