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Donation for Survival Equipment
January 09, 2021

[Update: January 11, 2021]
Donations for survival gear are no longer necessary. My mother & other relatives have made contributions.

[Original Post on January 09, 2021; Updated January 17, 2021]

In its ceaseless effort to beat me into submission the Multinational Force (MNF) has resorted to:

I've been homeless for over 9 years.

Work-for-housing is not a viable option. Although it was at one time; not anymore.

Shelter with brain-linked relatives (who are under the direct control of a psychopath) has been almost completely severed. The exception is my mother's apartment on extremely harsh days, weekends, & holidays.

The libraries & coffee shops are closed for indoor use. The train stations in Boston that I observed have lots of security; they would kick me out.

Even though I have other short-term options, I'd rather not use them because they are unpleasant.

Perpetual homelessness has slowed me down in many ways. Wondering how I'm going to survive has taken up much of my time that could have been devoted to other tasks.

I'd rather not move to Georgia or Florida at this point, yet that is a sensible long-term option.

I'm currently at Oakdale Park in Melrose, day & night, where I conduct most of my activities. I can tolerate these & far worse conditions.

However, I'd rather make my stay here in the winter more serene.

Even though they visit my camp for petty theft & sabotage I don't want to give them an excuse to kick me out. So, I'd rather not use open fire pits.

For winter in New England a viable solution is a portable 4 season tent with a compact wood stove that is designed for hot tents.

The small wood stove generates less sensory signature than an open fire that's big enough to give off heat. And because it is contained I can somewhat control the amount of smoke emitted.

I would be able to work in this heated tent during the day, & sleep in it at night. This tent would be my home in the winter.

I can fit all the equipment in my large backpack.

A durable cold weather tent & lightweight portable wood stove is about $800.

Rarely do I receive donations.

It's been primarily my mother & sister who have supported me all these years.

I'd rather not ask for donations. However, I will now because this is important.

Whatever you can give will make a difference.

thank you,