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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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Volume I: Current Political Situation

Volume II: The New War

Volume III: Weapons of The New War

Volume IV: The Coverup


Status Update
October 17, 2012 Update


For about the last month they've been increasingly destroying my clothes & gear.

There are only a few food items that I regularly purchase in the area. One was unavailable at both Wallgreens & Shaws for about 2 weeks. Shaws appears to have discontinued the item.

Other necessities that I attempt to purchase are regularly unavailable which requires me to travel to multiple stores. During this time, particularly at the moment I discover that the item is not there, they let me know it was arranged.

All of the regular attacks—vehicular & group swarming, noise, directed-energy, computer-network operations, & PsyOp—continue. Although they are destroying my personal items, I currently have most of the gear I'll need for the winter here.

More progress has been made with the book. The chapters are basically done, now I'm putting it together. Other than that, it's all of the usual. I'm doing just fine.

Thank You,