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Status: Health Report
July 01, 2019

To block the directed-energy attacks, purge myself of nanotechnology, alleviate chronic insomnia, & reduce unyielding pain I've tried the following:

Some of these approaches worked for other TIs. Unfortunately, none of them generated any lasting & significant results for me.

I combined some of them as part of a routine that was recommended by others. Because of my life situation I didn't exactly follow the instructions. That may be the reason why they didn't work.

Still, I expected something more. I wonder if there is another factor unique to my situation.

In early 2019 I tried a quality cannabidiol (CBD) with 15% CBD content. I noticed no reduction in pain, nor did it promote rest. I have also tried Kava & Akuamma that didn't elicit noticeable results when ingested independently.

Up until about 2013/2014 I could recover from the daytime attacks because I got enough rest at night. However, the amount of sleep I get has steadily declined since then.

In early 2019 there were instances of 4 consecutive nights of torture-induced sleep deprivation, with little or no rest.

My health was quickly deteriorating. I had to find a way to sleep.

In mid March of 2019 I started taking Kratom at night after studying it for 2 weeks. The Red Vein types (Bali, Indo, Borneo, Sumatra) induced sedation & adequate pain relief. Although it doesn't work every time, it is effective enough. I currently take it 4 nights a week. Now I get 4 or 5 hours (or more) of sleep most nights.

So far, Kratom is the only thing that has allowed me to sufficiently rest. Kratom worked when everything else didn't.

I realize that the optimal remedy is to stop or block the attacks. Until I find a way to do that Kratom is my best option.

I know that I am dependent on this substance. When I evaluate my situation I find the equation is this: The more I can rest the longer I will last.

So, I have consciously accepted a dependence in exchange for living a longer & healthier life.

My health is still declining. However, because I can sleep the deterioration has decreased.

Lately I've been studying cannabis for the same purpose. There are nighttime strains that people claim relieve symptoms of fibromyalgia & insomnia. In addition, there are daytime & medical marijuana strains that are said to be very effective pain relievers. Soon I will experiment with these.