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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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November 1, 2013 Update


In mid October I visited a farm in Waldoboro Maine where I worked for a few days. I went back to Boston & packed my bags to move up there for an extended period. After about 1 week, because of intolerable conditions, I gave them a week's notice with the intention of finishing some things that they considered critical.

The next day it got to the point where I had to go immediately. I packed my bags in about an hour. Then I walked to the bus station, which was about 5 miles away, with my backpack & wheeler luggage bag. After about 1 mile one of the wheels on the bag broke, so I basically had to drag it. Toward the end of the trip the farm host drove past me & gave me a ride the rest of the way.

I arrived at the bus station in plenty of time to catch the last bus to Boston. After it was about 1/2 late, a store employee walked into the parking lot & told me that the schedule had recently changed. He said that the bus to Boston had already left earlier that morning. So I spent the night under a tree on Winslows Mills Road near the Medomak River.

Hundreds of dollars was spent on bus tickets & items necessary for work & housing. Because of a rule, I can stay at my mother's apartment overnight 10 days each year. I use these only sparingly in case of an emergency. A situation was created just before I moved where I had to use several of them.