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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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June 7, 2012 Update


The wealthy eugenicists who intend to significantly reduce world population have been using vaccines to silently kill millions of people for decades.

As they remove large numbers of citizens from the breeding pool, they are making billions from the vaccines, & many more billions from the medication to treat the injuries. They are targeting the entire population, from infants to seniors.

In the medical realm, vaccines are their first line of attack against humanity. Rather than instantly killing people, which would arouse suspicion, the vaccines are causing severe medical injuries that do not surface for years.

These injuries set the pretext for the next phase of the attack, which is lifelong medication with toxic ingredients that further weakens the bodies of those who were injured.

The vaccines have been firmly linked to a surge in medical conditions such as: cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), autism spectrum disorders (ASD), heart disease, & a variety of nervous system disorders.

They also contain anti-fertility chemicals. The raging epidemic of autism is only one example of their global effort to poison the population with neurotoxins such as mercury & aluminum.

Massive lies have been used to convince medical authorities & the public that vaccines are necessary, safe, & effective. They have been using their media, professional societies, NGOs, & individual doctors for damage control.

I'll provide much evidence in my book which will show that this is happening. The ingredients in the vaccines, as well as their destructive effects, have been well-documented in the world's top medical journals.

Doctors are unwittingly injuring millions because they are relying on information that has been deliberately degraded, provided by the pharmaceutical industry. At some point, almost all of them have been recruited to push expensive & toxic medication for the industry. They have been severely compromised & can no longer be trusted.

They are outright controlled–from the highest medical professional societies & government agencies, including the FDA, CDC, AAP, & WHO–down to the level of almost every single physician. For decades they have been used by the industry to conceal these injuries & deaths. The idea that the medical professionals that we've entrusted with our health are part of a killing machine is disturbing.

Do not accept the vaccines. This includes the ones for the seasonal flu, pandemic flu, hepatitis A & B, MMR, & DPT. Most of the infectious diseases that vaccines are attributed to halting have declined on their own.

Some of these diseases are hoaxes, while others are harmless, rare, or even beneficial. Natural immunity is best. Information regarding why & how to avoid the vaccines can be found online.