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Entertainment Targeting & Primitive Development

[Updated: December 01, 2019]

October 08, 2019

For a description of the rudimentary level on which those overseeing this global campaign function, see the accompanying documentary, Entertainment Targeting & Primitive Development.

These are just a few of the things I've noticed in regard to their immature use of technology & state resources.

PsyOp themes are lines of communication that the MNF uses to transmit messages to a TI/TA. As a form of communication PsyOp is neutral. However, due to the pathological composition of the directing faction these themes are what most adults would consider childish & repulsive.

The primary themes I've noticed, that are sent through a variety of channels, include:

There's something else I've noticed in regard to communication. It is a steady, often subtle, yet pervasive, antagonism & mocking. With all channels of communication—indoors, outdoors, online, & electronically-induced mental intrusions—they are using their technology & civilian resources to antagonize & mock me.

Indoors they have used electronically-handled relatives to pollute apartments & set traps in places that I regularly access. The objects that fall out when the traps are sprung are usually PsyOp visual products that convey their debased themes. When the traps are sprung electronic & environmental cues are projected to let me know that it was from them.

Note: These relatives include stellar people who have helped me in lots of ways. I know they have my best interest in mind. They are forced to do these things while I'm around them. They endure intrusive surveillance technology & give up their time so that I can be sheltered.

They use relatives & other people to steal & hide things. Then there is the fun & games when I try to locate something they hid & encounter the traps.

Relatives & other people are used to lie to me. They also use relatives & other citizens to trick me. It is then communicated to me that I was lied to & tricked, presumably so the psychopaths can take credit for having fooled me.

Without detailing specific acts of deception, like the traps, these lies & tricks are usually petty things that no adult would bother with.

The psychopaths frequently throw temper tantrums using the state's resources.

Verbal communication with AI-directed relatives & other citizens is tainted with the previously described themes. This communication is sometimes antagonistic & mocking.

They have relatives refer to them as god.

I've noticed the AI has a psychopathic personality, possibly because it was designed by & modeled after psychopaths. This mind of a clever & repugnant young child uses the global information grid (GIG) for expression through various organic & inorganic channels.

The use of technology & host nation resources (especially citizens), to insult, threaten, antagonize, trick, & mock me, appears to be entertainment for the surveilling & decision-making faction, that obviously consists of people who are psychologically comparable to disturbed children.