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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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August 4, 2013 Update


A large pile of gravel has appeared on the path that I've been using to travel from the bridge since the one I previously used was completely blocked by a fence. For a couple of days last week there was a police car near the stairs leading to a parking lot that connects to the bridge, possibly because of some type of maintenance or construction project.

The counters & paths leading to them are also obstructed with signs & boxes at the coffee shops I visit. This appears to be intended to maximize the crowding effect while waiting in line & to interfere with the transaction. For about a week there was some type of maintenance project at the library where a path leading to a room that I use was mostly blocked.

They continue to block me at the subway stations, at both the ticket dispenser & electronic gates. It is happening when I travel in both directions on the same day. I've talked to multiple MBTA workers at different stations about this. They have used these workers to delay & frustrate me when I attempt to get a refund. Now, rather than going through this process I'm climbing over the gates. Recently they used an MBTA employee who witnessed this to lure me into an argument.

Swarming citizens as well as civilian & commercial vehicles are blocking me as I travel through this urban warzone. This is synchronized with directed-energy attacks & blaring sirens.

My personal items are still being destroyed & stolen. This is happening at the bridge & elsewhere.

Thank You