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Second Largest On-Land Oil Spill in America was Likely Staged
November 28, 2018

While studying the pollution of the Great Lakes I discovered the Enbridge Line 6B oil spill in Marshall, Michigan.

This was the second largest oil spill on land in the United States, that happened in late July of 2010.

The operators in the control room ignored multiple high-level alerts pertaining to a ruptured pipeline for 17 hours!

We're told they thought it was a false alarm.

Rather suspiciously, just before the spill, Enbridge conducted a dig-and-repair maintenance project in the area.

Over 1 million gallons of toxic crude oil gushed into Talmadge Creek, a tributary of the Kalamazoo River, that flows into Lake Michigan.

This was no accident!

I may post a more detailed report of the event.

InsideClimate News, Enbridge's Kalamazoo Spill Saga Ends in $177 Million Settlement, July 20, 2016

Chicago Tribune, Enbridge Reaches $176M Agreement for 2010 Michigan Oil Spill, July 20, 2016