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Physically Attacked in Malden During Civil-Military Operation
January 25, 2018

At about 850AM I was physically attacked in Malden on Florence Street, during a civil-military operation, that extended from Malden to Melrose. This CMO included the usual swarming by a large number of people wearing black & red, as well as freemasonic symbols. While recording the PsyOp visual products, the camcorder app malfunctioned multiple times. Once I had to reset the android in order to get it working.

On Florence Street a silver car pulled to the side, right in front of me, somewhere between Linden & Dartmouth Streets. While recording the unnatural synchronization, I observed a man wearing a red sweater & black coat exit the vehicle. The opening of the door was synchronized with my arrival at the car. The woman driver was dressed completely in black. The man approached me & struck my hand, knocking the device to the ground.

It would not immediately turn on after I retrieved it. When it finally did, I noticed that the attack was not recorded. This may have been because the device was improperly shut off.

The attack was no isolated incident.

These people were part of the same civil-military force that had been persecuting me since 810AM, when I left my sister's house to find a construction project right outside the door. There, I was hit with acoustics & PsyOp.