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June 24, 2013 Update


More barriers have emerged on routes that I regularly use to travel to & from the bridge that I sleep under. These have appeared at construction sites that are commonly used as a pretext for noise campaigns & blocking.

In addition to the ones I previously mentioned, two more have occurred near the intersection of Cambridge & Charles streets. One is at the bottom of a footbridge on an area of land that I started to use after finding that the staircase shortcut that I used was blocked with a plastic fence. In addition to a construction vehicle, there is plastic tape blocking off the area.

Across the street, continuing on the same path, there is another site under construction, that has since been blocked off with plastic tape & fences. It seems they are digging up the sidewalk. There is also an area with cones & tape near a parking lot that I pass in front of, that is periodically obstructed.

After I reported how they shut the trains down to delay & antagonize me, they had an MBTA worker at Malden Center walk in front of me with the sign used to alert people that the shuttle buses are running, rather than the trains. After that show, I thought the trains were out of commission & went outside to wait for the shuttle, only to find that the trains were still running.

This was allegedly a display of arrogance & deception. When I describe their attacks, they often temporarily increase the exact attack immediately afterward. Their basic message seems to be: "Go ahead & tell on us. Oh, & here's more of it."

There is also a construction project underway at the Starbucks I frequent on Newbury Street near Massachusetts Ave.

Since the last update, I found that they moved the tables in the library. A large table has appeared at the corner of a room in the library where I've been writing, which allows for a steady stream of commotion a couple of feet behind me. They were obviously not content with the level of comfort I found in this one area.

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