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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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Status Update
September 14, 2012 Update


On August 27, the day before my last update, there was a $200 deduction from my checking account. According to the representatives at the bank, someone had obtained my checking account information & wrote a check to purchase something at a retail store. Even though the check was stopped, the account needed to be changed to prevent it from happening again.

The representatives told me that although the account number could not be changed, the account could be temporarily suspended over the phone until it was resolved. In what was probably an attempt to aggravate me, during a period of 2 & 1/2 hours, multiple calls, hold times, & transfers, they eventually told me that the account couldn't be suspended over the phone. In addition to deceiving me to waste my time, themes were promoted during voice recordings & phrases uttered by the representatives.

About a half a week later I visited one of its branches to close the account & open a new one. When I gave them my license they told me that it could not be used because it was expired. Unfortunately, about a year ago a $250 dollar fine appeared in my file at the registry that prevented me from renewing my license. It was for a ticket that I think I paid.

It is possible that there are other banks that will accept expired licenses to open accounts, or maybe even other options. Because I'm focusing on my book at this time I won't be looking them.

It seems they wanted me to shut down the account to avoid any more deductions, which would have left me with no bank account. Shutting down my bank account would make it more difficult to receive money & make certain purchases.

I've mentioned that they often tamper with a variety of electronic devices to promote their themes & block me. Placing a fine in the registry & tampering with my checking account probably takes them only a couple of moments.

They've tampered with my checking account before. Typically, adjusting the cents to show a particular number to promote their themes & let me know they're sabotaging it. Because it seems they want the account closed, they may pull this stunt again.

There's not much else going on here. Just all of the usual.

Thank You,